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What if I am not a CA

What if I am not a CA ???

There are few qualities inside you which will leads to you your goals. Some were success and some were failure. Other interesting factors that success continues to be success. But all the failures not continued to be failure. That is the wise saying that the failures are the stepping stone for the success.Firstly, you have a strong believe inside (Burning desire) that things will be happen and do the hard work for achieving the same.This is called the self confidence.In case if your unable do complete your CA think positively and go ahead.

What if I am not a CA ???

This article is mainly for all struggling CA students and not for new CA students,

1) I may not get start of 50,000/-+per month start but I will get 20,000/- per month.

2) My house would not be in city area,It would be little away from city area.

3) I may not have luxuries car but i will have at least swift.

4) I have to marry working woman.

5) I will have to help in cooking food ,but it would be part of caring.

6) Listen to her,she would participate in all my decision which most men’s don’t want but it would be part of friendly nature.

7) I may not have power to organise social event but I would participate in that.

8) I can’t financially help my friend but i would be able to contribute 10% of total help needed.

Unable to complete CA is not end of life.A better opportunity is waiting for you,After reading above article you would have realised there is no much more in being CA or not.You can do much –much-much more better than CAs,just don’t stick to CA for long.just don’t be late in grabbing opportunity keep below two punch lines in mind

1) “A sheet of paper can’t decide my future” -Thomas Edison

2) “Most successful person on the earth are not CAs.”

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