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CAKART CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws By R D Maheshwari

CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws By R D Maheshwari

A Complete video lecture on CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws By R D Maheshwari

Overview of CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws By R D Maheshwari

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Table of contents


Chapters Subject Content
Chapter: 1 Board of Directors
Topic: 1.1 Constitution of Board of Directors
Topic: 1.2 Definition of certain terms
Chapter: 2 Appointment of Directors
Topic: 2.1 Appointment of Directors and Retirement Procedure
Chapter: 3  Appointment of Directors to be voted individually
Topic: 3.1 Section 162 Appointment of Directors to be voted individually
Chapter: 4 Defects in Appointment of Directors
Topic: 4.1 Section 176 Defects in Appointment of Directors not to invalidate actions taken
Chapter: 5 Appointment of Director Elected by Small Shareholders
Topic: 5.1 Section 151 Appointment of Director Elected by Small Shareholders
Chapter: 6 Meetings of the Board
Topic: 6.1 Section 173 to 175 Board Meetings
Chapter: 7 Appointment of Additional, Alternate and Nominee Director
Topic: 7.1 Appointment of Additional, Alternate and Nominee Director
Chapter: 8 Number of Directorships
Topic: 8.1 Section 165  Number of Directorships
Chapter: 9 Right of Persons Other Than Retiring Directors to Stand for Directorship
Topic: 9.1 Section 160 Right of Persons Other Than Retiring Directors to Stand for Directorship
Chapter: 10 Consent to Act as Director be Filed with Registrar
Topic: 10.1 To File the Consent
Chapter: 11 Disqualifications for Appointment of Director
Topic: 11.1 Section 164 Disqualifications for Appointment of Director
Chapter: 12 Vacation of Office of Director
Topic: 12.1 Section 167 Vacation of Office of Director
Chapter: 13 Removal of Director and Removal of Managerial Person (By The Central Government)
Topic: 13.1 Section 169 Removal of Directors
Topic: 13.2 Section 388B References to Company Law Board of cases against Managerial Personnel
Topic: 13.3 Section 388C Interim Order by Company Law Board
Topic: 13.4 Section 388D Decision of the Company Law Board
Topic: 13.5 Section 388E Power of Central Government to remove managerial personnel on the basis of Company Law Board's decisions.
Chapter: 14 Resignation of Director
Topic: 14.1 Section 168 Resignation of Director
Chapter: 15 Compensation for Loss of Office 
Topic: 15.1 Section 202 Compensation for Loss of Office of Managing or Whole-Time Director or Manager
Chapter: 16 Duties of Directors
Topic: 16.1 Section 166 Duties of Directors
Chapter: 17 Appointment of Managing Director, Whole time Director, Manager and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel
Topic: 17.1 Appointment of Managing Director, Whole time Director, Manager and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel
Chapter: 18 Related Party Transactions
Topic: 18.1 Section 188 Related Party Transactions
Chapter: 19 Disclosure of Interest by Director
Topic: 19.1 Section 184 Disclosure of Interest by Director
Chapter: 20 Loan to Directors
Topic: 20.1 Section 185 Loan to Directors
Chapter: 21 Powers of the Board of Directors
Topic: 21.1 Section 179 Powers of the Board of Directors
Chapter: 22 Prohibitions and Restrictions Regarding Political Contribution
Topic: 22.1 Section 182 Prohibitions and Restrictions Regarding Political Contributions
Chapter: 23 Loan and Investment by Company
Topic: 23.1 Loan and Investment by Company
Topic: 23.2 Investment of Company to be held in its own name
Chapter: 24 Audit Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Topic: 24.1 Section 177 Audit Committee
Topic: 24.2 Section 178 Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Chapter: 25 Director Identification Number
Topic: 25.1 Director Identification Number
Chapter: 26 Registers
Topic: 26.1 Register of Contracts, Directors and Certain Disclosures
Chapter: 27 Miscellaneous Provisions
Topic: 27.1 Non Cash Transactions, Prohibition on dealing in securities and Insider Trading
Chapter: 28 Secretarial Audit 
Topic: 28.1 Section 204 and 205 Secretarial Audit 
Chapter: 29 Dividend
Topic: 29.1 Section 123, 126 and 127 Payment of Dividend
Topic: 29.2 Section 205A Unpaid Dividend to Special Dividend Accounts 
Topic: 29.3 Section 205C Establishment of Investor Education and Protection Fund 
Chapter: 30 Accounts
Topic: 30.1 Introduction and Section 128 Books of accounts, etc., to be kept by company
Topic: 30.2 Section 129 Financial Statements
Topic: 30.3 Section 133 Central Government to prescribe accounting standards
Topic: 30.4 Section 134 Financial statement, Board's report, etc.
Topic: 30.5 Section 135 Corporate Social Responsibility
Topic: 30.6 Section 136 Right of member to copies of Audited Financial Statement
Topic: 30.7 Section 137 Copy of financial statement to be filed with Registrar
Topic: 30.8 Section 138 Internal Audit
Chapter: 31 Audit
Topic: 31.1 Section 139 Appointment of Auditors
Topic: 31.2 Section 140 Removal, Resignation of Auditor and Giving of Special Notice
Topic: 31.3 Section 141 Eligibility, Qualifications  Disqualifications of Auditors
Topic: 31.4 Section 142 Remuneration of Auditors
Topic: 31.5 Section 144 Auditor not to render certain services
Topic: 31.6 Section 143 Powers and Duties of Auditors & Auditing Standards
Topic: 31.7 Section 145 Auditor to Sign Audit Reports, etc.
Topic: 31.8 Section 146 Auditors to attend General Meeting
Topic: 31.9 Section 147 Punishment for Contravention
Chapter: 32 Investigation
Topic: 32.1 Inspection and Inquiry
Topic: 32.2 Investigation
Topic: 32.3 Appointment of Inspector
Chapter: 33 Foreign Companies
Topic: 33.1 Section 379 Application of Act to foreign companies
Topic: 33.2 Section 386 Interpretation
Topic: 33.3 Section 382 Display of name, etc., of foreign company
Topic: 33.4 Section 383 Service on foreign company
Chapter: 34 Government Company
Topic: 34.1 Government Company
Chapter: 35 Compromise, Arrangement and Reconstruction
Topic: 35.1 Section 391 Power of Compromise and Make Arrangement 
Topic: 35.2 Section 392 Courts Power to Supervise Compromise and Arrangement 
Topic: 35.3 Section 393 Information Regarding the Compromise or Arrangement should be Sent 
Topic: 35.4 Section 394 Reconstruction and Amalgamation 
Topic: 35.5 Section 395 Power and Duty to Acquire Shares of Dissenting Shareholders 
Topic: 35.6 Section 396 Amalgamation in Public Interest
Topic: 35.7 Section 396A Preservation of Documents 
Chapter: 36 Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement
Topic: 36.1 Section 397 and 398 Grounds for Application to C.L.B. 
Topic: 36.2 Section 399 Application to C.L.B. (Who may apply)
Topic: 36.3 Section 402 Powers of C.L.B. 
Topic: 36.4 Section 404 and 407 Consequences of the order made by C.L.B. under Section 402 
Topic: 36.5 Section 408 Powers of Government
Topic: 36.6 Section 409 Power of C.L.B. to prevent change in Board of Directors
Chapter: 37 Producer Company
Topic: 37.1 Introduction, Section 581A Definitions and Section 581B Objects
Topic: 37.2 Section 581C Formation of Producer Company 
Topic: 37.3 Section 581D Voting Rights 
Topic: 37.4 Section 581E Benefit to Members 
Topic: 37.5 Section 581F Memorandum of Association 
Topic: 37.6 Section 581G Articles of Association 
Topic: 37.7 Section 581H Amendment of the Memorandum 
Topic: 37.8 Section 581I Amendment of Articles 
Topic: 37.9 Section 581J Conversion of Inter-State Cooperative Society into Producer Company 
Topic: 37.10 Section 581O Number of Directors 
Topic: 37.11 Section 581P Appointment of Directors 
Topic: 37.12 Section 581Q Vacation of Office by Director 
Topic: 37.13 Section 581R Powers and Functions of the Board 
Topic: 37.14 Section 581S Certain Matters in General Meeting 
Topic: 37.15 Section 581T Liability of Director 
Topic: 37.16 Section 581U Committee of Directors 
Topic: 37.17 Section 581V Board Meetings and Quorum 
Topic: 37.18 Section 581W Chief Executive and his Functions 
Topic: 37.19 Section 581X Appointment of Secretary 
Topic: 37.20 Section 581Y Quorum 
Topic: 37.21 Section 581Z Voting Rights 
Topic: 37.22 Section 581ZA Annual General Meeting
Topic: 37.23 Section 581ZB Share Capital 
Topic: 37.24 Section 581ZC Special Rights 
Topic: 37.25 Section 581ZD Transferability of Shares 
Topic: 37.26 Section 581ZE Books of Accounts 
Topic: 37.27 Section 581ZF Internal Audit 
Topic: 37.28 Section 581ZG Audit 
Topic: 37.29 Section 581ZH Donation and Subscription 
Topic: 37.30 Section 581ZI General Reserve and Other Reserve 
Topic: 37.31 Section 581ZJ Bonus 
Topic: 37.32 Section 581ZK Provides for the Loan to Members 
Topic: 37.33 Section 581ZL Investment in Other Companies and Formation of Subsidiaries etc. and Section 581ZM Penalty
Chapter: 38 Winding Up
Topic: 38.1 Section 433 Winding up by the Tribunal 
Topic: 38.2 Circumstances in which company can be wound up voluntarily
Topic: 38.3 Voluntary winding up can be
Topic: 38.4 Section 488 Declaration of Solvency 
Topic: 38.5 Section 428 Discussion on the Contributory 
Topic: 38.6 Section 529A Overriding Preferential Payments 
Topic: 38.7 Section 543 Misfeasance Proceedings 
Topic: 38.8 Section 531 Fraudulent Preference 
Topic: 38.9 Section 531A Avoidance of Voluntary Transfer 
Topic: 38.10 Section 534 The Effect of Floating Charge 
Topic: 38.11 Section 535 To Disclaim the Onerous Property 
Topic: 38.12 Section 555 Unpaid Dividend and Undistributed Assets 
Topic: 38.13 Section 545 Prosecution of Delinquent Officer 
Topic: 38.14 Section 539 Penalty for Falsification of Books 
Topic: 38.15 Section 540 Penalty for Fraud by Officers 
Topic: 38.16 Section 541 Liability Where Proper Accounts are not Kept 
Topic: 38.17 Section 542 Liability for Fraudulent Conduct of Business 
Chapter: 39 Miscellaneous Provisions
Topic: 39.1 Section 630 Penalty for Withholding the Property 
Topic: 39.2 Section 633(1) and (2) Circumstances when the Court can Grant the Exemption 
Topic: 39.3 Concept of Public Interest and its Infringement of the Company Law
Topic: 39.4 Section 417 Employees Securities to be Deposited in Post Office Saving Bank or Scheduled Bank
Topic: 39.5 Section 418 Provisions Applicable to Provident Funds of Employees 
Chapter: 40 Composition of Offence
Topic: 40.1 Section 621A Composition of Offence 
Chapter: 41 Sick Company 
Topic: 41.1 Covered in faculty notes
Chapter: 42 Corporate Secretarial Practice
Topic: 42.1 Covered in faculty notes
Chapter: 43 Interpretation of Statutes, Documents & Deeds
Topic: 43.1 Introduction
Topic: 43.2 Rules of Interpretation and Construction 
Topic: 43.3 Internal Aids of Interpretation
Topic: 43.4 External Aids of Interpretation
Topic: 43.5 Interpretation of Certain Terms Used in Statutes
Topic: 43.6 Interpretation of Deed, Document and Instrument
Chapter: 44 Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
Topic: 44.1 Section 2 Definitions 
Topic: 44.2 Section 3 Dealing in Foreign Exchange 
Topic: 44.3 Section 5 Current Account Transactions 
Topic: 44.4 Section 6 Capital Account Transactions 
Topic: 44.5 Restrictions on Foreign Exchange and Relaxations in Foreign Exchange 
Topic: 44.6 Section 7 Export of Goods and Services 
Topic: 44.7 Section 10, 11 and 12 Authorised Person 
Topic: 44.8 Section 13, 14 and 15 Contravention and Penalties 
Topic: 44.9 Adjudication and Appeal
Chapter: 45 Securities And Exchange Board of India Act, 1992
Topic: 45.1 Powers and Functions 
Topic: 45.2 Penalties 
Topic: 45.3 Appeal
Topic: 45.4 Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements
Topic: 45.5 Provisions as to Public Issue
Topic: 45.6 Book Building Process
Topic: 45.7 Pricing in Public Issue
Topic: 45.8 Promoters Contribution
Topic: 45.9 Allocation in Net Offer to Public
Topic: 45.10 Green Shoe Option
Topic: 45.11 Preferential Issue
Topic: 45.12 Bonus Issue
Topic: 45.13 Qualified Institutional Placement
Topic: 45.14 Fast Track Issue
Chapter: 46 Competition Act, 2002
Topic: 46.1 Competition Commission
Topic: 46.2 Anti-competitive Agreements and Abuse of Dominant Position
Topic: 46.3 Duties, Powers and Functions of the Commission 
Topic: 46.4 Section 5 Combination 
Topic: 46.5 Section 6 Regulation of Combinations 
Topic: 46.6 Section 20 Inquiry into Combination by Commission 
Topic: 46.7 Section 29 Procedure for Investigation of Combinations
Topic: 46.8 Section 31 Orders of Commission on Certain Combinations 
Chapter: 47 Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956
Topic: 47.1 Objects and Definitions
Topic: 47.2 Recognised Stock Exchange
Topic: 47.3 Contract and Option in Securities
Topic: 47.4 Listing and Delisting of Securities
Topic: 47.5 Penalties and Procedures
Topic: 47.6 Miscellaneous
Chapter: 48 Banking Regulation Act, 1949
Topic: 48.1 Business of Banking Companies
Topic: 48.2 Loans and Advances
Topic: 48.3 Accounts and Audit
Topic: 48.4 Powers of RBI
Topic: 48.5 Acquisition of the Undertaking of the Banking Company
Chapter: 49 Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
Topic: 49.1 Money Laundering
Topic: 49.2 Money Laundered
Topic: 49.3 Impact of Money Laundering
Topic: 49.4 Definition
Topic: 49.5 Appellate Tribunal
Topic: 49.6 Special Courts
Chapter: 50 The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002
Topic: 50.1 Introduction and Section 2 Definitions
Topic: 50.2 Section 3 Registration of Securitisation or Reconstruction Company
Topic: 50.3 Section 4 Cancellation of certification of registration
Topic: 50.4 Section 5 Acquisition of right or interest in financial assets
Topic: 50.5 Section 6 Notice to obligor and discharge of obligation of such obligor
Topic: 50.6 Section 7 Issue of security by raising of receipts or funds
Topic: 50.7 Section 9 Measures for asset reconstruction
Topic: 50.8 Section 10 Other functions of Securitisation or Reconstruction Company
Topic: 50.9 Section 11 Resolution of disputes
Topic: 50.10 Section 13 Enforcement of security interest
Topic: 50.11 Section 14 Chief Metropolitan Magistrate or District Magistrate to assist secured creditor in taking possession of secured asset
Topic: 50.12 Section 15 Manner and effect of take over of management 
Topic: 50.13 Section 16 No compensation to directors for loss of office
Topic: 50.14 Section 17 Right to application
Topic: 50.15 Section 18 Appeal to Appellate Tribunal 
Topic: 50.16 Section 19 Right of borrower to receive compensation and costs in certain cases
Topic: 50.17 Section 20 Central Registry 
Topic: 50.18 Section 21 Central Registrar
Topic: 50.19 Section 22 Register of securitisation, reconstruction and security interest transactions
Topic: 50.20 Section 23 Filing of transactions of securitisation, reconstruction and creation of security interest
Topic: 50.21 Section 24 Modification of security interest
Topic: 50.22 Section 27 Penalties and Amendments
Chapter: 51 The Insurance Act, 1938
Topic: 51.1 Introduction and Definitions
Topic: 51.2 Section 6 Requirement as to Capital
Topic: 51.3 Section 38 Assignment and Transfer of Insurance Policies
Topic: 51.4 Section 39 Nomination by Policy-Holder
Topic: 51.5 Section 45 Policy be called in question
Topic: 51.6 The Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act, 2015
Chapter: 52 The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999
Topic: 52.1 Introduction and Section 2
Topic: 52.2 Section 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Topic: 52.3 Section 10, 11, 12, 14
Topic: 52.4 Section 15, 16, 17
Topic: 52.5 Section 18, 19, 21, 22, 23
Topic: 52.6 Establishment of Insurance Advisory Committee


About faculty of CA Final Corporate and Allied Laws By R D Maheshwari

R D Maheshwari
Professor R.D. Maheshwari is a M.Com. (Gold medallist), L.L.B., diploma in administrative law and Labour laws. He has been teaching Corporate and Allied Laws to CA final year students for over 30 years. He has also been associated as a visiting faculty with Northern India Region Council of the ICAI. He has taught at the Department of Commerce, Delhi University. His book Corporate and Allied Laws is well read by CA final year students.

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