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What is fungibility under depositories act

Avatar 37a3bd7bc7328f0ead2c0f6f635dddf60615e676e6b4ddf964144012e529de45 Uma asked about 2 years ago

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1 Answers
Avatar 37a3bd7bc7328f0ead2c0f6f635dddf60615e676e6b4ddf964144012e529de45 narahari answered almost 2 years ago

Section 9 states that securities in depositories shall be in fungible form. The Act envisages that all securities held in depository shall be fungible i.e. all certificates of the same security shall become interchangeable in the sense that investor loses the right to obtain the exact certificate he surrenders at the time of entry into depository. It is like withdrawing money from the bank without bothering about the distinctive numbers of the currencies.

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