CAKART Finance for non-finance professionals (Online)

Finance for non-finance professionals (Online)

Finance for non-finance professionals Complete Video Lectures from Dezyre

Overview of Finance for non-finance professionals (Online)

Finance for non-finance professionals Complete Video Lectures from Dezyre consists of top quality video lectures of around 75 hours duration. This course is offered online. The eCourse is suitable for consumption on all kind of devices with internet connection.

Table of contents

Financial Institutions, Instruments & Markets

Why Financial Markets
Assets & Liabilities
The Concept of a Balance Sheet
Market Classifications
Market Intermediaries
Bid and Ask Price
Stock Exchanges
Long and Short Positions

Equity Capital Markets

Nature of Equity
Understand why the book value and market value of the same company could be very different values. What contributes to this difference?
Stock Splits and Reverse Splits
Stock Dividends
Voting Rights and Preferred Shares
Convertible Preferred Shares

Bonds and Debt Capital Markets

Plain Vanilla Debt
Valuation of a Coupon
Par, Discount, and Premium Bonds
Zero Coupon and Floating Rate Bonds
Callable and Puttable Bonds
Rating Agencies

Mutual Funds and Pension Funds

Mutual Fund Basics
Open-end and Closed-end Funds
Net Asset Value (NAV)
Expense Ratio
Categorization of Funds
Exchange Traded Funds

Derivatives Overview and Pricing

Forward versus Futures Contracts
Forward versus Futures Exchanges
Call and Put Options
The role of futures and options markets
Value at Risk (VAR)
Margins and marking to market
Introduction to Options
Exercising Options
Rights and Obligations
Put-Call Parity
Naked Call
Long Put

Foreign Exchange

Spot Market
Bid and Ask Quotes
Forex Arbitrage
Forward Market
Synthetic Rate


About faculty of Finance for non-finance professionals (Online)

Dr.Sunil Parameswaran
Dr.Sunil Parameswaran brings with him more than 20 years of teaching experience in some of the top management institutes, both in India and abroad, as regular / visiting faculty. Dr.Sunil is a much sort after Corporate Consultant and trainer and his clients include JP Morgan, Societe Generale, WIPRO Technologies, Mindtree Consulting, HCL Technologies, ANZ IT, Kanbay, Techspan. Dr. Sunil is the author of over 10 books in Corporate Finance and Capital Markets.

About institute

Dezyre, Bangalore
Dezyre is an online academy that provides training in job related skills. We are a passionate bunch of people, who believe that the right kind of exposure and knowledge can be life changing. We build Dezyre to bring together world class faculty and students. Our faculty have premier backgrounds and teach industry relevant topics in an easy to understand manner. Since all of this teaching is through the internet, we provide you with quality, convenience and value for money.

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