Definition of Reconciliations and its applicability?

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Definition of Reconciliations  and its applicability?

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Reconciliations Of IFRS Standards 1 : An entity’s first IFRS financial statements are the first annual financial
statements in which the entity adopts IFRSs, by an explicit and unreserved statement in those financial statements of compliance with IFRSs. Financial statements in accordance with IFRSs are an entity’s first IFRS financial statements if, for example, the entity:
(a) presented its most recent previous financial statements:
(i) in accordance with national requirements that are not consistent with IFRSs in all respects;
(ii) in conformity with IFRSs in all respects, except that the financial statements did not contain an explicit and unreserved statement that they complied with IFRSs;
(iii) containing an explicit statement of compliance with some, but not all, IFRSs;
(iv) in accordance with national requirements inconsistent with IFRSs, using some individual IFRSs to account for items for which national requirements did not exist; or
(v) in accordance with national requirements, with a reconciliation of some amounts to the amounts determined in accordance with IFRSs;

(b) prepared financial statements in accordance with IFRSs for internal use only, without making them available to the entity’s owners or any other external users;
(c) prepared a reporting package in accordance with IFRSs for consolidation purposes without preparing a complete set of financial statements as defined in IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements (as revised in 2007); or
(d) did not present financial statements for previous periods.

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