Please provide summary on Ind AS 111 - Joint Arrangements

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Please provide summary on Ind AS 111 - Joint Arrangements

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Please provide summary on Ind AS 111 - Joint Arrangements The objective of this Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS) is to establish principles for financial reporting by entities that have an interest in arrangements that are controlled jointly (ie joint arrangements). To meet the above objective, this Ind AS defines joint control and requires an entity that is a party to a joint arrangement to determine the type of joint arrangement in which it is involved by assessing its rights and obligations and to account for those rights and obligations in accordance with that type of joint arrangement. Contractual arrangements can be evidenced in several ways. An enforceable contractual arrangement is often, but not always, in writing, usually in the form of a contract or documented discussions between the parties. Statutory mechanisms can also create enforceable arrangements, either on their own or in conjunction with contracts between the parties.

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Dear Friend > Ind AS 111 - Joint Arrangements A joint arrangement is a contractual arrangement where at least two parties agree to share control over the activities of the arrangement. Unanimous consent towards decisions about relevant activities between the parties sharing control is a requirement in order to meet the definition of joint control. Joint arrangements can be joint operations or joint ventures. The classification is principle based and depends on the parties’ exposure in relation to the arrangement. When the parties’ exposure to the arrangement only extends to the net assets of the arrangement, the arrangement is a joint venture. Joint operators have rights to assets and obligations for liabilities. Joint operations are often not structured through separate vehicles. When a joint arrangement is separated from the parties and included in a separate vehicle, it can be either a joint operation or a joint venture. In such cases, further analysis is required on the legal form of the separate vehicle, the terms and conditions included in the contractual agreement and sometimes, other facts and circumstances. This is because in practice, the latter two can override the principles derived from the legal form of the separate vehicle. Joint operators account for their rights to assets and obligations for liabilities. Joint ventures account for their interest by using the equity method of accounting. Thanks

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