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CA Final Accounting Standards by Makkar

Ca Final Accounting Standards By Makkar

Author: Makkar
Rating - 4

Overview of Ca Final Accounting Standards By Makkar

Ca final accounting standards by makkar

Contributors & Book Details of Ca Final Accounting Standards By Makkar

Publisher Carvinowledge Press (CNP India)
Publication Year 5th edition, june 2015
Language English
ISBN-13 978-93-84833-27-5

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Accounting Standard Introduction and Framework
Chapter 2. AS-1: Disclosure of Accounting Policies
Chapter 3. AS-2 (Revised): Valuation of Inventories
Chapter 4. AS-3 (Revised): Cash Flow Statement
Chapter 5. AS-4: Events Occuring After the Balance Sheet
Chapter 6. AS-5 (Revised): Net Profits or Loss for the Period, Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies
Chapter 7. AS-6: Depreciation Accounting
Chapter 8. AS-7 (Revised): Construction Contracts
Chapter 9. AS-9: Revenue Recognition
Chapter 10. AS-10: Accounting for Fixed Assets
Chapter 11. AS-11 (Revised): The Effect of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
Chapter 12. AS-12: Government Grants
Chapter 13. AS-13: Investment Accounts
Chapter 14. AS-14: Amalgamation and Absorption
Chapter 15. AS-15 (Revised): Employees Benefits
Chapter 16. AS-16: Borrowing Costs
Chapter 17. AS-17: Segmental Reporting
Chapter 18. AS-18: Related Party Disclosures
Chapter 19. AS-19: Leases
Chapter 20. AS-20: Earning per Share
Chapter 21. AS-22: Taxes on Income
Chapter 22. AS-24: Discontinuing Operations
Chapter 23. AS-25: Interim Financial Reporting
Chapter 24. AS-26: Intangible Assets
Chapter 25. AS-28: Impairment of Assets
Chapter 26. AS-29: Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
Chapter 27. AS-21: Consolidated Financial Statements (Holding Company Vs Subsidiary)
Chapter 28. AS-23: Accounting for Investment in Associates
Chapter 29. AS-27: Financial Interest in Joint Ventures
Chapter 30. Comprehensive Problems on CFS (AS-21 + AS-23 + AS-27) Group Consolidation
Chapter 31. AS-30, 31, 32 Financial Instruments Corresponding to IAS-32, 39, IFRS-7
Extra Practical Problems from Past Year Papers and RTPs of Financial Reporting and Audit
Solved Question Paper—CA Final-May 2013 (Accounting Standards)
Solved Question Paper—CA Final-November 2013 (Accounting Standards)
Solved Question Paper—CA Final-May 2014 (Accounting Standards)
Solved Question Paper—CA Final-November 2014 (Accounting Standards)

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