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Industry Endorsed Certificate in Consumer Lending Online Course

A complete video lecture on Industry Endorsed Certificate in Consumer Lending Online Course

Overview of Industry Endorsed Certificate in Consumer Lending Online Course

Covers the main retail loans: Auto Loans, Home Loans, Credit Cards, etc. Excellent for those seeking a career in retail lending – sales or credit.

Table of contents

Asset Products - Generic ConceptsAsset Products Classification: Classification of asset products based on parameters such as security, interest rates etc.Types of Borrowers: Salaried, HUF, Business Borrowers, Trusts & Societies.

Key Terms: IRR, APR, EMI, Guarantor, Co-Borrower, etc.

Loan Life CycleStages in the Loan Life Cycle: Discussion on various stages in lo -->an life cycle, from 'Loan Origination' till 'Collections & Recovery' of loans.Roles at Various Stages: Roles related to 'Sales', 'Credit', etc., that fit in various stages of a loan life cycle.Four Cs of Credit Appraisal: The key factors in Credit AppraisalCredit Reports and Credit Scoring Understanding credit reports and credit scoring to assess the credit repayment behaviour of a customer.Documentation The types of documents required by a lender, for loan approval.Loan closing & Disbursal: You will learn about the procedures that are followed while closing and disbursing a loan.Servicing: Various customer servicing processes like EMI collections, statements, etc.

Collections & Recovery: The procedures that are followed when a customer delays repayment of the loan.

Personal Loans (PL)Overview: An overview on personal loans, its features and benefits.Product Types & Variants: The types of personal loans, for different customer profiles.Eligibility & Documentation: The eligibility requirements to grant a loan, as well as the documentation needed.Credit Evaluation Process: The general credit policy, for approval of PLs.

PL Terminology: Discussion on key terminologies related to personal loans such as CPV, TVR etc.

Auto LoansIntroduction: An overview of auto loans, its features and benefits.Product types and variants of auto loans: Discussion on various types of auto loans available.Eligibility & Documentation: The eligibility requirements to grant a loan, as well as the documentation needed.

Car Segmentation: Segmentation of cars on various parameters such as price, vehicle type etc., to estimate the amount of loan that can be disbursed.

Credit CardsIntroduction: An overview of the credit card product.Players in the Credit Card Payment System: The parties involved - such as 'Cardholder', 'Acquiring Bank' etc.Process Flow of a Credit Card Transaction: The process from the purchase, till the transaction is posted into cardholder's account; including who earns/pays what.Loan Features of Credit Card: How the credit card is administered as a loan product.Business Model of an Issuer: The incomes and expense components for a credit card issuer. For example, Interest bearing receivables, Rollover rate, Interchange income, Acquisition cost, etc.Critical Factors for Growth of Cards, and Credit Card Benefits: What makes the business grow; the product benefits to the customer.Product variants: Consumer Cards: Discussion on general features of consumer cards such as 'Premium Cards', 'Secured cards' etc.Product variants: Commercial Cards: Discussion on general features of different types of commercial cards such as 'Fleet Cards', 'Pay Direct Cards' etc.

Business Processes of Credit Card: The business process related to a credit card, such as Product Management, Sales, Sales Operations, etc.

Home LoansIntroduction: An overview about home loans, its features and various players.Business Model: The business model of home loans and various elements constituting it.Key Terms: Key terminologies such as Loan amortization, Loan To Value ratio, Debt Burden Ratio (DBR)/FOIR, etc.Home Loan Products: Classification of home loan products based on repayment methods, interest rates and purpose/borrower's need.Other home loan products: Discussion on other home loan products, like 'Refinanced Mortgages', 'Reverse Mortgages', etc.Eligibility & Documentation: The eligibility requirements to grant a loan, as well as the documentation needed.

Associated Products: The products sold with home loans, such as 'Default/Repayment Insurance' and 'Content Insurance' etc.

Other LoansEducation Loans: Discussion on courses eligible for education loan, expenses, requirement of collateral and methods of repayment.

Loans Against Securities (LAS): An overview of LAS, its working, and the key features related to it.

Sales in Retail AssetsIntroduction: An overview on sales in retail assets and how it is different from sales of non financial products.

Five Commandments in Retail Asset Sales: What every sales person needs to understand!

Credit Documentation and CollectionsCredit Documentation: Understanding the documents needed for credit evaluation, ISA requirements and classification of documents ensuring ISA requirements.

Collections: An overview of the collections process, reasons for default. Different stages, or buckets of delinquency, and how accounts move between buckets.

Organisational Structure and CIBILIndicative organisational structure of collections divisionNew techniques and innovations: A discussion on new techniques adopted by banks to reduce the delinquencies, as well as risk arising due to delinquencies.

CIBIL: A discussion on CIBIL, its scoring process and how to understand a CIBIL report.

Case Study

Case Study on Credit Card Documentation and Collections: Two case studies - one, on better management of an agency, and another, on better management of a customer.

About faculty of Industry Endorsed Certificate in Consumer Lending Online Course

Mehul Haria
He has earlier worked with India Infoline and Standard Chartered Bank. His experience includes both sales and collections for retail loans.

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