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Certificate of Specialisation in Corporate Law for Company Secretaries

Complete Video lecture Package on Certificate of Specialisation in Corporate Law for Company Secretaries from Rainmaker

Overview of Certificate of Specialisation in Corporate Law for Company Secretaries

Complete Video Lecture Pacakge and EBooks on Certificate of Specialisation in Corporate Law for Company Secretaries from Rainmaker consists of top quality video lectures of around 25 hours duration. The full eCourse Package offered online and is suitable for consumption on all kind of devices with internet connection.

Table of contents

1.      Advanced Commercial Contracts;

UNIT     ONE : Drafting a Memorandum of Understanding.

UNIT     TWO: Drafting Share Purchase and Share Subscription Agreements.

UNIT THREE : Drafting Shareholders Agreements

UNIT     FOUR: Drafting Asset Acquisition    Agreements

UNIT     FIVE: Drafting Joint Venture Agreements

UNIT     SIX: Drafting  Conditions Precedent Clauses

UNIT     SEVEN: Drafting Representations and Warranties Clauses

UNIT     EIGHT: Drafting Indemnification Clauses

UNIT     NINE: Drafting Boilerplate Clauses

UNIT     TEN: Drafting Ancillary Agreements

2.  Company Law (covering the new Companies Act, 2013)

UNIT     ONE: Introduction to Company Law

UNIT     TWO: Incorporating a Company

UNIT     THREE: Raising Capital For  a Company

UNIT     FOUR: Understanding the Rights of Shareholders-I

UNIT     FIVE: Understanding the Rights of Shareholders-II

UNIT     SIX: Managing a Company-I

UNIT     SEVEN: Managing a  Company-II

UNIT     EIGHT: Making Investments,Loans, or Deposits

UNIT     NINE: Understanding            Audit,  Record, and Reporting           Requirements

UNIT     TEN: Winding  Up a Company



3. Introduction to Securities Law

UNIT     ONE: Introduction

UNIT     TWO: Important Definitions and Concepts

UNIT     THREE: Capital Market Instruments

UNIT     FOUR: Securities Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”)

UNIT     FIVE: Understanding Primary Markets

UNIT     SIX: Understanding Secondary Markets

UNIT     SEVEN: Understanding Stock Exchanges

UNIT     EIGHT: Understanding Debt Securities and Debt Markets

4. Competition Law

5.  Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions 

UNIT     ONE: Understanding Basic Concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions

UNIT     TWO: Understanding the Legal Framework Governing Mergers and De-Mergers

UNIT     THREE: Understanding the Procedure for Mergers and De-Mergers

UNIT     FOUR: Understanding Acquisitions: Acquisition of Securities

UNIT     FIVE: Understanding Acquisition of Assets: Slump Sale

UNIT     SIX: Understanding Acquisition of Assets: Asset Sale

UNIT     SEVEN: Examining Foreign Exchange Regulatory Laws-I

UNIT     EIGHT: Examining Foreign Exchange Regulatory Laws-II

UNIT     NINE: Understanding Overseas Direct Investment


UNIT     TEN: Understanding the Provisions of the Companies Act, 2013

6.  Introduction to Banking and Finance Law

UNIT     ONE: Introduction

UNIT     TWO: Understanding the Relationship between Banker       and Customer

UNIT     THREE: Understanding the Banking (Regulation) Act, 1949

UNIT     FOUR: Understanding the Role of the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”)

UNIT     FIVE: Understanding Loans and Advances byBanks

UNIT     SIX: Payment of Principal and Interest

UNIT     SEVEN: Securing Loans and Advances

UNIT     EIGHT: Banking Operations

About faculty of Certificate of Specialisation in Corporate Law for Company Secretaries

Deepa Mookerjee, Deeksha Singh
"DeepaMookerjee - An alumnus of N.L.S.I.U., Banglore, Deepa was formerly a Senior Associate in the General Corporate and insurance Team of AmarchandMangaldas Suresh A. Shroff& Co. She led numerous transaction teams through the drafting, negotiating and closing of various profile and M&A transactions. • She has also worked on many cross border transactions, made numerous filings with the R.B.I. and the F.I.P.B., advised insurance companies investing in India, regularly interacted with the I.R.D.A. on interpretation of regulations and been instrumental in drafting many insurance products in the market today. • At Rainmaker, Deepa focuses on courses in the corporate commercial field and writes regularly issue relating to commercial contract, and Insurance law Deeksha Singh - After graduating from N.L.S.I.U., Bangalore, Deeksha joined ICICI bank, Mumbai and worked with their Structured Finance and Corporate Strategy teams. She worked on very large and complex lending transactions, involving both domestics and international elements, and drafted faculty Agreements along with the entire set of security documentations, for both bilateral and syndicated loan transactions."

About institute

Rainmaker is a pioneering company in the field of legal learning, content creation, and online learning. A respected name in the legal industry, Rainmaker was mandated by the Bar Council of India to conceive and spearhead the All India Bar Examination (AIBE). Rainmaker works regularly with some of the top national law schools, law firms and companies to provide learning resources and training programmes in law to students, associates and professionals. Through our online platform, myLaw.net, we have created and delivered programmes and courses in a wide spectrum of Indian laws to over 15,000 people.

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