:who will prepare e sugam?

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who will prepare e sugam? How to find out the printed e sugam vat forms?

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All the registered dealers are given a unique identity through which they can upload the transaction details. The access is controlled by a user name and password assigned to each dealer. A user friendly uploading screen has been designed for use by dealers. The screen captures vital details of each transaction like details of buyer, value of transaction, name of commodity etc. On uploading the data, the central server stores the data and generates a unique number for each transaction. While generating the e-SUGAM number, the dealer may enter the vehicle number in the e- SUGAM form, or in any case if the dealer is unaware of the vehicle number, he may enter the transporters mobile number in the e-SUGAM form and generate the e-SUGAM number. The dealer/transporter can later (before reaching the check post) update the vehicle number either online through the VAT e-Filing System or through the SUGAM mobile updation service from the registered mobile number (of the dealer) or from the transporters mobile number entered in the e- SUGAM form. In the course of transportation of goods from the source place to the destination place, if there is any transit of vehicle at the transit place, the dealer shall enter the transit place and also the mobile number of the transporter authorized to update the transit vehicle number, in the e-SUGAM Form and shall generate the SUGAM number. The dealer/transporter shall then update the transit vehicle number from the registered mobile number in the prescribed format to the number ‘9212357123’. The transit vehicle number will be updated in the system. Any further changes in the transit vehicle number should be done within half an hour from the time of updation of the transit vehicle number beyond which the transit vehicle number cannot be changed.

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