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CA Final Group 1 - Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Complete Video Lectures + eBook from Dhruva Agrawal

Overview of CA Final Group 1 - Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Complete Video Lectures + eBook from Dhruva Agrawal consists of top quality video lectures of around 79 hours duration ( Online view duration - 200 hrs within one year, Offline view duration - unlimited times within one year), and popular eBook. The full eCourse Package along with the required software is delivered on a 16 GB pen drive with suitable for consumption on Windows PC/Laptop or Android Tablet/Smartphones. This course is also offered online and is suitable for consumption on all kind of devices with internet connection.

Table of contents

SA 210 pt 1 -agrreeing with the terms of engagement

SA 250 part 1

SA 250 part 2

Sarbans & oxley act & companies act2013

Consolidated financial statements part 1

Consolidated financial statements part 2

Bank audit & audit of member of stock exch.

Stock exchange gic prof. Ethics

Prof. Ethics compromise reconstruction prevention of oppression mismanagement

Caro SA 300 AS 9

Corp governance, nbfc, peer review

Fema investigations law audit

AS 9

Audit of mutual fund depositories, vat, excise,energy

Peer review pt 1

Peer review pt 2

3 SA 200 full

Revised SA 200 (after conslidation SA200a) 1st part

SA 230

Cis audit -guidance note on caat

Due diligence

SA 240 first part

SA 240 second part

SA 240 third part-auditors consideration in relation to fraud

Discussion on SA 250

SA 260

SA 265

SA 299


SA 501 to 580

SA 620,700,705 & 706


New company act

Company audit

Government audit part 1

Government audit part 2

New companies act - auditors - part 1

New company act-mgt and adm - part 2

New companies act -auditors

Discussion SA 220 part 1

Special audit - hospital club

AS 29 continegent liabilities assets part 4 summarizes new

School, college audit

Special audit of hospital & club

AS-17 part 2 segment reporting and mgt structure

SA 600

Revised schedule 6 - 3

Summary of revised schedule vi

SA 250

SA 250 (1)

SA 250 (2)

AS 13 - part 1

SA 805

SA 800

SA 810

Audit of revenue and income and as 9- recognition of revenue

AS 12

SA 710, 720

AS 18

AS 19 - leases

Type of audit under new companies and panelties to auditors

Corporate law books - part 1

Corporate law books - part 2

AS 13 part 1

AS part 13

AS 10

AS 22 accounting for taxes on income

AS 3 cash flow

AS- 20 eps part 2

Audit of co-op, sqc -1, SA 500 to 501

Accounting standard 1 and its use in auditing

Amendment in audits

Cis audit query solutions

Auditing of earning per share AS20-eps

Audit of foreign currency fluctuation

Audit strategy and techniques

Audit techniques and procedure

Audit procedure and guidance

Audit strategy and procedures building,bank balances

Audit procedure -bank balances,bills payable

Guidance note and audit

Audit strategy balexcise investment, rev exp

Audit and guidance note -revaluation of assets

Guidance and audit-foreign currency

Audit guidance 10bought out and sale ledger fraud

Icai guidelines for management consultancy company

Icai guidelines for management consultancy pt 2

Revised schedule 6

AS 30 31 32


Consolidated financial statement part2- permanent adjustments

Council guidelines for conversion of cafirm,firms and prop


About faculty of CA Final Group 1 - Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

Sri Dhruva Agarwala
Dhruv Agarwala‚ CA,CS ,LLB,AIIA(USA) as a unique distinction qualifying Chartered Accountancy at the youngest age of nineteen years and he was instrumental in getting amended CA Act in Parliament in 1988. He was invited by Ministry of Law of Thailand‚ for making judiciary of Thailand independent, along with advocate generals and other legal personalities of India and has a privilege of addressing Thailand's legal personalities in front of King of Thailand. He is advisor to Birlas, Thapers, Ruias, Jindals, Dalmias, and various MNCs. He has given professional advise to chief ministers of four states and Finance Minister of seven states.

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