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CAKART CA Final Indirect tax

CA Final Indirect tax

CA Final IDT video classes by Farooq haque.It covers entire concepts of Service tax,Custom,Excise

Overview of CA Final Indirect tax

CA Final IDT video classes by Farooq haque.It covers entire concepts of Service tax

Table of contents

CA-FINAL –MAY/NOV ‘16Indirect Tax Index (Regular)


Lecture 1 ST_01_Introduction

Lecture 2 ST_02_Basic_Provisions

Lecture 3 ST_03_Person_and_Consideration

Lecture 4 ST_04_Declared_Service

Lecture 5 ST_05_Negative_list_part_1

Lecture 6 ST_06_Negative_list_part_2

Lecture 7 ST_07_Ques_on_Negative_list

Lecture 8 ST_08_Mega_Ex_part_1

Lecture 9 ST_09_Mega_Ex_part_2

Lecture 10 ST_10_Mega_Ex_part_3

Lecture 11 ST_11_Mega_Ex_part_4

Lecture 12 ST_12_Mega_ex_part_5

Lecture 13 ST_13_Mega_Ex_part_6

Lecture 14 ST_14_Mega_Ex_part_7

Lecture 15 ST_15_Abatements

Lecture 16 ST_16_Practice_Questions

Lecture 17 ST_17_POPS_part_1

Lecture 18 ST_18_POPS_part_2

Lecture 19 ST_19_Principles_of_Interpretation

Lecture 20 ST_20_Valuation_part_1

Lecture 21 ST_21_Valuation_part_2

Lecture 22 ST_22_POT_part_1

Lecture 23 ST_23_POT_part_2

Lecture 24 ST_24_POT_part_3

Lecture 25 ST_25_Payment_of_tax_on_Reverse_Charge

Lecture 26ST_26_Payment_of_tax_and_Composition_Schemes

Lecture 27ST_27_Registration_Returns_Special_Audit_etc

Lecture 28 ST_28_Penalties_and_Prosecution

Lecture 29 ST_29_Service_tax_Rules

Lecture 30 ST_30_Charts_and_Problems_part_1

Lecture 31 ST_31_Charts_and_Problems_part_2

Lecture 32 ST_32_Charts_and_Problems_part_3

Lecture 33 ST_33_Charts_and_Problems_part_4


Lecture 1 01_Intro_to_Customs

Lecture 2 02_Additional_duty_of_Customs

Lecture 3 03_SAD_to_Safeguard_duty

Lecture 4 04_CVD_on_subsidy_and_Anti_Dumping_Duty

Lecture 5 05_Definitions

Lecture 6 06_Officers_of_Customs

Lecture 7 07_Levy_and_Assessment_of_duty

Lecture 8 08_Provisional_duty_and_articles_in_set

Lecture 9 09_Reimportation_of_goods

Lecture 10 10_Remmission_and_refund_of_duty_new

Lecture 11 11_Valuation_part_1

Lecture 12 12_Valuation_part_2

Lecture 13 13_Valuation_part_3

Lecture 14 14_Valuation_of_Export_goods_and_Practice_questions

Lecture 15 15_Import_Export_Procedure_part_1

Lecture 16 16_Import_Export_Procedure_part_2

Lecture 17 17_Export_Procedure_under_Excise

Lecture 18 18_Transit_and_Transshipment_of_goods

Lecture 19 19_Warehousing_of_Goods

Lecture 20 20_Baggage

Lecture 21 21_Postal_Goods_Stores_and_Coastal_goods

Lecture 22 22_Baggage_Rules_1998

Lecture 23 23_Penalties_and_prosecution

Lecture 24 24_FTP_2015_Part_1

Lecture 25 25_FTP_2015_Part_2


Lecture 1 01_Overview_of_Excise_Duty

Lecture 2 02_Introduction_part_1

Lecture 3 03_Introduction_part_2

Lecture 4 04_Introduction_part_3

Lecture 5 05_Introduction_part_4

Lecture 6 06_Introduction_part_5

Lecture 7 07_Introduction_part_6

Lecture 8 08_Introduction_part_7

Lecture 9 09_Classification_Part_1

Lecture 10 10_Classification_part_2

Lecture 11 11_Modes_of_charging_duty_part_1

Lecture 12 12_Modes_of_duty_part_2

Lecture 13 13_Transaction_Value_part_1

Lecture 14 14_Transaction_Value_part_2

Lecture 15 15_Transaction_Value_part_3

Lecture 16 16_Excise_Valuation_Rules_part_1

Lecture 17 17_Excise_Valuation_Rules_part_2

Lecture 18 18_Practical_Problems_on_Valuation

Lecture 19 19_Central_Excise_Rules_2002_Part_1

Lecture 20 20_Central_Excise_Rules_part_2

Lecture 21 21_Central_Excise_Rules_part_3

Lecture 22 22_Central_excise_Rules_part_4

Lecture 23 23_Central_Excise_Rules_part_5

Lecture 24 24_CCR_part_1

Lecture 25 25_CCR_part_2

Lecture 26 26_CCR_part_3

Lecture 27 27_CCR_part_4

Lecture 28 28_CCR_part_5

Lecture 29 29_CCR_part_6

Lecture 30 30_CCR_part_7

Lecture 31 31_CCR_part_8

Lecture 32 32_CCR_part_9

Lecture 33 33_Past_exam_questions_on_CCR

Lecture 34 34_AUDIT

Lecture 35 35_SSI_Exemption


Lecture 1 01_Common_topics_part_1_for_May_2016

Lecture 202_Common_topics_part_2_for_May_2016

Lecture 303_Common_topics_part_3_for_May_2016

Lecture 404_Amendments_for_MAY_and_NOV_2016

Lecture 5 05_Case_Laws_1

Lecture 6 06_Case_laws_2

Lecture 7 07_Case_Laws_3

Lecture 8 08_Case_Laws_4

Lecture 9 09_Case_Laws_5

Lecture 10 10_Duty_Drawback_under_Customs_Act

About faculty of CA Final Indirect tax

Farooq haque
Teaching is an art and it came very naturally to him. He started teaching his classmates while pursuing charted accountancy course. He established Farooq Haque Classes, in the year 1998, with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the way CA, CS and CMA course is taught. Since then he has taught more than 32,500 + students and the most complicated subjects of Direct Taxes, Indirect taxes and Business and corporate laws. Moreover, he has guided many students in preparing papers for conferences, elocutions and quiz competitions. In last 17 years his students have not only excelled in their examinations (Highest being 1st All India Rank in CA-Final), but also in their professional lives. Large numbers of his students are placed in top managerial positions in Indian and Multinational companies across the globe.

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Its a wonderful service that you are providing.All the products are very much useful. Keep it up, thanku

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