CA Final AMA
CA Final Advanced Management Accounting(Vol 1 to Vol 3) by Makkar

Ca Final Advanced Management Accounting(Vol 1 To Vol 3) By Makkar

Author: Makkar
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Overview of Ca Final Advanced Management Accounting(Vol 1 To Vol 3) By Makkar

Ca final advanced management accounting(vol 1 to vol 3) by makkar

Contributors & Book Details of Ca Final Advanced Management Accounting(Vol 1 To Vol 3) By Makkar

Publisher Carvinowledge Press (CNP India)
Publication Year 2nd edition, june 2015
Language English
ISBN-13 9789351433644

Table of contents

1. Development in Busines Environment

Unit I: Total Quality Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Core Concepts of TQM
  3. PRAISE Analysis 9
  4. Contributions in the Field of TQM by Deming
  5. Six Sigma

Problems and Solutions

Unit II: Activity Based Costing

  1. Introduction
  2. Activity Based Costing
  3. Activity Based Budgeting (ABB)

Problems and Solutions

Unit III: Target Costing

  1. Introduction
  2. Conceptual Model of Target Cost
  3. Target Costing Process
  4. Value Engineering (VE)

Problems and Solutions

  1. Value Engineering

Unit IV: Product Life Cycle

  1. Meaning and Phases in Product Life Cycle
  2. Various Stages in Product Life Cycle
  3. Life Cycle Costing

Problems and Solutions

Unit V: Value Chain Analysis

  1. The Value Chain Analysis
  2. The Value Chain Framework of Porter (1990)Industry Value Chain
  3. Strategic Frameworks Required for Value Chain Analysis

Unit VI: Cost Control and Cost Reduction

  1. What is Cost Control?
  2. What is Cost Reduction?

Problems and Solutions

Unit VII: Just-in-Time

  1. Introduction
  2. Backfl ush Costing

Problems and Solutions

Unit VIII: Material Requirement Planning (MRP)Synchronous Manufacturing, Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Business Process Reengineering

  1. Introduction
  2. MRP - II
  3. Synchronous Manufacturing
  4. Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  5. Business Process Re-Engineering

Unit IX: Theory of Constraints

  1. Introduction
  2. Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  3. Throughput
  4. Managing Bottlenecks

Problems and Solutions

2. Decision Making using Cost Concepts and CVP Analysis

Unit I: Basic Cost Concepts

  1. What is Cost?
  2. Cost Concepts and Terms
  3. Classifi cation of Costs
  4. Types of Costing
  5. Methods of Costing

Unit II: Relevant Costs

  1. Relevant Costs
  2. Opportunity Cost

Problems and Solutions

  1. Relevant Costing
  2. Opportunity Cost

Unit III: “Make or Buy” Decision

  1. Introduction
  2. Non-cost Factors to be Considered in Make/Buy Decision

Problems and Solutions

Unit IV: Marginal Costing

  1. Introduction

Problems and Solutions

Unit V: CVP Analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. Break-even Chart
  3. Margin of Safety
  4. Angle of Incidence
  5. Cash Break-even Point
  6. Applications of Marginal Costingin Decision Making
  7. Indifference Point

Problems and Solutions

  1. Optimisation of Contribution
  2. CVP Analysis

Unit VI: Product Mix Decision

Problems and Solutions

  1. Optimum Product Mix
  2. Optimum Sales Mix
  3. Maximisation of Profit

Unit VII: Shut Down and Divestment

  1. Shut Down Point
  2. Divestment Strategy

Problems and Solutions

  1. Renew the Lease or Shut-Down Factory
  2. Shut Down Decision
  3. Shut Down Point

Unit VIII: Selling Strategy

  1. Differential Selling Prices

Problems and Solutions

Unit IX: Subcontracting

Problems and Solutions

Unit X: Key Factor/Limiting Factor

  1. Introduction
  2. Ranking Criterion
  3. Product Mix Decision with Multiple KeyFactors Company’s Policy

Problems and Solutions

  1. Key Factor
  2. Key Factor Production Mix
  3. Statement of Profi t and Acceptance of Offer

Unit XI: Additional Problems and Solutions

  1. Utilisation of Spare Capacity
  2. Viability of the Venture
  3. Acceptance of Export Order
  4. Acceptance of Order
  5. Acceptance of a Proposal
  6. Acceptance of an Offer
  7. Alternative Production Plan
  8. Cost Indifference Point
  9. Implementation of Training Programme
  10. Discontinuance of a Product
  11. Evaluation of Proposals
  12. Incremental Revenue and Differential Cost Approach
  13. Introduction of New Product
  14. Leasing Decision
  15. Evaluation of Proposals
  16. Most Profi table Option
  17. Purchase of Raw Material
  18. Second Shift Working
  19. Selection of Supplier
  20. Selection of a Production Method
  21. Preventive Maintenance Vs Break Down
  22. Installation of a New System
3. Pricing Decisions
  1. Theory of Price
  2. Pricing of Finished Product
  3. New Product Pricing
  4. Pricing Strategies
  5. Pareto Analysis

Problems and Solutions

4. Budget and Budgetary Control
  1. Introduction
  2. Budgetary Control
  3. Strategic Planning, Budgetary Planning and Operational Planning
  4. How to Identify the Principle Budget Factor
  5. Fixed Budget
  6. Flexible Budget
  7. Zero Base Budgeting (ZBB)
  8. Performance Budgeting (PB)
  9. Budget Ratio
  10. Various Types of Capacity

Problems and Solutions

  1. Budgetary Control
  2. Budget Ratio
5. Standard Costing
  1. Introduction

  2. Variance Analysis

  3. Variance Analysis and Accounting

  4. Material Variance

  5. Labour Variance

  6. Variable Overhead Variance

  7. Fixed Overhead Variance

  8. Sales Variance

  9. Market Share and Market Size Variances

  10. Partial Plan and Single Plan

  11. Control Ratios

  12. Reconciliations (Budgeted / Standard) Profit / Actual Profit)

Problems and Solutions

  1. Standard Costing with ABC
6. Costing of Service Sector
  1. Introduction

Problems and Solutions

7. Transfer Pricing
  1. Transfer Price
  2. Objectives of Transfer Pricing System
  3. Methods of Transfer Pricing
  4. Conflict Between a Division and the Company
  5. Dual Pricing

Problems and Solutions

8. Uniform Costing and Inter-fi rmComparison
  1. Uniform Costing
  2. Inter-firm Comparison
9. Cost Sheet, Profitability Analysis andReporting
  1. Cost Sheet
  2. The Balanced Scorecard

Problems and Solutions

  1. Balance Scorecard
  2. Profitability Analysis
  3. Profitability Statemen

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