CAKART CA CPT General Economics by Amresh Jain

CA CPT General Economics by Amresh Jain

A complete video lecture on CA CPT General Economics by Amresh Jain

Overview of CA CPT General Economics by Amresh Jain

A complete video lecture on CA CPT General Economics by Amresh Jain

Table of contents


Name Topics covered
Indian economics + general coverage Indian Economics and Introduction
Growth vs. Development Growth vs. Development ; MSM, Service Sector, Indian Industry- Merit & Demerits of Indian Economics
Macro economics part 1 Population, Poverty and Unemployment
Macro economics part 2 Infrastructural Challenges, Inflation
Macro economics part 3 Budget, Fiscal Policy, balance of Payments, Balance of Trade
Macro economics part 4 Economic Reform in India, Public Sector, Industrial Sector, Financial Sector
Macro economics part 5 Liberalisation, Privatisation, Disinvestment, Devaluation, WTO
Macro economics part 6 Money & Banking, Monetary policy, RBI, Commercial banks
Micro economics part 7 Introduction, syllabus, inductive & deductive
Micro economics part 8 Elasticity of demand, theory of consumer behaviour, marginal utility
Micro economics part 9 Consumer surplus, indifference curve, analysis of supply, factors of production, theory of production and cost
Micro economics part 10 Theory of production, factors of production, labour, law of variable proportions
Micro economics part 11 Theory of cost, fixed, variable & total costs, price discrimination under different markets
Micro economics part 12 Determination of price, demand & supply, monopoly, kinked demand


About faculty of CA CPT General Economics by Amresh Jain

Amresh jain
FCA Amresh Kumar Jain (ex- Shekhar Gupta), is a versatile teacher and is engaged in education, since 1993. He is having vast experience of teaching students pursuing CA, CS and CMA courses. He is having expertise in accounts, costing, financial management, quantitative technique and taxation. He is having credit for preparing study materials for students pursuing professional courses. His most important vision is in preparing study courses about what can come in the coming exams and not what has come in the past. He is fully aware of the changes in the courses. FCA Amresh Kumar Jain is also the founder - director of Jain Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. A pioneer in providing coaching to CA , CS and CMA students. He is having credit of more than thousands of students becoming CA under his guidance. He is also a visiting faculty of ICAI (EIRC). He is also a speaker in study circle. His explanation technique is such that he incorporates theory in practical life situations for better understanding.

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