What are the syllabus subjects for Cost accountant?

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What are the syllabus subjects for Cost accountant?

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Responses to Strategic Risk – 20%

Learning outcomes:

  • B1 (a) Recommend appropriate measures for the strategic control and direction of various types of organisations
  • B1 (b) Recommend solutions for the risks of dysfunctional behaviour arising from the associated models of performance measurement
  • B1 (c) Advise managers of the risks in the development of strategies for information systems that support the organisation’s strategic requirements.
  • B2 (a) Evaluate the risks of unethical behaviour.
  • B3 (a) Evaluate the risks associated with poor governance structures.

Key topics/theories:

  • Business unit performance and appraisal, including transfer pricing and taxation, reward systems and incentives.
  • Non-financial measures and their interaction with financial measures.
  • Risks of performance measurement, including the Balanced Scorecard (BSC).
  • Lean systems.
  • Cost of quality.
  • Big Data as a strategic resource
  • Dysfunctional behaviour associated with measures of control and direction
  • The purpose and contents of information systems strategies, and the need for strategy complementary to the corporate and individual business strategies
  • Ethical issues identified in the CIMA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.
  • Application of the CIMA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.
  • The board’s responsibilities for the management of stakeholders’ interests.
  • The separation of the roles of CEO and chairman.
  • The role of non-executive directors.
  • The roles of audit committee, remuneration committee, risk committee and nominations committee.
  • Directors’ remuneration.
  • The agency implications of salaries, bonuses, performance-related pay, executive share options and benefits in kind

For more details on CIMA please read this following article- CIMA Details

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