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Huawei Atlas 900 AI Cluster Wins the Red Dot Award 2020

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[Essen, Germany, April 2, 2020] The Huawei Atlas 900 AI cluster is the winner of the Red Dot Award 2020, standing out from thousands of entries to clinch the prize. Reviewed by a professional jury panel, the Atlas 900 AI cluster is recognized for its sharp design and groundbreaking innovation. After the Atlas 300 and Atlas 500, Atlas 900 becomes the third member of the Huawei Atlas family to be honored by the Red Dot Award. The awards are a hallmark of unparalleled quality and design for the Huawei Atlas products.

Huawei Atlas 900 AI cluster

The Atlas 900 AI cluster set a new benchmark with its top cluster network, modular deployment, heat dissipation system, holistic design, performance, extensibility, and human-centric details.

  •  Top cluster network: Standing as the pinnacle of AI computing, Atlas 900 combines thousands of Huawei Ascend 910 AI processors to create the world's fastest AI training cluster. On the frontier of scientific research and business innovation, Atlas 900 empowers researchers with never-before-seen speeds to train AI models with image and video data. Perfect for daily or complex tasks, the cluster is supercharging the ways we explore the universe, predict weather, explore natural resources, and bring autonomous cars to market.
  •  Modular deployment: The Atlas 900 AI cluster provides a flexible solution to facilitate capacity expansion for specific scenarios. It offers abundant computing resources in the form of cloud services, making technological innovation and inclusive AI more accessible.
  •  Ultimate heat dissipation: Atlas 900 incorporates a cutting-edge hybrid liquid cooling design, which leverages rack-scale enclosed adiabatic technology to deliver a liquid cooling ratio of over 95%. The design dissipates heat marvelously for each rack of up to 50 kW power consumption, achieving a power usage effectiveness (PUE) lower than 1.1, the best-in-class energy efficiency for data centers (an ideal PUE is 1.0). Atlas 900 works with ultra-low power consumption and noise, and saves equipment room space by 80%.
  •  Holistic design: The Atlas 900 AI cluster comes in a unified, compact integrated design. The racks on both sides form the shape of square brackets "[ ]". In computer science, square brackets are used to represent character sets, and likewise represent the least common multiple in elementary number theory. This analogy is perfect for the Atlas 900 AI cluster, because the increase in the number of devices is not simply a 1 + 1 = 2 equation, but rather exponential growth of outstanding AI computing power.
  •  Performance: The architect hones the edges and surfaces of the Atlas 900 AI cluster to deliver a compelling, futuristic look, in line with the superior performance needed for the digital age.
  •  Extensibility: The design contributes to the flexible extensibility of Atlas 900. As more racks are added, the rack cluster maintains a sense of natural continuity and efficiency, resonating with the data flowing in the cluster.
  •  Human-centric details: Atlas 900 takes details to lengths none of its counterparts has achieved before. Every inch of the cluster exudes quality, both natural and revolutionary in its aesthetics and technology.

The Red Dot Award is one of the world's most prestigious awards for industrial design. This award is just the latest of a list of honors attached to the Atlas family. Other appraisals include the GSMA GLOMO Awards 2020, where the Atlas 900 was awarded the Tech of the Future Award in recent months.


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