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What will a career in NABARD be like?How is it different from working in RBI? Are NABARD officers posted in rural areas?

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What will a career in NABARD be like? How is it different from working in RBI? Are NABARD officers posted in rural areas?

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2 Answers
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What will a career in NABARD be like? NABARD offers a fulfilling career. You will be posted to the regional offices which are in state capitals. In addition to this you might be posted as DDM ( District Development Manager ) in any district of India. The tenure as DDM is the most rewarding one as you get involved in ground level activities. Right now one should focus on cracking the exam rather than thinking about the career prospects in NABARD. Needless to say that NABARD is an apex institution and a regulator so you won't regret joining/working for NABARD. The perks and remunerations are at par with RBI (read one of the best in the financial industry). check NABARD Grade A & B Career

How is it different from working in RBI? NABARD was a part of RBI before 1982 and hence shares the same work culture as RBI. In RBI you get to work in many more aspects of banking ( e.g. forex, banker for the govt, etc ), however in NABARD you would be working mainly for upliftment of agriculture and rural areas (which is a privilege in itself). Check: NABARD Grade A & B

Are NABARD officers posted in rural areas? 
NO. At the most NABARD officers are posted at district level and that too once in his/her life ( there are many people who never went for DDM posting in their entire life). Usually Officers are posted at Regional Offices which are in state capitals only.

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Hi, A comfortable and meaningful career is what you can expect from NABARD. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is an apex development bank in India having headquarters based in Mumbai (Maharashtra) and other branches are all over the country. NABARD is the apex institution for credit as far as agriculture and rural development is concerned and also does Consultancies through its wing called NABARD Consultancy Services (NABCONS). You would be dealing with policy issues of various programmes of Central/State Govts and projects relating to Agriculture as well as Rural Development, closely liaising with the State Government and the banking industry, which encompasses the entire activities in the rural areas. Pay (and almost all perks) is equal to RBI which is better than any commercial bank. NABARD has offices in all State Capitals called Regional Offices with its Head Office in Mumbai. NABARD has a Residence-Cum-Office in most of the districts in the South and majority of the districts in the North and you could get posted if you put in around 10 to 15 years service as an officer. The district posting is a single man office!! Regards

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