CAKART Practice Tests Series(CPTS) for CA CPT

"Practice doesn't make perfect.
Practice reduces the imperfection."

― Toba Beta

CPTS series is created by our expert faculty team to reduce imperfections and thereby leading you to success.

Who should take up CPTS series:

Are you a CA student who is aiming for a rank in upcoming CA exam?

Are you a CA student who is not able to complete exam paper within the allotted time?

Are you a CA student, who have written CA exams many times and could not clear it eventhough you have prepared thoroughly and attended various coaching classes?

Are you a CA student who is not able find reason for your failure in your CA exams?

Answer for above questions could be any of the following:

  • 1. Not able to present your answer properly;
  • 2. Not answering in the manner expected by the exam valuer;
  • 3. Lack of time management skills;
  • 4. Improper use of words;
  • 5. Attempting your CA exam like any other college exam;
  • 6. Not adopting/knowing professional requirements and many more.

What you get from CPTS series:

To help CA students to achieve success, Virtus Academy is conducting rigorous practice tests supplemented with counseling session for students.

By attending CPTS series, CA students will be getting following benefits:

  • 1. Specific number of practice test for each subjects based on the package selected;
  • 2. Extensive coverage of all topics of subjects;
  • 3. Personalized analysis of your strength and weakness;
  • 4. Key improvement tips on presentation/writing;
  • 5. Critical tips on time management in main exams;
  • 6. Printed answer key for your reference;
  • 7. Simulated final exam experience to handling stress and exam pressure;
  • 8. Personal one to one counseling and motivation session;
  • 9. Opportunity to clarify your doubts with our expert faculty through phone.

CA CPT Practice Test Series

Number of tests 20
Printed answer key Yes
Tips on presentation and time management Yes
Personal one to one counseling session with our expert Yes
Clarification of doubts with our expert faculty Yes
Fee payable INR 5000   Buy Request a Call back

Note :

1. Based on the package chosen, exam dates shall be intimated beforehand. Students shall not be permitted to reschedule the exam for any reasons.

2. Exam shall be conducted strictly as per ICAI rules.

Email mode:

1. Question papers will be emailed to the students directly on the date of exams.

2. Students will be required to scan and email their answer sheets or courier their answer sheets to CAKART.

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