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Overview of Finance for All Executives

Complete Video Lecture Pacakge on Finance for All Executivs from Concells Learning Solutions consists of top quality video lectures of around 6 hours duration. The full eCourse Package along with the required software is delivered on a DVD with suitable for consumption on Windows PC/Laptop or Android Tablet/Smartphones. This course is also offered online and is suitable for consumption on all kind of devices with internet connection.

Table of contents

Course Name: Finance for All Executives
S.No Video Name
Section 1- Introduction
1 Introduction
Section 2- Financial Statement
2 Financial Statements
3 Income Statement and Balance Sheet
4 Financial Statement Making Process
5 Difference between Income, Liability, Expense and Assets
6 Sourses and uses of Funds
7 Profit and Cash
Section 3- Finance Management Techniques
8 Fundamental of Finance Management
9 Cost of Capital-Part 1
10 Cost of Capital-Part 2
11 Liquidity Management
Section 4- Financial Ratio Analysis
12 Financial Ratios
13 Current Ratio
14 Quick Ratio
15 Absolute Liquid Ratio
16 Basic Defence Interval Ratio
Section 5- Capital Structure Ratios
17 Capital Structure Ratios - Equity Ratio
18 Capital Structure Ratios - Debt Ratio
19 Capital Structure Ratios - Debt to Equity Ratio
Section 6- Coverage Ratios
20 Coverage Ratios (DSCR)
21 Interest Coverage Ratio
22 Preference Dividend Coverage Ratio
23 Capital Gearing Ratio
Section 7- Activity Ratios
24 Activity Ratios
25 Capital Turnover Ratio
26 Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio
27 Total Assets Turnover Ratio
Section 8- Working Capital Ratios
28 Working Capital Turnover Ratio
29 Inventory Turnover Ratio
30 Inventory Holding Level
31 Debtors Turnover Ratio
32 Average Collection Period
33 Creditors Turnover Ratio
34 Average Payment Period
Section 9- General Profitability Ratios
35 General Profitability Ratios
36 Gross Profit Ratio
37 Operating Ratio
38 Operating Profit Ratio
39 Expenses Ratio
40 Net Profit Ratio
Section 10- Overall Profitability Ratios
41 Overall Profitability Ratios
42 Return on Assets
43 Return on Capital Employed
44 Return on Share holders funds
Section 11- Equity Share holders Ratios
45 Return on Equity Share holders funds
46 Earnings Per Share
47 Cash Flow Earnings Per Share
48 Dividend Per Share
49 Dividend Pay Out Ratio
50 Dividend Yield Ratio
51 Illustration on Return on Equity Shareholders Funds
Section 12- Valuation Ratios
52 Market Value Ratios
53 Earnings Yield Ratio
54 Price Earnings Ratio
55 Price to Cash Flow Ratio
Section 13- Fund Flow Analysis
56 Fund Flow Analysis Introduction
57 Fund Flow Analysis Example
58 Uses of Fund Flow Statement
Section 14- Time value of Money
59 Time Value of Money Introduction
60 Future Value of Single Amount
61 Doubling Period
62 Compounding Effect
63 Compounding Computation
64 Future Value of Fixed Cash Flows
65 Present Value of Single Amount
66 Present Value of Fixed Cash Flows
67 EMI
Section 15- Balance Sheet Reading Skill
68 First Balance Sheet Raeding Skill Understanding Long Term Solvency
69 Second Balance Sheet Reading Skill Understanding Liquidity Positions
70  Third Balance Sheet Reading Skill- Performance Measurement
Section 16- Business Financing Decisions
71 Business Financing Decisions
72 Debt Vs Equity Financing
73 Understanding Equity Funding in Projects
74 Good Time and Bad Time for Debt Equity Financing
Section 17- Leverage Analysis
75 Leverage and its Types
76 Leverage Concepts Example
77 Leverage Analysis and Sales Movement
Section 18- Break Even Analysis
78 Break Even Analysis
79 Break Even Point Example
80 Break Even Point Graph
Section 19- Cash Flow Analysis
81 Cash Flow-Introduction
82 Cash Flow- Activities
83 Cash Flow-Operating Activity
84 Cash Flow-Investing Activity
85 Cash Flow- Financing Activity
Section 20- Investment Decisions
86 NPV
87 Pay Back period Introduction
88 Pay Back Period Example
89 IRR


About faculty of Finance for All Executives

CA Raja
"I have worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which i started my CA Practice. During the stint in SBI, i have gained good experience in Mid Corporate Credit Analysis, Project Finance, Risk Assessment, etc. I have handled various sessions on a) Project Finance b) Credit Risk Assessment c) Entrepreneurship Development I love teaching and i want fundamentals of accounting to reach students"

About institute

Concells Learning Solutions
Concells Business Consultant was set up in 2013 in Chennai with Branches in Tamil Nadu and Kerala as a dynamic business consulting firm by ex-Bank officers who worked in State Bank of India at senior level responsible for credit requirement of big corporate and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). CONCELLS established to provide world-class business solutions that are valued by corporate clients and need of the hour to SMEs for functional and technical expertise and respected for the professional excellence and adherence to highest ethical standards. CONCELLS aimed at assisting its entrepreneur clients in scaling new heights by arranging adequate finance at correct cost from Banks and Financial Institutions. CONCELLS engages highly qualified professionals from diverse fields who have deep understanding of the various business models unique to each entrepreneur. CONCELLS believes and works on a professional, ethical set of values in a transparent manner in creating world class organisation respected for its principles and excellent service standards.

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