How to make your tours cheaper yet amazing with free attractions

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Travelling can get extremely pricey every time. With a lot of information on the internet telling people how to travel on a budget, the contemporary mind sticks with one overwhelming perception, i.e., touring is always expensive. However, the case is not so!

Your credit card doesn’t calculate the amount of fun you are planning on your upcoming trip. Your smartness does. Despite switching to affordable things and lowering the cost, there is something more than this. All you have to do is to be smarter with your selection, and you may bring many memories back home.

This guide is to alert travelers how they can explore free attractions on their tour without spending a single penny.

Lay on the beach

Beaches are everywhere. Almost every tourism spot all around the world has a beach to chill in. They are cost-free and lovely. Hence, to avail the most out of your trip, you can enjoy free beaches. Plan your day out on them and lay down under the scorching beam of sunlight to have its advantage.

From Chicago to Singapore, and Sydney, almost every next country and city has a beach calling the tourists to have a drink over the sand. Even countries like Paris have their makeshift beach in summers. They are the best way to have fun with no cost.

Visit museums

With the notion of bringing culture, art, and history within reach of every individual, museums all around the globe are being made as accessible as possible. Many countries out there have free museums, and anyone is allowed to visit them. They are the most attractive part of a nation and are a must to visit to understand the culture and specialty of the place.

For example, all the famous museums in London have no entry fee.

Moreover, countries like Paris do exist where museums are the only attraction that doesn’t have free entries. However, still, they open them for free on every first Sunday of the month for everyone. Even The Louvre, one of the dream museum to visit in Paris is free every first Sunday of a month.

Meet the locals

An exciting part of visiting a new country is to understand its culture and meet locals. On your every visit to a new destination, preserve a day to spend with the locals of the place. This cost nothing except for roaming around and sitting in public areas to observe people passing by. Spend time talking with these residents, listen to their life stories and taste their spices. This is another best way to enjoy a free attraction at an unknown place.

Visit landmarks

Landmarks all around the world are free to visit and are must-watch attractions on your visit to the state. Famous landmarks ranging from Lincoln memorial to Hollywood Walk of Fame and the mesmerizing Brooklyn Bridge, all are free for sight-seeing. So, save your money and enjoy such free opportunities on your next trip.

Visit temples

Visiting ancient temples is always exciting to discover the culture of ancestors and different religions. Many temples all around the world are free to attend for everyone. This is because these are the places to worship God and that requires no fee at all. Despite being a holy place, temples are one of the biggest tourist attractions because of customs and traditions. Ranging from the temple of heaven in China to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, temples are free everywhere. Majorly India, China, Malaysia, and Singapore are famous for these.


Visit churches

Like museums and temples, churches are another place to visit for free in many countries. They are also religious platforms, yet they are tourist-oriented. Churches are one of the best buildings a state owns. Taking Italy as an example, it has an abundance of them, and every single is a “wow” at first sight.


Apart from these, if you are visiting an Islamic country, you can visit mosques for free to admire the decent interior and much more. For example, the blue mosque in turkey is free to visit at any time of day and tends to be the most prominent tourist destination.

Walking tour

Walking around the city is another interestingly free attraction to avail on your trips. Walk around the streets while enjoying some street food is one the best yet cost-free activity on an expensive tour. Moreover, you may have an opportunity to enjoy street musicians and fountains in places like Dubai, Barcelona, and London.



The earth has many things to let one fall in love with it. From distinct cultures to breath-taking beaches and worth-watching landmarks, it has an abundance of free attractions in every country. It tells everything about how you can enjoy for free.If you are stepping back to plan a tour because of expenses, this article will convince you to pack up for one.

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