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CAKART CS Professional Module 3 - Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

CS Professional Module 3 - Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

Advanced Tax Laws and Practice (CS Professional Module 3) Complete Video Lectures + eBooks + Question Bank Package from Ideal Classes

Overview of CS Professional Module 3 - Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

Advanced Tax Laws and Practice (CS Professional Module 3) Complete Video Lectures + eBooks + Question Bank Package from Ideal Classes consists of top quality video lectures of around 43 hours duration, exhaustive notes and question bank on each topic. The full eCourse Package along with the required software is delivered on a 8 GB pen drive or SDCard. The eCourse is suitable for consumption on Windows PC/Laptop or Android Tablet/Smartphones.

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Table of contents

PART A: Direct Tax Management

Chapter 1: Taxation of Individual Entities, Partnership, LLP, Companies.

Chapter 2: International Taxation Covering Taxation of Non Resident

Entities, Advance Ruling, Transfer Pricing, Direct tax Avoidance


Chapter 3: Case studies and Practical Problems covering Advance Tax

Planning relating to Companies and Business Entities.


Part B: Central Excise, Customs, VAT and Service Tax

1. Introduction

Special Features of Indirect Tax Levies - All Pervasive Nature,

Contribution to Government Revenues; Constitutional Provisions

Authorizing the Levy and Collection of Duties of Central Excise

and Customs


2. Central Excise Laws

·          Basis of Chargeability of Duties of Central Excise - Goods,

Manufacture, Classification and Valuation of Excisable Goods

·          CENVAT Credit Mechanism

·          Registration, Assessment, Provisional Assessment, Manner of

Payment of Duty, Exemption, Recovery and Refunds of Duties

·          Clearance of Excisable Goods; Invoice System,

Central Excise Bonds; Maintenance of Accounts and Records

and Filing of Returns, Large Tax Payer Units, Excise Audit 2000,

Audit u/s 14 and 14AA of Central Excise Act 1944

·          Exemption to First Clearance of Specified Goods

·          Export Incentives under Central Excise such as SEZs, STPI,


·          Investigation, Adjudication, Appeal and Revision, including

Appearance before CESTAT by Company Secretary as

Authorized Representative; Settlement of Cases, Advance Ruling

·          Search, Seizure, Arrest, Prosecution and Compounding;

Offences and Penalty

·          Miscellaneous Provisions under Central Excise


3. Customs Laws

·          Levy of Customs Duties, Types of Customs Duty Leviable, Tariff

Classification & Exemptions, Valuation of Imported and Exported


·          Provision of Assessment, Payment of Duties, Recovery and

Refund of Customs Duties

·          Duty Drawback

·          Procedure for Clearance of Imported and Exported Goods

·          Transportation and Warehousing

·          Confiscation of Goods and Conveyances and Imposition of

Penalties; Search, Seizure and Arrest, Offences and Prosecution


·          Adjudication, Appeal and Revision; Settlement of Cases,

Advance Ruling

·          Other Relevant Areas and Case Studies under Custom Laws and


4. Promissory Estoppel in Fiscal Laws - Principles and Applicability

with reference to Indirect Taxes


5. Tax Planning and Management - Scope and Management in

Customs, with Specific Reference to important Issues in the

Respective Areas


6. Background, Negative List Approach, Statutory Provisions, Taxable

Services, Valuation, Point of Taxation, Place of Provision of Service,

Administrative Mechanism and Procedural Aspects, Assessment,

Computation, Levy, Collection and Payment of Service Tax,

Exemptions, CENVAT Credit for Service Tax, Returns, Refunds,

Demands, Appeals, Revisions, Advance Rulings, Settlement

Commission, Audit under Section 72A of Finance Act, 1994.


7. Goods and Service Tax (GST) - Concept and Developments


8. Background, Concept and Mechanism of VAT, Classification,

Invoicing, Exemption, Returns, Refunds, Demands, Appeals,

Revisions, Liability under VAT


9. Set off and Composition Scheme, Computation of VAT, Assessment,

VAT on Works Contract, Right to use Property, Rate of Tax,

Procedural Aspects including Registration, Preparation and Filing of

E-Returns, Audit and Appearances


About faculty of CS Professional Module 3 - Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

Prof. Vijay k. Joshi
Prof. Vijay k. Joshi is a faculty with Ideal Classes, Mumbai

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Ideal Classes, Mumbai
Founded by Prof. Jagdish Walavalkar, IDEAL began as a modest classroom coaching institute 25 years ago. Today, IDEAL educates thousands of students across India. It moulds over 12,500 students every year via satellite, online and distance learning; along with classroom coaching. It has always championed the cause of quality education. Its courses are delivered across 6 streams and 29 courses. IDEAL has always believed in dedication. Precisely what its 200+ expert teachers give every student across its 167 classrooms, every day. Pioneering education has always been IDEAL's aim. IDEAL was the first institute to receive ISO 9001 certification, first institute to have an independent teachers training program. It is the only coaching institute to have a dedicated in house placement service for its students. But there are greater milestones to be covered on the road to refined learning. IDEAL has an advanced coaching system that will revolutionise teaching, and change the way students learn. In the coming years, students across all streams of education will be able to experience this refined system.IDEAL empowers students to soar high and aim higher everytime.

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