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how many attempts to pass CA final exam in The Institute of Charted Accountants of India

Avatar 37a3bd7bc7328f0ead2c0f6f635dddf60615e676e6b4ddf964144012e529de45 renu asked over 3 years ago

We took how many attempts to pass CA final exam in The Institute of Charted Accountants of India?

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3 Answers
Picsjoin 2017224123730582 Archana answered over 3 years ago

Hie Renu According to ICAI..you can give unlimited attempts for CA final...and it depends upon student and his/her preparation to crack the exam. If preparation is well then student can crack it in one attempt also.

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Data?1494421714 swetha answered over 3 years ago

hello i agree ca is one of the toughest course but its not impossible, right? if u have planned systematically & made preapation in a disciplined manner, u can achieve success in ca. ofcourse failer is obvious because of its low pass % but it does NOT mean that u require 5-10 attempts...!! i agree ,a little luck factor also plays role in ca course.. but remember that LUCK FAVOURS ONLY THOSE WHO WORKS HARD..success never comes easy!.. if u have made sincere approach to exams ,mostly u ll pass in 1st attempt itself..or at max within 2-3 attempts.. thats ok..no need to worry..but if u keep on failing for more than 5 times..then u need to RESTRUCTURE ur entire approach and try again ..may be ur new plan may work out, if it is worthy ! if u doesnt have a clear focus and dedication towards ur goal,u keep on failing exams ,eventhough u work hard.. at last remember that u can achieve anything if u are self confident ..! all the best..

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Avatar 37a3bd7bc7328f0ead2c0f6f635dddf60615e676e6b4ddf964144012e529de45 jasgun answered over 3 years ago

One attempt is enough if you have prepared well.

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