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Gm please let me know all the details of taxable service in india. And also if i canget cal. Sheet for the same.Thanks

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3 Answers
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1 Advertising Agency Service 2 Advertisement- sale of space or time services 3 Air travel agent’s services 4. Airport services 5. Architect’s Services 6. Asset Management Services By Individuals 7. ATM operation, maintenance or management services 8. Auction Service 9. Authorised Service Stations for motor vehicles servicing or repairs 10. Banking and other financial services 11. Beauty treatment Services 12. Brand Promotion Services 13. Broadcasting Services 14. Business Auxiliary Service 15. Business Exhibition Service 16. Business Support Service 17. Cable Operator’s services 18. Cargo handling Services 19. Chartered Accountant’s (practising) services 20. Cleaning Services

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Following is the list of all taxable services: Code Clause Taxable Service 001 65(105)(a) Stock Broker Notificatios Circulars 002 65(105)(zzzx) Telecommunication Notificatios Circulars 003 65(105)(d) General Insurance Notificatios Circulars 004 65(105)(e) Advertisement Agency Notificatios Circulars 005 65(105)(f) Courier Notificatios Circulars 006 65(105)(g) Consulting Engineer Notificatios Circulars 007 65(105)(h) Custom House Agent Notificatios Circulars 008 65(105)(i) Steamer Agent Notificatios Circulars 009 65(105)(j) Clearing and Forwarding Agent Notificatios Circulars 010 65(105)(k) Manpower recruitment or supply agency Notificatios Circulars 011 65(105)(l) Air Travel Agent Notificatios Circulars 012 65(105)(m) Mandap Keeper Notificatios Circulars 013 65(105)(n) Tour operator Notificatios Circulars 014 65(105)(o) Rent A Cab scheme operator Notificatios Circulars 015 65(105)(p) Architect Notificatios Circulars 016 65(105)(q) Interior decorator Notificatios Circulars 017 65(105)(r) Management or Business consultant Notificatios Circulars 018 65(105)(s) Chartered Accountant Notificatios Circulars 019 65(105)(t) Cost Accountant Notificatios Circulars 020 65(105)(u) Company Secretary Notificatios Circulars 021 65(105)(v) Real Estate Agent Notificatios Circulars 022 65(105)(w) Security Agency Notificatios Circulars 023 65(105)(x) Credit Rating Agency Notificatios Circulars 024 65(105)(y) Market Research Agency Notificatios Circulars 025 65(105)(z) Underwriter Notificatios Circulars 026 65(105)(za) Scientist or Technocrat Notificatios Circulars 027 65(105)(zb) Photography Notificatios Circulars 028 65(105)(zc) Convention Notificatios Circulars 029 65(105)(zh) On-line Information and Data Base Access or retrieval Notificatios Circulars 030 65(105)(zi) Video tape Production Notificatios Circulars 031 65(105)(zj) Sound Recording Notificatios Circulars 032 65(105)(zk) Broadcasting agency Notificatios Circulars 033 65(105)(zl) Insurance auxiliary services concerning general insurance business Notificatios Circulars 034 65(105)(zm) Banking or Financial institution Notificatios Circulars 035 65(105)(zn) Port Notificatios Circulars 036 65(105)(zo) Repair, Reconditioning, Restoration or Decoration of Motor Vehicle Notificatios Circulars 037 65(105)(zq) Beauty Treatment Notificatios Circulars 038 65(105)(zr) Cargo Handling Notificatios Circulars 039 65(105)(zs) Cable Operator Notificatios Circulars 040 65(105)(zt) Dry Cleaning Notificatios Circulars 041 65(105)(zu) Event Management Notificatios Circulars 042 65(105)(zv) Fashion Designer Notificatios Circulars 043 65(105)(zw) Health Club and Fitness Notificatios Circulars 044 65(105)(zx) Life insurance Notificatios Circulars 045 65(105)(zy) Insurance auxiliary services concerning life insurance business Notificatios Circulars 046 65(105)(zz) Rail Travel Agent Notificatios Circulars 047 65(105)(zza) Storage and warehousing Notificatios Circulars 048 65(105)(zzb) Business Auxiliary Notificatios Circulars 049 65(105)(zzc) Commercial Training or Coaching Centre Notificatios Circulars 050 65(105)(zzd) Commissioning and installation agency Notificatios Circulars 051 65(105)(zze) Franchise Notificatios Circulars 052 65(105)(zzf) Internet Cafe Notificatios Circulars 053 65(105)(zzg) Management, maintenance or repair Notificatios Circulars 054 65(105)(zzh) Technical testing and analysis Notificatios Circulars 055 65(105)(zzi) Technical inspection and certification Notificatios Circulars 056 65(105)(zzk) Foreign Exchange Broker Notificatios Circulars 057 65(105)(zzl) Other Port Notificatios Circulars 058 65(105)(zzm) Airport or a civil enclave Notificatios Circulars 059 65(105)(zzn) Transport of Goods by Aircraft Notificatios Circulars 060 65(105)(zzo) Business Exhibition Notificatios Circulars 061 65(105)(zzp) Transport of goods by road Notificatios Circulars 062 65(105)(zzq) Commercial or Industrial Construction Notificatios Circulars 063 65(105)(zzr) Intellectual Property Notificatios Circulars 064 65(105)(zzs) Opinion Poll Notificatios Circulars 065 65(105)(zzt) Outdoor Caterer Notificatios Circulars 066 65(105)(zzu) Programme Producer Notificatios Circulars 067 65(105)(zzv) Survey and Exploration of Mineral Notificatios Circulars 068 65(105)(zzw) Pandal or shamiana Notificatios Circulars 069 65(105)(zzx) Travel Agent Notificatios Circulars 070 65(105)(zzy) Forward Contract Notificatios Circulars 071 65(105)(zzz) Transport of goods other than water through pipeline or other conduit Notificatios Circulars 072 65(105)(zzza) Site formation and clearance, excavation and earthmoving and demolition Notificatios Circulars 073 65(105)(zzzb) Dredging Notificatios Circulars 074 65(105)(zzzc) Survey and Map Making Notificatios Circulars 075 65(105)(zzzd) Cleaning Activity Notificatios Circulars 076 65(105)(zzze) Club or Association Notificatios Circulars 077 65(105)(zzzf) Packing Activity Notificatios Circulars 078 65(105)(zzzg) Mailing List Compilation and Mailing Notificatios Circulars 079 65(105)(zzzh) Construction of Complex Notificatios Circulars 080 65(105)(zzzi) Registrar to an issue Notificatios Circulars 081 65(105)(zzzj) Share Transfer Agent Notificatios Circulars 082 65(105)(zzzk) Automated teller machine operations, maintenance or management Notificatios Circulars 083 65(105)(zzzl) Recovery of any sums Notificatios Circulars 084 65(105)(zzzm) Sale of space or time for advertisement Notificatios Circulars 085 65(105)(zzzn) Sponsorship Notificatios Circulars 086 65(105)(zzzo) Air transport of such passenger embarking in India for domestic journey or international journey Notificatios Circulars 087 65(105)(zzzp) Transport of goods by Rail Notificatios Circulars 088 65(105)(zzzq) Support services Notificatios Circulars 089 65(105)(zzzr) Auction of property Notificatios Circulars 090 65(105)(zzzs) Public Relation Notificatios Circulars 091 65(105)(zzzt) Ship Management Notificatios Circulars 092 65(105)(zzzu) Internet telecommunication Notificatios Circulars 093 65(105)(zzzv) Transport of such person embarking from any port or other port in India, by a cruise ship. Notificatios Circulars 094 65(105)(zzzw) Credit card, debit card, charge card or other payment card Notificatios Circulars 095 65(105)(zzzy) Mining of mineral, oil or gas Notificatios Circulars 096 65(105)(zzzz) Renting of immovable property Notificatios Circulars 097 65(105)(zzzza) Works contract Notificatios Circulars 098 65(105)(zzzzb) Development and Supply of Contents Notificatios Circulars 099 65(105)(zzzzc) Asset management Notificatios Circulars 100 65(105)(zzzzd) Design Notificatios Circulars 101 65(105)(zzzze) Information Technology Software Notificatios Circulars 102 65(105)(zzzzf) Management of Investment Notificatios Circulars 103 65(105)(zzzzg) Stock Exchange Notificatios Circulars 104 65(105)(zzzzh) Commodity Exchange Notificatios Circulars 105 65(105)(zzzzi) Processing and Clearing House Notificatios Circulars 106 65(105)(zzzzj) Supply of Tangible Goods Notificatios Circulars 107 65(105)(zzzzk) Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery Notificatios Circulars 108 65(105)(zzzzl) Transport of Coastal Goods; and Goods transported through Inland water Service Notificatios Circulars 109 65(105)(zzzzm) Legal Consultancy Service Notificatios Circulars 110 65(105)(zzzzn) Games of chance, including lottery, Bingo or Lotto Notificatios Circulars 111 65(105)(zzzzo) Clinical Establishment Notificatios Circulars 112 65(105)(zzzzp) Keeping or maintaining of medical records Notificatios Circulars 113 65(105)(zzzzq) Promotion or marketing of a brand of goods, service, event or endorsement of name Notificatios Circulars 114 65(105)(zzzzr) Commercial use or exploitation of any event Notificatios Circulars 115 65(105)(zzzzs) Electricity exchange Notificatios Circulars 116 65(105)(zzzzt) Copyright Notificatios Circulars 117 65(105)(zzzzu) Preferential Location Notificatios Circulars 118 65(105)(zzzzv) Restaurant Notificatios Circulars 119 65(105)(zzzzw) Hotel, inn, guest house, club or camp-site Notificatios Circulars

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> List of taxable services in India Here is the list of all the taxable services in India. Please click on the respective industry to get the further details like service tax rates, accounting codes, tax laws, tax refund, exemptions and exclusion details. Service Tax Profiles (in alphabetical order) S.No Service Category 1 Advertising Agency Service 2 Advertisement- sale of space or time services 3 Air travel agent’s services 4. Airport services 5. Architect’s Services 6. Asset Management Services By Individuals 7. ATM operation, maintenance or management services 8. Auction Service 9. Authorised Service Stations for motor vehicles servicing or repairs 10. Banking and other financial services 11. Beauty treatment Services 12. Brand Promotion Services 13. Broadcasting Services 14. Business Auxiliary Service 15. Business Exhibition Service 16. Business Support Service 17. Cable Operator’s services 18. Cargo handling Services 19. Chartered Accountant’s (practising) services 20. Cleaning Services 21. Clearing and forwarding agent’s services 22. Clearing & processing house services 23. Club’s or Association’s membership services 24 Commercial training or coaching services 25. Commercial use or exploitation of any event service 26. Commodity exchange service 27. Company secretary’s (practising) services 28. Construction of residential complex service 29. Construction or renovation of commercial / industrial buildings / pipelines / conduits services 30. Construction Services – Preferential Location and Development 31. Consulting engineer’s service 32. Convention services 33. Copyright Services 34. Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Service 35. Cost accountant’s (practising) services 36. Courier Services 37. Credit card, debit card, charge card or other payment cards related services 38. Credit rating agency’s services 39. Custom house agent’s services 40. Design services 41. Development & supply of content for telecommunication, advertising and on-line information services 42. Dredging services 43. Dry cleaning services 44. Electricity Exchange services 45. Erection, commissioning or installation service 46. Event management Service 47. Fashion Designer Service 48. Foreign Exchange broking services 49. Forward Contract Service 50. Franchise Services 51. Health club and fitness centre services 52. Health Services 53. Information Technology software services 54. Insurance auxiliary services concerning general insurance business 55. Insurance auxiliary services concerning Life Insurance business 56. Insurance business services (General Insurance) 57. Insurance business services (Life Insurance) 58. Intellectual property services 59. Interior decorator’s services 60. Internet café’s services 61. Internet telecommunication services 62. Investment management service under ULIP 63. Legal consultancy services 64. Lottery and other Games of Chance Services 65. Mailing list compilation and mailing services 66. Management or business consultant’s services 67. Management, maintenance or repair services for goods, equipments or properties 68. Mandap keeper’s services 69. Manpower recruitment or supply agency’s services 70. Market research agency’s services 71. Medical records maintenance service 72. Mining service 73. On-line information and database access and/or retrieval services 74. Opinion poll service 75. Outdoor caterer 76. Packaging services 77. Pandal or shamiana services 78. Photography services 79. Port services by major ports 80. Port services by other ports (minor ports) 81. Programme (T. V. or Radio) services 82. Public Relation Service 83. Rail travel agent’s services 84. Real estate agent’s services 85. Recovery agent’s services 86. Registrar to an issue services 87. Rent-a-cab services 88. Renting of immovable property services 89. Scientific or Technical Consultancy Services 90. Security agency’s services 91. Share transfer agent service 92. Ship management services 93. Site formation and clearance, excavation and earthmoving and demolition services 94. Sound recording services 95. Sponsorship service 96. Steamer agent’s services 97. Stock broking services 98. Stock exchange service 99. Storage and warehousing services 100. Supply of tangible goods services 101. Survey and exploration of mineral services 102. Survey and map making services 103. Technical inspection and certification services 104. Technical testing and analysis services 105. Telecommunication services 106. Tour operator’s services 107. Transport of coastal goods and transport of goods through national water way/inland water service 108. Transport of goods by air services 109. Transport of goods by road 110. Transport of goods by rail service 111. Transport of goods through pipeline / conduit services 112. Travel agent’s (other than air or rail) services 113. Travel by air services 114. Travel by cruise ship service 115. Underwriters services 116. Video tape production services 117. Works contract Services Tags: service tax rate, taxable services

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