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CAKART CA Final Indirect Tax By S P Rao

CA Final Indirect Tax By S P Rao

A Complete video lecture on CA Final Indirect Tax By S P Rao

Overview of CA Final Indirect Tax By S P Rao

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Table of contents


Chapters Subject Content
Chapter: 1 Basic Concepts of Central Excise 
Topic:1.1 Brief introduction to course content and exam pattern
Topic:1.2 An overview of Central Excise
Topic:1.3 Goods and Movability
Topic:1.4 Marketability
Topic:1.5 Case study
Topic:1.6 Manufacture
Topic:1.7 Manufacture case study
Topic:1.8 Deemed Manufacture
Topic:1.9 Manufacturer and Deemed Manufacturer
Chapter: 2 Assessment and methods of assessment
Topic:2.1 Methods of Assessment
Topic:2.2 Valuation Methods
Topic:2.3 Valuation Rules, 2000
Topic:2.4 Valuation practical problems
Chapter: 3 Central Excise procedures
Topic:3.1 Registration
Topic:3.2 Storage and Daily Stock A/C
Topic:3.3 Assessment and Payment
Topic:3.4 Miscellaneous and Penalties
Chapter: 4 Cenvat Credit Scheme
Topic:4.1 Overview
Topic:4.2 Important definitions
Topic:4.3 Matching/Interchangeability of Duties and Taxes
Topic:4.4 Examples and Practical Questions
Topic:4.5 Conditions for availing Cenvat Credit
Topic:4.6 Utilisation of Cenvat credit, Conditions and Limitations
Topic:4.7 Reversal of Cenvat Credit
Topic:4.8 Rule 3(5B), 3(5C), 3(7A)
Topic:4.9 Refund of Cenvat Credit
Topic:4.10 Rule 6
Topic:4.11 Distribution of Credit Rule 7 and 7A
Topic:4.12 Documents and Accounts
Topic:4.13 Miscellaneous
Chapter: 5 Small Scale Industry and Miscellaneous
Topic:5.1 SSI and Practical Problems
Topic:5.2 SSI Scheme
Topic:5.3 SSI Miscellaneous
Topic:5.4 SSI Overall Revision
Topic:5.5 Miscellaneous
Topic:5.6 Overall Revision of Central Excise
Chapter: 6 Basic concepts of Service Tax
Topic:6.1 Introduction
Topic:6.2 New system of taxation
Topic:6.3 The Scheme
Topic:6.4 Definition of service and levy of service tax
Topic:6.5 Declared Services - Analysis
Chapter: 7 Negative list of Services
Topic:7.1 Negative list
Topic:7.2 POPS Rules, 2012 with illustration
Topic:7.3 Interpretation of services and bundled services
Topic:7.4 Export of Services
Topic:7.5 Services provided to SEZ with practical question
Chapter: 8 POTR 
Topic:8.1 POTR, 2011 and Relevant date for rate of tax and exchange rate
Chapter: 9 Valuation of services
Topic:9.1 Valuation Section 67
Topic:9.2 Valuation Rules, 2006
Topic:9.3 Valuation Special Cases
Topic:9.4 Practical Questions
Chapter: 10 Exemption and Abatement
Topic:10.1 S.S.P exemption with practical questions
Topic:10.2 Mega Exemption Notification
Topic:10.3 Abatements
Chapter: 11 Service Tax procedures
Topic:11.1 Registration and Records
Topic:11.2 Assessment and Payment of service tax
Chapter: 12 Miscellaneous provisions under Finance Act, 1994
Topic:12.1 Audit under service tax
Topic:12.2 Penalties
Topic:12.3 Prosecution and provisions of arrest 
Chapter: 13 Basic concepts of Customs and Foreign Trade Policy
Topic:13.1 Basic concepts
Topic:13.2 Levy of Duties under Customs
Topic:13.3 Revenue Duties
Topic:13.4 Protective duties
Chapter: 14 Valuation of goods under customs
Topic:14.1 Transaction value u/s 14
Topic:14.2 Valuation Rules, 2007
Topic:14.3 Main Adjustments under Rule 10 for imported goods
Topic:14.4 Practical Illustrations
Topic:14.5 Alternative methods
Topic:14.6 Practical questions
Topic:14.7 Valuation of export goods
Chapter: 15 Import export procedures
Topic:15.1 Import procedures
Topic:15.2 Export procedures
Topic:15.3 Assessment and Provisional Assessment
Topic:15.4 Transit and Transhipment
Topic:15.5 Warehousing - case study and problems
Chapter: 16 Duty Drawback
Topic:16.1 Re-export of same goods importer
Topic:16.2 Export imported goods after processing
Topic:16.3 DBK rates
Topic:16.4 Practical questions
Chapter: 17 Miscellaneous
Topic:17.1 Baggage
Topic:17.2 Postal Goods
Topic:17.3 Stores
Topic:17.4 Coastal goods
Topic:17.5 Others
Chapter: 18 Foreign Trade Policy
Topic:18.1 Foreign Trade Policy
Chapter: 19 Classification of goods under Excise and Customs
Topic:19.1 Meaning and Need for Classification
Topic:19.2 Source and Scheme of Classification
Topic:19.3 Rules for Interpretation
Topic:19.4 Miscellaneous
Chapter: 20 Refund and Recovery under Excise, Customs and Service Tax
Topic:20.1 Refund under Excise, Customs and Service Tax - Common Features
Topic:20.2 Recovery under the 3 acts
Topic:20.3 Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter: 21 Adjudication, Appeal, Revision and Review under the 3 Acts
Topic:21.1 Department level adjudication and appeal
Topic:21.2 Appeal to CESTAT and Revision to Central Government
Topic:21.3 Review and Miscellaneous
Topic:21.4 Advance Ruling and Settlement Commission - An Overview
Chapter: 22 Amendments 
Topic:22.1 Amendments November 2015 Part A
Topic:22.2 Amendments November 2015 Part B
Topic:22.3 Amendments November 2015 Part C
Topic:22.4 Amendments November 2015 Part D


About faculty of CA Final Indirect Tax By S P Rao

S P Rao
Mr. S.P. Rao is M.Com., L.L.B. and a Cost Accountant by profession. He has been teaching to CA and CWA students for over 20 years. He is a visiting faculty at ICSI and ICWAI. He has written two popular books Simplified Notes on Indirect Taxes and Import Export Management. He has conducted trainings for PSUs and private sectors.

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