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Nidhidhiya, Bangalore

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Nidhidhiya - the enabler, has branched out to support Company Secretary students through Supahalaam Technologies with "Just Be There" series for Company Secretary Executive Programme (CS-EP) to learn from anywhere everywhere. The objective of "Just Be There" series is to provide students with "Need-to-know" to pass CS Exams through quickest means allowing ample time for revising and assimilating every topic in Subjects through engaging your sensory organs vide eyes and ears. This pace of learning is brought to you by A.N.S. Vijay, Company Secretary & Lawyer who also trains students to become professionals in shortest possible time and has authored OnlyThisMuch series of books too. So all you have to do is "Just Be There" rewind & replay and start humming your laws.

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CS Executive CS Executive Module 2 - Industrial Labour Laws 300 min, (6) CS A N S Vijay
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