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Company Law Procedures in 4 volumes

Company Law Procedures In 4 Volumes

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Overview of Company Law Procedures In 4 Volumes

Company law procedures in 4 volumes

Contributors & Book Details of Company Law Procedures In 4 Volumes

Author K.V. Khanbhogue & Dr. D.K. Jain
Publisher Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd
Publication Year 6th edn., 2008-09
Language English
ISBN-13 81-7737-163-0
ISBN-10 81-7737-163-0

Table of contents

*Volume 1 and 2: Company Law Procedures

Shanbhogue's Company Law Procedures, first published in 1980, is considered as one of the best books on the subject. The sixth edition which has been revised by Dr. D.K. Jain, practising company secretary, presents the complete gamut of Company Law in 35 Chapters. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the relevant topic followed by step by step procedure to be followed by a professional in fulfilling the requirements of law. Even each procedure is preceded by brief comments.Recently the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has started the system of E-filing and now one has to file almost all forms and documents through electronic mode. To facilitate the system, Director Identification Number has been introduced. Concepts of producer companies and voting through postal ballot have also been introduced recently. The book deals with all the aspects in detail. It contains almost 280 procedures and even Corporate Governance finds a place. An exhaustive Referencer in the beginning gives important information in an easy to understand tabulated form.In the present edition, all the Allied Rules and Regulations have been placed in volume 2 which also contains relevant SEBI guidelines, rules and regulations as well as relevant rules and regulations under FEMA."Shanbhogue's Company Law Procedures is an ideal book for any person dealing with the procedures relating to various matters dealt with under the Companies Act, 1956, and other co-related statutes ..... no doubt that the book will be really useful to executives in the corporate sector in general and to company secretaries, chartered accountants and lawyers practising in company law in particular...." CHARTERED SECRETARY."... the book is likely to prove to be the best literature on Company Law Procedures." COMPANY LAW JOURNAL

*Volume 3: Company Resolutions, Notices, Meetings

Company Resolutions by K.V. Shanbhogue, now in its 9th edition, the 1st edition having been published in the year 1977, has found a permanent place in the libraries of professionals as an aid to draft resolutions, notices, minutes, etc. on a daily basis to keep themselves on the right side of law. This book intends to help the busy professionals and their secretarial staff with ready made specimens of the various resolutions, notices, minutes, agenda, draft of letters, press release, etc. Every resolution starts with the subject, passing authority, nature of resolution, specimen and guidelines related to the resolution.The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated in view of the present statutory provisions, rules and regulations. A novel feature of this edition is the inclusion of a Free CD along with the book. It will help the readers to copy, cut and paste the contents of the book and suitably modify it as per requirements for their use.As in the previous edition, Part I gives a general background relating to definition and kinds of resolutions, drafting of resolutions, original and formal motions, resolutions to be passed at Board meeting and general meeting, notices and agenda, minutes, filing of resolutions and agreements and also a chapter on Postal Ballot. Part II on Specimen Resolutions is further sub-divided into three parts, namely, Resolutions under various sections; Resolutions under Table A and Miscellaneous resolutions. The impact of the Guidelines, Circulars, Rules, Regulations and Notifications issued by SEBI and Ministry of Corporate Affairs have been extracted at appropriate places. Wherever relevant, the resolutions have been supported by Explanatory Statements. Under all important sections, multiple specimen resolutions have been given to take care of all possible varying demanding needs of the users. Parts III and IV deal with Specimen Notices and Minutes. Part V contains Specimen on Mergers, Amalgamations, Demergers & Spin off. Part VI covers Affidavits, Agreements, Bonds and Power of Attorneys. New Part VIII has been incorporated covering Specimen of Directors' Report. Part VIII: Referencer provides Secretarial Standards issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Corporate Governance, relevant Charts and Tables, Fees, etc.The book, therefore, constitutes a practical guide of immense utility to chartered accountants, company secretaries, company law practitioners, consultants, advisors and students of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and other eminent Institutes.

*Volume 4: Filing of Forms and Returns under Company Law

The successful implementation of MCA21 has resulted in a virtual paperless back office operation that has significantly improved legal compliances. In this edition, other forms for which e-filing has not been required or activated like filing/submission of Form 24AA, 7C, etc. as well as filing of application and petition before the Company Law Board and High Court have also been covered. A new Part has been inserted to cover the requirement of filing of notices, reports and forms under various clauses of the Listing Agreement, Takeover Regulations and SEBI Insider Trading Regulations which are regularly required to be complied by a listed company. Thus, the present second edition of the book incorporates a complete treatment of the requirements for filling and filing of all the forms and returns under the Companies Act, 1956, listing agreement and SEBI Regulations.The Book provides at one place the procedural formalities, checklists, guidance notes, circulars, clarifications, notifications and rules as well as specimens of the filled-up e-forms, other forms and relevant enclosures thereto for smooth day-to-day compliance of the legal provisions by the professionals and corporates, including initial concept and mechanism of e-filing of documents, Digital Identification Number and Digital Signature, etc. The book incorporates the procedure of filing of all the Forms under the following Rules:

« Companies (Central Government's) General Rules and Forms, 1956;

« Companies (Declaration of Dividend Out of Reserves) Rules, 1975;

« Investor Education and Protection Fund (Awareness and Protection of Investors) Rules, 2001

« Cost Audit (Report) Rules, 2001

« Companies (Disqualification of Directors under section 274(1)(g) of the Companies Act, 1956) Rules, 2003;

« Companies (Appointment of Sole Agents) Rules, 1975

« Application of section 159 to Foreign Companies Rules, 1975

« Compliance of listing agreement as applicable to a listed company

« Compliance of SEBI Regulationsand also the Investor Complaint Form.The Book has several unparalleled features, making it user friendly. Both, the law and procedures, governing filing of Forms and Returns have been described in a logical manner. Specimen Forms, Annexures thereto, Resolutions and other relevant information have been presented topic wise. In the era of electronic filing of documents, nearly all corporates, professionals viz. chartered accountants, company secretaries, cost accountants require a complete book on filing of forms. This book will serve the purpose for guiding and facilitating the companies and professionals whenever they require assistance.A complimentary CD is also being provided containing the complete text of the book. It also contains all the notified e-Forms to be filled and filed by the corporate sector. The filled-in Forms can be e-filed by uplinking to the website. A very helpful feature is that these e-Forms can be filled, saved, printed, retrieved and modified at any point of time. A new part has been incorporated for listed companies to include all the specimen forms, notices, disclosures, etc. as required under the listing agreement and SEBI Regulations from time to time.*Volumes also available as independent publications.

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