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CAKART CA Final - Advanced Management Accounting

CA Final - Advanced Management Accounting

Complete Video Lecture Package on Advanced Management Accounting (AMA) - CA Final - CA S.S.Rajagopal

Overview of CA Final - Advanced Management Accounting

Complete Video Lecture Package on Advanced Management Accounting (AMA) - CA Final - CA S.S.Rajagopal, consists of top quality video lectures of 200 duration. This is an offline course and you will get Samsung Tablet with SD Card and Usage manual. The whole content is loaded in the SD Card, you just need to open our app which is pre-installed and start learning. after the academic year you can uninstall the app and use the Tab for your personal use. And validity is till Nov 2015. After placing order we will immediate dispatch in 3 days.

Table of contents

1. Cost Management
(a) Developments in the business environment; just in time; manufacturing resources planning; (MRP); automated manufacturing; synchronous manufacturing and back flush systems to reflect the importance of accurate bills of material and routings; world class manufacturing; total quality management.
(b) Activity based approaches to management and cost analysis
(c) Analysis of common costs in manufacturing and service industry
(d) Techniques for profit improvement, cost reduction, and value analysis
(e) Throughput accounting
(f) Target costing; cost ascertainment and pricing of products and services
(g) Life cycle costing
(h) Shut down and divestment.
2. Cost Volume Profit Analysis
(a) Relevant cost
(b) Product sales pricing and mix
(c) Limiting factors
(d) Multiple scarce resource problems
(e) Decisions about alternatives such as make or buy, selection of products, etc.
3. Pricing Decisions
(a) Pricing of a finished product
(b) Theory of price
(c) Pricing policy
(d) Principles of product pricing
(e) New product pricing
(f) Pricing strategies
(g) Pricing of services
(h) Pareto analysis
4. Budgets and Budgetary Control
The budget manual, Preparation and monitoring procedures, Budget variances, Flexible budgets, Preparation of functional budget for operating and non-operating functions, Cash budgets, Capital expenditure budget, Master budget, Principal budget factors.
5. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
Types of standards and sources of standard cost information; evolution of standards, continuous -improvement; keeping standards meaningful and relevant; variance analysis; disposal of variances.
(a) Investigation and interpretation of variances and their inter relationship
(b) Behavioural considerations.
6. Transfer pricing
(a) Objectives of transfer pricing
(b) Methods of transfer pricing
(c) Conflict between a division and a company
(d) Multi-national transfer pricing.
7. Cost Management in Service Sector
8. Uniform Costing and Inter firm comparison
9. Profitability analysis - Product wise / segment wise / customer wise
10. Financial Decision Modeling
(a) Linear Programming
(b) Network analysis - PERT/CPM, resource allocation and resource leveling
(c) Transportation problems
(d) Assignment problems
(e) Simulation
(f) Learning Curve Theory 

About faculty of CA Final - Advanced Management Accounting

CA S.S.Rajagopal
CA S.S.Rajagopal is a faculty with MT Educare

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MT Educare, Mumbai
ABOUT MT EDUCARE MT Educare is one of the leading brands in the field of education today. It is a trusted name since 1988, associated with empowering young minds. Today it has expanded its reach to cover Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh. Through a network of 222 centres and 2200 staff members, MT Educare imparts knowledge to over 80,000 students enrolled. It is listed on BSE & NSE. As a publicly listed corporate entity, it is committed to delivering its best to all its stakeholders. MT Educare offers coaching from Std V to XII of State, ICSE & CBSE boards, along with coaching for IIT, Engineering, Medical and Management entrance exams. MT Educare offers coaching for students in the Commerce stream from Std. XI to BCom & BMS. Professional coaching at MT Educare for CA & CS guarantees success to its students. This coaching is based on creating a compelling foundation at the CPT examinations; and structured learning, exhaustive curriculum & timely completion at the IPCC & CA Final levels. With thousands of CA students enrolled, MT Educare is a well established name amongst CA aspirants and has been the first choice of students for over a decade, in their journey towards the prestigious and rewarding career of Chartered Accountancy. The dedicated faculty of MT Educare’s Chartered Accountants & Industry Professionals, have taken into consideration contemporary industry requirements and student needs to create a first-of-its-kind course curriculum that gets only the best out of students. This expert coaching has produced the 1st All India CA Final Ranker, Kruti Shah in 2013 and the 2nd All India CA Final Ranker, Divyang Bhandari in 2012. The outstanding results over the years have produced over 191 CA rankers at all three levels of CA i.e. CA CPT, CA IPPC & CA FINAL and innumerable winners, contributing to the winning tradition of MT Educare.

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Superb Classes
Superb Classes by SS Rajagopal Sir it is very useful for Conceptual level of knowledge.

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