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Wearable Breast Pump: A Complete Guide 2021

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Wearable Breast Pump: A Complete Guide 2021


A wearable breast pump is the best equipment for a busy mother to breastfeed a baby up to 6 months after birth. Breastfeeding is equally important not only for the baby but also for the mother. The chemistry of the mother and baby gets deeper by this breastfeeding. A breast pump is a device that helps mothers to extract milk from their breast. Breast pumps can be manual or automatic devices.  wearable breast pump



Are you facing decreased lactation?  Do you want to induce lactation for your newborn baby? The breast pump is helpful for you to speed up your process. But if you are not familiar enough with breast pump usage. You should acquire more knowledge about the use of breast pumps.


What is a Wearable Breast Pump?


A breast pump that is portable and you can wear in your bra is known as a wearable breast pump. It has cups that fit with your breasts. It always prefers a slim design which is why it easily suits your body shape. It is comfortable and you can use them in any public place without any hassle.  


When Do We Recommend to Use Breast Pump?


Using a breast pump depends on different circumstances since the situation of every woman is different. You should use a breast pump or not or what type of breast pump you should use, everything you have to consider. The crucial part of a breast pump depends on the lifestyles, work routine, breastfeeding plan, etc. If you plan to breastfeed your child for a long term, but you have to be outside for work, then you must purchase a breast pump. Here are some factors that define the right time to use a breast pump.


  • If you plan to have a long trip with your child, you should use a breast pump. Even if you are working outside regularly, pumps are crucial.


  • You are facing trouble while feeding your baby. Or, you are going through some medications for your illness that restrict you from breastfeeding your child. In those situations, breast pumps are highly recommended.  


  • If your baby can't have milk because of the low supply of milk, you can use a breast pump to increase the lactation supply.


  • Besides, some women face various breast problems including, intense pain while feeding. In that case, an automated breast pump may help you to overcome this situation.     


What are the Advantages of Wearable Breast Pump?


There are many types of breast pumps. But, all are not for the same purpose. Different pumps have different advantages. Wearable breast pumps are easy to carry and lightweight. The cups are compact and smooth the extracting process. You can use this from any position.


They are completely hand-free and can be used anywhere. It has a USB or portable charging system. So there is no worry about energy deficiency. It is also adjustable & manageable with any size. The insight of the cups is comfortable.  


How to Use a Wearable Breast Pump?


It is crucial to know the overall process of a breast pump. A new breastfeeding mom can get in trouble if she doesn't have enough idea of using it. So, here are some steps follow:


  • Step 1: First of all, you have to wash your hands. Clean hands are the precondition of a hygienic start. Don't touch the pump with your dirty hand. It can affect your baby's health.


  • Step 2: Now assemble all the parts of the wearable breast pump. Follow the instructions and know the details about every part of it.


  • Step 3: Next, wear a bra that is appropriate to fit with the cups of the pump. As the size of the breast gets bigger during the maternity period. So, this is necessary to purchase a well-sized bra to hold the breast pump.


  • Step 4: Then, take the flange of the pump and keep it under your bra. Make sure that you place the flange correctly. Secure it with the bra. Don't put on any wrong size flange. It can harm your nipples or breast shape. It also decreases the supply of milk. So a well-fitting flange breast pump is necessary.   


  • Step 5: Notice the no milk dripping out seal of the breast pump. Make sure that you place it correctly. If you feel any pain while operating it, don't use this wrong size. Consult with an expert to know a perfect size.


  • Step 6: Now start pumping. Notice if there is any leakage or not. When the pump starts to extract the milk, you may feel suction. But it is normal. It doesn't feel like pain.


  • Step 7: Now relax and think about the heavenly feeling about your baby. And notice how much milk you want to extract. If you feel necessary, adjust the suction cups again.


  • Step 8: After completing the pumping session, take the breast pump apart from your bra. Then keep your milk stored. Clean the parts of the pump gently so that you can use them for the next breastfeeding.       


What to Look for in a Wearable Breast Pump?


When you purchase a breast pump, you must consider some factors that specify your needs. A pump is good for a mother doesn’t mean that it will be appropriate for you. So, you have to notice some things according to your needs while buying a wearable breast pump.


  • Hands-Free: Some pumps have many additional wires. Besides, many pumps extract the milk by tubing or pressing. So notice if your wearable pump is hands-free and has fewer wires.     


  • Weight & Sound: Being lightweight is necessary for a wearable pump. As a result, you can wear them while traveling. As you may need to use the pump in a public place, make sure that you're buying a quieter pump.


  • Comfortable: Never compromise with the comfort when you purchase a breast pump. As pumping is sensitive for your skin, so a pump that provides comfort should be the priority.      


In Conclusion   


Purchasing a wearable breast pump is always overwhelming for newbies. It will be easy if you follow the above guidelines.   



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