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S Chand Advance Accounts Volume 1 in Hindi

S Chand Advance Accounts Volume 1 In Hindi

Rating - 4

Overview of S Chand Advance Accounts Volume 1 In Hindi

S chand advance accounts volume 1 in hindi by m c shukla , t s grewal , m p gupta , b m agrawal ( edition : 2010 )

Contributors & Book Details of S Chand Advance Accounts Volume 1 In Hindi

Author M.C. Shukla, S.C.Gupta, T.S. Grewal
Publisher S.Chand
Publication Year 2010
Language hindi
ISBN-13 8121904501
ISBN-10 8121904501

Table of contents

1. Accounting Principles2. Bill of Exchange Transactions)3. Transactions with Bank and Bank Reconciliation Statement]4. Rectification of Errors5. Accounting Concepts and Conventions6. Capital and Revenue Expenditure7. Final Accounts8. Average Due Date and Account Current9. Consignment Accounts10. Joint Venture Accounts11. Single Entry System12. Accounts of Non- Trading Institutions13. Voyage Accounts14. Accounts of Packages and Containers15. Reserve, Funds and Provisions16. Depreciation Accounting17. Partnership Accounts – I: Profit Adjustments and Admission of a New Partner18. Partnership Accounts-II: Retirement and Death of a Partner19. Partnership Accounts-Ill: Dissolution of Partnership, Sale and Amalgamation20. Self-Balancing and Sectional Balancing Systems of Ledger21. Royalty Accounts22. Departmental Accounts23. Branch Accounts24. Hire-purchase, Instalment Payment and Lease Systems25. Insolvency Accounts26. Investment Accounts27. Insurance Claims28. Accounting of Agricultural Farms29. Accounting for Goods Sold on Approval or Sale or Return Basis30. Contract Accounts

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Rating - 4
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