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Overview of Bank PO

Complete Video Lecture Pacakge on Bank PO from learners Planet consists of top quality video lectures of around 180 hours duration. The full eCourse Package along with the required software is delivered on DVD. The eCourse is suitable for consumption on Windows PC/Laptop or Android Tablet/Smartphones.

Table of contents


Verbal and Non verbal Reasoning:-

Binary Numbers-1

Binary Numbers-2

Binary Numbers-3

Blood Relations





Input Output Reasoning-1

Input Output Reasoning-2

Matrix Puzzles


Sitting Arrangements-Session-1



Venn Diagrams-Session-1

Venn Diagrams-Session-2


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-2:-

Coding and Decoding-1

Coding and Decoding-2

Coding and Decoding-3

Data Sufficiency-1

Data Sufficiency-2

MIrror and Water Images

QA Final Prep-Session-1

QA-Final Prep-Session-2

QA Final Prep-Session-3

QA Final Prep-Session-4

QA Final Prep-Session-5


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-3:-

Data Interpretation

DI-Final Prep-Session-1

DI-Final Prep-Session-2

DI-Final Prep-Session-3

Digital Root Concept

QA Final Prep-Session-6

QA-Final Prep-Session-7

Data Interpretation-Tips

Square root of 5 and 6 digit number


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-4:-

Comparison questions

Doubt solving session-1

Speed building session-1

Syllogisms Session-4

Syllogisms Session-5


Data Interpretation Session-11


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-5:-

Logarithm Session-1

Logarithm Session-2

Logarithm Session-3

Algebra Problem Solving Session-2

Problems on Dice

Problems on Dice-Session-2

Cubes Session-1

Cubes Session-2-Advanced

Cubes Session-3-Practice Session

Problems on Dice-Session-2

Reasoning and Puzzles-1

Reasoning and Puzzles-2

Reasoning and Puzzles-3



Problems on circles

Problems on Triangles

Trigonometry Session-1

Trigonometry Session-2

Trigonometry Session-3

Trigonometry Session-4

Basic Algebra Problem Solving Session-1

Basics of Algebra Session-1

Basics of Algebra Session-2

SSC-Problem Solving session-1


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-6:-

Reasoning and Puzzles-4

Reasoning and Puzzles-5

Venn Diagrams Session-1

Venn Diagrams Session-2

DI and Approximation problem solving session

DI-Input-Output-doubt solving session

DI-Problems-doubt- solving session

Quant doubt Solving Session

Number series session-1

Number series session-2

Number series session-3

Number series session-4


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-7:-

QA-Reasoning Doubt Solving Session

DI-Problems-Doubt-Solving Session-2

Doubt solving session-2

3-D Mensuration-Session-1

3-D Mensuration-Session-2

Doubt solving Session-3


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-8:-

SSC-CGL-2013 Session-1

SSC-CGL-2013 Session-2

SSC-CGL-2013 Session-3

SSC-CGL-2013 Session-4

SSC-CGL-2013 Session-5

Doubt solving-Mis-1

Doubt solving-Profit and loss


Bank PO Video Lectures Set-9:-




Doubt solving-Permutation and combination

Doubt solving session-5

Doubt solving, Time-Distance-Work

Sequence and Series:










Bank PO Video Lectures Set-10:-

Data Interpretation-IBPS-2013


Analytical and Logical reasoning

Analytical reasoning introduction session-1

Statement and assumption session -1

Statement and assumption session -2

Statement and assumption session -3

Statement and assumption session -4

Statement and assumption session -5






Practice Tests

Banking and Financial

Computer Knowledge

Challenging DI Problems

General Awareness & Current Affairs

Computer Knowledge

Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-1

Data Sufficiency

Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-2

General Knowledge

Verbal Reasoning-Part-1

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning-Part-2

Verbal Reasoning

Practice Paper Set-1

Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)

Practice Paper Set-2

Verbal Ability-English

Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-1

Quant Ready Recokner

Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-2


Quant-Practice Book


English-Verbal Ability-1


English-Verbal Ability-2


English-Verbal Ability-3


English-Verbal Ability-4



English Lectures


1. is, am, are in present simple

16. Will and Shall

2. is, am, are in present simple

17. have got, has got

3. There is, There are

18. For-Since-Ago

4. Simple Present Tense

19. Passive voice

5. Simple Present Tense

20. Passive Voice

6. Present Continuous Tense

21. Practice 1

7. Present Perfect Tense

22. Used to

8. Present Perfect Tense

23. may-might, can-could

9. Present Perfect continuous Tense

24. Practice-can-could, may-might

10. Present Perfect simple Vs, continuous Tense

25. Practice 2

11. Simple past tense

26. Question Tags

12. Simple past tense

27. Making Questions

13. Past continuous Tense

28. Must, Should, Need, have to

14. Past simple-continuous-perfect

29. Must, should, need, have to-practice session

Past perfect Tense




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Alka Maheshwari

About institute

learners planet

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