CIMA Exam Eligibility Criteria

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Write a note on CIMA Exam Eligibility Criteria?

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The CIMA qualification is open to everyone, although your starting point will be different depending on your previous qualifications.

The different available ENTRY ROUTES



Graduates with degrees accredited by CIMA

Exemptions from the certificate in business accounting and from certain exams within the professional qualification.

Graduates with degrees related to accounting, business, finance, law and other relevant areas

Exemptions from the certificate in business accounting.

MBA holders

Seek advanced entry by giving the CIMA masters gateway assessment exam (CMGA).
If pass, 11 exemptions granted from certificate, operational and management level and start studying for strategic level exams.

Member of another professional body

If you hold a qualification accredited by CIMA, you may be eligible for exemptions from some exams in the certificate in business accountingand the professional qualification.

People from leading school

Can start with certificate in business accounting which will serve as a qualification in its own right.

For more details click on below link.

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