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Banking Professional Corporate Banking, RM and Credit Analysis

Industry Endorsed Certificate in Corporate Banking, RM and Credit Analysis

A Complete video lecture on Industry Endorsed Certificate in Corporate Banking, RM and Credit Analysis

Overview of Industry Endorsed Certificate in Corporate Banking, RM and Credit Analysis

This course covers the products that a corporate banker needs to know; along with live cases, and unique description of writing a credit note. It is suitable for all aspirants to a Corporate Banking , SME Banking or Business Banking relationship manager / credit analyst role.

Table of contents

Corporate Banking - Products and Services
Debt ProductsIntroduction: The target customers, purpose of the corporate banking and its offerings.Organisational Structure: The organisational structure in a typical Corporate Banking division. The Relationship Chain and the Credit Chain and its sub branching into Transaction Banking and Product Management.Classification of Debt Products: Categorisation of Debt Products basis term, security and purpose.Working Capital Loans: Types of Working Capital Loans; computing a company's working capital needs. Key terms such as Drawing Power and Consortium Arrangement for loans.Capital Expenditure (Capex) Loans and Project Finance:Capex Loans and how these are disbursed. Types of Capex loans such as Maintenance Capex, Refinancing existing Term Loans, etc.Term Loan - Put / Call Option: Variants of Term Loans, with a put / call option for the bank and the company.Agricultural / Rural Loans & MSME loans: Priority Sector Lending. Sources of an agricultural loan portfolio for a Corporate Bank. MSME loans.Bridge Loans: Bridge Loans; its relationship with Capital Market Exposure (direct & indirect).

Real Estate Exposure: Concept and regulations relating to Real Estate exposure.

Liability ProductsCurrent Accounts: Current Accounts and its features.Fixed Deposits(FD): FDs and features. Processes related to an F.D. such as repayment,renewal, sweep - in, overdraft on an F.D. etc.

Salary Accounts: Key aspects of salary accounts, such as minimum balance, account monitoring etc.

Trade ProductsInternational Trade: An overview of the international trade process and the role of bank/s associated with this process.Trade Transactions: Advance Payment & Open Account Trading - How such trade transactions occur, and the role of banks in these transactions.Trade Transactions: Documentary Collections - The process flow of documentary collections such as 'Documents against Payments', 'Clean Collections' etc.Trade Transactions: Letter of Credit (LC) - LC as a mode of trade transaction; risks associated with an LC; the parties in an LC transaction.LC Process Flow - Issuance and Settlement: Letter of Credit (LC) - LC as a mode of trade transaction; risks associated with an LC; the parties in an LC transaction.Bank Guarantees: Bank Guarantees and their purpose. Types of Bank Guarantees.Risk and Responsibilities: The risks associated with a Bank Guarantee such as, liability to the bank, risks to various participants etc.Trade Finance Products: Classification of trade finance products of banks.Trade Finance for Exporters - Pre Shipment Export Finance:Features of the Pre Shipment Export Finance for exporters. Risks of pre-shipment credit and its difference from regular working capital.Post Shipment Export Finance: Post Shipment Export Finance for exporters, its availability with Pre Shipment Finance as well as a Standalone facility; Exceptions to this facility.Factoring: Types of Factor arrangements; Core services of a Factor; Process involved in factoring.

Trade Finance for Importers:  Trade products available for importers such as, buyers' credit and suppliers' credit; case study.

Treasury ProductsLoan Equivalent Value (LEV): Concept of LEV, to quantify the credit risk in a client's treasury exposure.Categorisation of Companies: Categorisation of companies to estimate suitable treasury products.Forward Contracts , Swaps, Options and Combinations: A detailed discussion on Forward Contracts, Swaps, Options etc., with illustrations using foreign exchange transactions.

Indentifying the Potential for Treasury Products: Factors an RM should consider, to choose a treasury product for a client.

Project Finance and Debt SyndicationIntroduction:Key characteristics related to Project Finance (its structure, Risk Capital etc.).Project Finance Perspective in India: A brief description on the key industrial sectors where project finance occurs.Infrastructure Project Types: Types of infrastructure projects (such as BOT, BOOT etc.).Project Finance Structure: The process flow of Project Finance with respect to various participants.Project Appraisal Components: Components of Project Finance (such as sources of funding, risk mitigation etc.).Debt Syndication: An overview of debt syndication, its partners and key features.Debt Syndication Process: A stage-wise description of Debt Syndication and role of partners.Key Drivers for Syndication: The factors that contribute to syndication.

Syndicate Financing and Fees Charged: Process of syndicate financing; and the structures used.

Securitisation and Distress DebtSecuritisation: A brief overview on the purpose of securitisation and its advantages.Securitisation Transaction: The process flow of a securitisation transaction, its participants and their roles, including creating an SPV.Securitised Products and their Risk Classification: The types of securitisation products in India and types of assets behind them. Risk classification of each asset class from a bank's perspective.Restructured / Distress Debt: Distressed Debt as a form of finance. Features of restructuring debt.

Methods of Debt Restructuring and Redressal-:A scenario wise discussion on various modes of debt restructuring and options open to the bank and the company.

About faculty of Industry Endorsed Certificate in Corporate Banking, RM and Credit Analysis

Sourabh Chirimar
Saurabh has worked with Yes Bank in their Corporate Banking division, looking at credit and relationship management for large corporates. His experience spans 5 plus years and is across different functions in Yes Bank, T.I.M.E. and Siti Cable.

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