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5 Advanced Metrics to Fuel your Business in 2020

James asked

Every corporate organisation has individual gaols, business plans, ROI targets and the likes. Quite similarly, they have a couple of business tools and metrics briefed down for long-term plans. These metrics are basically used by companies in order to gauge, evaluate, manage and communicate commercial or ROI-based outcomes down the road.

For example, a student of finance would like to gauge the efficiency of seeking assignment help before asking an online expert to “Do my finance assignment online.”  This, as a result, would allow the student to analyse the predictive outcome of obtaining virtual academic assistance.

This is exactly what defines the fundamental of metrics. These are certain elemental tools that guide every individual in the matter of making crucial decisions or choosing the right card in the game. Are you getting the hang of it? Now that you are eager to explore or learn about the essential metrics every business need to monitor and evaluate, then invest some time in reading this blog.

Here’s everything you must know.

  1. Customer Engagement

First things first, you got to walk that extra mile in an endeavour to track and deduce customer engagement rate. Unless your products and services are successful in roping in and engaging consumers down the road, your trade won’t flow in a way you would expect.

So, take note of these essential tips and know how to go about this essential metric seamlessly.

  1. You can always leverage the potential of digitisation and use apps such as Survey Sparrow, Neuro Tags and Freshdesk.
  2. These advanced tools would allow you to manage your business brand by helping you to track consumer engagement rates.
  3. In case, you would detect any loophole or areas that could be improved down the line, do the needful, strategise each plan accordingly and make the right move.

Remember, in business, you got to keep your consumers engaged in the right manner, if you aim to reap the benefits of long-term ROIs.

  1. Sales Revenue

If you are able to track sales revenue in an effective manner, then it would allow you to measure your financial performance and every other setback associated with it. Here are a couple of easy suggestions on how you can make good use of this metric to track sales revenue effectively.

  1. Opt for strategic comparisons b y tallying your business performance this year with that of the last couple of years.
  2. Now, focus on all the potential factors that have been responsible for sales growth or failure.
  3. Once you are aware of all the criticalities and the bigger picture in the block, plan your next move and strategise how to up the game or maintain a steady flow of sales revenue.

It is as simple as it. At the end of the day, all it would take is nothing for your foresightedness in the matter of evaluating your present sales revenue graph and predicting the scenario for the next couple of years.

  1. Customer satisfaction rate

Merely engaging your consumer or ensuring favourable sales revenue would not allow you to game up your corporate goals this year. After all, customer satisfaction is the last thing you would ever care for. Thus, it is undeniably the most valued and prioritised metric for every business that aims for achieving new heights.

How about abiding by these smart guidelines to ensure the favourable customer satisfaction rate for your trade?

  1. Invest in content marketing.
  2. Foster and create new content.
  3. Keep updating the same with each passing month.
  4. Keep a tab on your target consumer interests.
  5. Try to come up with content that would attract your target audience.
  6. Remember, the content you would create should be relevant and 100% non-controversial in nature.

So, consider these professionally useful tips, as mentioned, and approach your next business strategy, based on this crucial metric.

  1. Employee and customer retention rate

A business runs on the credibility of employee resources and consumer retention rate at the same time. So, it is undeniably critical for you to pay heed to this essential metric and go about your business essentials in accordance with the right strategic evaluation.

Well, take note of the following suggestive pointers that would allow you to retain your employees and customers in the long run.

  1. Treat your employees equally.
  2. Do not embrace form for impartial behaviour.
  3. Make sure your employees are well-paid and the fact that they are morally motivated at work.
  4. In terms of ensuring customer retention, try and value your consumers.
  5. Do not just sell products to them for the sake of selling.
  6. Instead, provide them with an experience of a lifetime.
  7. Address their pain points through product descriptions or service demos.
  8. Do not sound too pushy while demonstrating a product or service.
  9. Offer client-friendly discounts and other service perks from time to time.
  10. Be prompt in the matter of addressing client grievances.

Once you would ensure each of the essential pointers, as mentioned above, retaining your employees and customers for the long run would be one seamless endeavour.

  1. Industry competitions and success rates

Do not solely invest in upgrading your in-house elemental values in terms of client satisfaction, engagement and retention rates. If you miss out on keeping a tab on industry competitions and success rates, then you would actually miss out on a lot many things in the near future.

  1. You can certainly harness the potential of applications such as Buzz Sumo, Unbox Social and FollowerWonk to track how your industry peers are doing.
  2. It is all about the analytics in the form of industry reports and ideas that would allow you to gauge your present business performance.
  3. Remember, while using these tools, you got to keep an eye on what’s going around your industry peers.
  4. For example, if you are into online apparels, then keep a tab on the latest trends in apparels or the best discounts offered by your industry competitors.
  5. Keep note of every competitive analysis and industry insights from time to time.
  6. Also, refer back to each of the in-depth analysis while launching new products, extending an already-existing product line-up and expanding your trade across borders.

Parting Thoughts,

I feel safe to assume that these key metrics would allow you to determine successful path towards attaining the utmost commercial success in your business endeavours. Simply refer to these best practices, embrace the one that suits your niche and venture out with confidence.


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