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Why You Need To Add 'Call to Action' To Your Essay Conclusion (Guide 2021)

Calebbreck asked



Quality essay writing is considered one of the difficult activities in the academic sphere. Experienced academic writers understand that the essence of a perfect essay lies in its structure. Most of the students focus on their introduction and thesis building that they neglect the concluding portion of their essay. However, the conclusion of every essay is as important as the introduction or the body of the essay.




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Most of the time writers consider that concluding an essay means presenting the summary of the whole text that he/she has mentioned in the essay. However, while writing a persuasive essay it is imperative to add a "call to action" in the concluding section of one's essay as it would allow the writer to convince the reader to follow his/her ideas.


In a persuasive essay, a call to action is used once the writer has significantly his/her case in an effective manner. An essay writer , especially, needs to add a call to action in the essay to bring out the emotion of the readers by asking /requesting them to do something. A call to action is added or introduced at the end of the essay so that the audience or a reader can understand what he/she needs to do with the provided information.


Studies highlight the fact that a "call to action" can be used for numerous purposes including; changing the perception of the individual about something such as declaring a political party champion of human rights or by improving the image of a public figure among the readers and the general audience.


Moreover, it is imperative to add a call to action in the essay as it allows the reader to conform to the views and beliefs of the writer. Moreover, various writers have used the call to action to highlight their campaigns and build a positive narrative among the public about certain organizations. It can be simply used to persuade the readers to change certain specific situations whether it is related to politics, society, environment, or any organization.


The trend of including “call to action” in the concluding section of the essay is followed by most of the professional academic writers as well as the ones working in the quality free essay writer . Focusing on the importance of the call to action in a persuasive essay, the fact must be kept in mind that it is targeted to such an audience that one wants to pursue in order to gather the support of the public on some specific topic or to convey one's opinion on that particular subject.


Writers need to keep in mind their final motive while adding the call to action in their essays. For example, one needs to write on a topic related to some political agenda, the writer must present his/her views in a firm manner along with the arguments, facts, and examples that completely support the writer's opinion. However, in order to persuade the audience, the writer must add something that would prompt the readers to act in a specific manner. Allowing the audience to act in support of your argument would solidify your position as a writer as well as would allow you to reach the maximum audience. The writers could call the audience to boycott any official activity or act in a coordinated way to positively build their society or support any specific political faction. Hence, it would be evident to claim that the "call to action" plays a significant role in providing legitimacy to the views of the author and highlight the primitive motives of the author that he/she wants the reader to accomplish.


Before including the call to action in your respective essay, it needs to be kept in mind that it should not undermine the quality of your overall essay. In order to write my essay, I make sure that after completely gripping my audience through adequate facts and sound arguments, I do not just abruptly jump to my call to the essay as it would surely disturb the flow of your writing and would leave a bad impression on your readers. Hence, the writer needs to build up a scenario where he/she gradually leads the reader towards the introduction of your call to action.


The writer needs to focus on the fact that his/her mentioned call to action reminds the individual/reader about what he/she needs to do. The primitive purpose of the call to action can also be fulfilled by asking the audience to think critically, analyze their surroundings depending upon the situation, and then act in a specific way as mentioned or demanded by the writer.


 Call to action is important for the conclusion of your essay as it allows the reader to keep in mind the purpose of the essay and what the writer is demanding from his/her respective audience. A good call to action would motivate the readers and would prompt them to act in a specific way to achieve the goals mentioned by the writer.


The writer while adding the call to essay needs to make sure whether the call is direct and clear for the audience or not. Moreover, the writer must consider that his/her call to action must make the audience act expeditiously.


To cut it short, in order to learn the art of essay writing, such technicalities need to be understood in all their entireties. It is a widely accepted fact that essay writing is not a piece of cake, however, understanding the significance of "call to action" would surely allow the writer to present a literary adequate piece. Hence, it is imperative to include the "call to action" in one's essay to present a better understanding of the whole text to one's audience.


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Thank you so much for your sharing!  You showed some fascinating points in this post. That’s exactly what I want to find. I hope there will be more people who can find and read your post.


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