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CAKART CA IPCC Group 2 - Information Technology & Strategic Management (ITSM)

CA IPCC Group 2 - Information Technology & Strategic Management (ITSM)

Complete Video lecture Package on Information Technology & Strategic Management from Ideal Classes

Overview of CA IPCC Group 2 - Information Technology & Strategic Management (ITSM)

Complete Video Lecture Pacakge on Information Technology & Strategic Management from Ideal Classes consists of top quality video lectures of around 41 hours duration. The full eCourse Package along with the required software is delivered on a pendrive with suitable for consumption on Windows PC/Laptop or Android Tablet/Smartphones. This course is also offered online and is suitable for consumption on all kind of devices with internet connection.

Table of contents




CH 1-Business Process Management & IT

·         Business Process

·         Process Management

·         Business Process Management (BPM)

·         Value Chain Automation

·         Business Process Automation (BPA)

·         Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

·         Accounting Systems Automation (AIS- Accounting Information System)

·         Impact of IT on BPM

·         Business Risks of failure of IT


1.       Entity-Relationship Diagrams

2.       Flowcharts:

                      i.            System flowcharts (national map)

                    ii.            System Outline Charts (Global map)

                  iii.            Run flowcharts (State map)

                  iv.            Program flowcharts (District map)

3.       Data flow diagrams

4.       Decision trees

5.       Decision table



CH 2- Information Systems and IT fundamentals

·         Information

·         System

·         Information system (IS)

·         Types of information systems

·         Information systems life cycle

·         General reasons of failures to achieve information system development objectives

·         The importance of information systems in business

·         Information technology (IT)

·         Importance of it in auditing

·         Auditing in it environment

·         It risks and issues

·         Need for controls in information systems

·         Importance of it in business information:-

·         Business opportunity due to development of IT

·         Computing

·         Definition provided by ACM "computing"

·         Computing technologies

·         Emerging computing models

·         Cloud computing

·         Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

·         Software as a service (SaaS)

·         Platform as a service (PaaS)

·         Network as a service (NaaS)

·         Communication as a service (CaaS)

·         Mobile computing

·         Information system layers

·         Database management systems (DBMS)

·         System software

·         Hardware

·         Network links

·         Latest devices / technologies



·         Telecommunication

·         Trends in telecommunication

·         The business value of telecommunications

·         Telecommunication network

·         Need and scope of networks

·         Telecommunication network model

·         Telecommunications media/channels

·         Types of telecommunications networks

·         Transmission technologies

·         Transmission modes

·         Transmission techniques

·         OSI layers

·         Transmission protocols

·         Network protocols

·         Network security

·         Network security protocols

·         Network security techniques

·         Network administration and management

·         Threats

·         Vulnerability

·         Viruses

·         Worms

·         Hackers

·         Internet

·         Application of internet

·         Intranet

·         Extranets

·         Electronic commerce

·         Types of e-commerce

·         Mobile commerce



·         Information system

·         Components of an Information System (IS)

·         Business Information System (BIS)

·         Organizations, Information Systems and Business Processes

·         Information System and Its Role in Business

·         Levels of Information System :-

·         Who uses Information Systems?

·         Types of Information System

o    Management Information Systems (MIS)


o    Office Automation Systems (OAS)

o    Knowledge Management System (KMS)

o    Transaction Processing System (TPS)

·         Specialized Systems

o    Enterprise Resource planning


o    CRM

o    Supply Chain Management (SCM)

o    Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

o    Core Banking System (CBS)

·         Expert system

·         Artificial intelligence

·         Business Intelligence (BI).

·         Business Intelligence Tools

·         Approaches to Access Control

·         Payment mechanisms



CH-5 Business Process Automation Through Application Software

·         Business Applications

·         Types of Business Applications

·         Business applications based on nature of application

·         Business Process Automation

·         Why BPA?

·         Objectives of BPA

·         How to go about BPA?

·         Applications that help entity to achieve BPA

·         Information Processing

·         Controls in BPA

·         Control Objectives

·         Types of Control

·         Types Application Controls

·         Emerging Technologies

o    Network Virtualization

o    Grid Computing

o    Cloud Computing







CH-1- Business Environment

·         Business

·         Objectives of Business.

·         Activities of Business

·         Significance of Environment Influence on Business

·         Characteristics of Business Environment

·         Problem in understanding the environment influence

·         Interaction/exchange between the organization and its environment

·         Categories/ Components of Business Environment

·         Elements of Micro Environment(COSMIC)

·         Elements of macro environment

·         Competitive environment

·         Kieretsus

·         Porter's five forces model-competitive environment.



CH-2-Business Policy & Strategic Management

·         Business Policy

·         Nature or Characteristics of Business Policy:-

·         Strategy

·         Discuss nature & characteristics of corporate strategy or strategy ?

·         Types of strategy:-

1.       Stability Strategy

2.       Expansion strategy

3.       Retrenchment Strategy

4.       Combination Strategy

·         Strategic Management:

·         Process of Strategy formulation.

·         Vision

·         Mission

·         Objectives



·         Issues to considers for strategic analysis

·         Conducting a Strategic Situational analysis

·         Factors evaluated in Strategic Analysis

·         Factors to be considered in industry and competitive analysis

·         Key Industry's Traits

·         Strategic Group Mapping

·         Competitive intelligence

·         Key Success factors for Competitive Success

·         The process of identifying the KSF of an industry is based

·         SWOT Analysis

·         Components of SWOT Analysis are-

·         Significance of SWOT Analysis

·         Example of Strengths & Weakness-Opportunities & Threats of business firm

·         Tows Matrix

·         Different Models of Portfolio Analysis

·         Various other models of Portfolio Analysis.






CH-4- Strategy Planning

·         Planning

·         Corporate strategy

·         Features of Corporate Strategy

·         Corporate Strategy is partly pro-active and partly re-active

·         The Stages of Corporate Strategy Formulation- Implementation Process

·         Balanced Score Card Approach (BSC)

·         Diversification

·         Turnaround strategy



CH-5- Functional Strategy

·         Different Strategy Formulations of Corporate

·         Marketing Strategy Formulation

·         4P's

·         4C's

·         Marketing Strategy Techniques

·         Financial Strategy formulation

·         Production Strategy Formulation

·         logistic Strategy Formulation

·         Research & Development function.

·         Human Resource Development Strategy


CH-6- Implementation Strategy

·         Implementation Strategy

·         forward & backward linkages

·         Relationship between strategies, plans, programs & projects

·         Key lesson in strategy implementation

·         Role of top management in strategy implementation

·         Pre-requisite for effective strategy implementation

·         change in strategy require changes in structure

·         Chandler's strategy-structure relationship

·         Types of structure

·         Strategic Business Units (SBU)

·         All SBUs of a firm are not totally unrelated

·         Value Chain Analysis (VCA) and Competitive Advantage

·         Classification of Business for VCA purposes

·         Core Competencies

·         Role of leadership in Strategy implementation.

·         Responsibilities of a strategic leader

·         Corporate culture and Its Manifestation

·         Is Culture an obstacle or ally in strategy execution


CH-7- Reaching Business Edge

·         Business Process

·         Importance of Business process

·         Core or Generic Business Process

·         Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

·         Need for Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

·         Features of BPR

·         Steps in BPR

·         Role of IT in BPR

·         Difference between BPR & Conventional Methods or Traditional Approach

·         Problems in implementation of BPR

·         Bench Marking

·         Elements of the Benchmarking Process

·         Total Quality Management (TQM)

·         The Features /Principles of TQM

·         Operational Principles of TQM

·         Distinguish between TQM & Traditional Management Practices

·         Six Sigma

·         Procedures/methodologies for implementing of Six Sigma

·         Six Sigma as a system of management

·         Central themes of Six Sigma Philosophy

·         The strategy shaping characteristics of E-Commerce environment

·         Strategic management in Non-Profit Organization

·         Educational Institutions require or Strategic Management

·         Strategic management in relation to medical organization

·         Strategic Management in Governmental agencies & Departments


About faculty of CA IPCC Group 2 - Information Technology & Strategic Management (ITSM)

Prof. Verus D’Sa and Niviya Mandawat
Prof. Verus D’Sa - Currently Incharge in Computer Dept. and Author of Books of ‘Computer System & Applications’ for T.Y.B.Com. & F.Y.B.M.S.

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