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Ways To Deal With Stress Before And During Exams

Ways To Deal With Stress Before And During Exams

Well, Stress is one of the most important issue which can ruin your exam.  Exam which can change your life,  your career and your future as well. It is often found that students take a lot of stress when their exams are near. Stress if is out of controllable range can result in a lot of problems like it creates a lot of negative energy, students encounter sickness and fear as a result of which they spoil their entire exam in-spite of putting in a lot of effort in their studies. So, it is required that one must adopt some techniques to minimize their stress level and concentrate on studies.

Here are some methods which students can adopt this by

Ways To Deal With Stress Before And During Exams
1. Trust Or Challenge Yourself :- Well, if you can trust others, then why cannot you trust yourself? The answer to this question lies within the students itself. It is very much required that students must have faith in their self so that they can feel the positive vibes within themselves. These positive vibes will provide them a strength to contribute towards their goal of becoming Chartered Accountants.

2. Plan Your Study :- The course of C.A. is very vast in itself. Every subject be it law, accounts, tax whether direct or indirect etc. has to be studied in detail. One cannot go for selective study. So, it is required that students should plan the subjects so that sufficient time is devoted to every subject. Its a common tendency found in students that they focus in a particular subject for ex:- one might study only law because they find it very interesting thereby ignoring other practical papers like Sfm or accounts. This should not be done because at the end, when exams are near they will be starting out with the practical papers. Practical papers requires practice and a lot of revision and if students are not done with it, they might  encounter stress and fear which will ruin their other exams too for which they had prepared very well.
3. Take Breaks :- Before few days of exam where there are lots and lots to study and time seems to be very less, it is obvious that student continues to study for a longer time without taking breaks so as to utilize time. But they don’t know, its the opposite which happens i.e they lose concentration while studying for longer duration. As a result of which nothing remains in their confused mind. It is desirable that students must take small breaks for refreshments and return back to study. But such breaks should not be utilized for watching t.v. or WhatsApp or so because they might never know how their 5-10 minutes break can turn out into an hour break.
4. Clear All Your Doubts As And When They Occur :- Doubts- be it a silly one or bigger one, must be sought out before hand. Some students often think, that others will make their fun considering their doubt’s to be very silly. As a result of this,their queries keeps on accumulating and when their exams are near, they generally fear of taking out that particular subject because of being messed up with their handful doubt’s which were originating right from the beginning. This should be avoided and all doubts – big or small must be sought out before its too late for the students.

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5. Take Appropriate Sleep :- Its very much required by a student to have a standard sleep of at least 6 hrs whatever the case be, so that the next day when they wake up they are relieved with stress they earlier had. A new day will give them new hopes, energy and inspiration to achieve their mission.
6. Drink Lots Of Water :- This may sound very funny, but in real this is not so. Drinking lots of water at appropriate intervals may cool the minds of students and make them feel fresh, thereby providing them a stamina to proceed further with their studies.
7. Avoid Coffee, Alcohol, Tea etc :- Students often consume tea, coffee and others so as to be awake and go for late night studies. Consumption of such things often decreases their power to think and decreases their immunity as well.
8. Avoid Keeping Things Bottled Up :- There are several things which usually flashes out in the minds of students. For ex:- students generally fear that what would happen if they fail? What will others think of them? Such negative facts almost occupy 2/3 rd of the mind of a student and with the remaining part of their mind, they try to study which is next to impossible for them to do so. Thus, it is very much required that the students should discuss such matters with others in-spite of keeping it within their self, so that necessary solutions can be sought for.
9. Exercise :- Students consider exercising is a time waste for them especially when their exams are near. But they are mistaken here. They must make a timetable where they can devote some time to relax themselves. Exercising is considered as one of the best method to get rid of stress – physical & mental too. Thus, students must definitely follow it.
10. Avoid Comparisons With Your Friends :- This is one of the most stupid thing that one might do. Just like ‘all fingers are not the same’ , in the same way everyone does not possess the same brain. So, it is required that students should not opt for comparing themselves with their friends. Rather they should concentrate on their studies, in-spite of finding about the topics their friends had covered so that they don’t feel pressurized to complete their syllabus.
11. Reward Yourself :- This is one of the technique which I usually follow of rewarding myself when I complete a particular portion if syllabus which was set as a target of the day .I generally reward myself by praising myself after completing the target. This relieved me of tension and fear which I usually have when exams are near. So, this can also be adopted to be relieved off stress.
12. Avoid Mugging Rather Go For Understanding The Provisions :- Mugging up the provisions may retain in our minds for a very short span while understanding them will remains in the brain forever. So, students should not opt for mugging, because a day will come when nothing will remain in their minds.
13. Avoid Stress Giving People :- There are some people who will always try to increase your stress rather than helping you. These are usually your batch mates who will at various intervals ask about the portion you have completed. This creates a lot of fear and students often panic when they contact such people before their exams. This should be avoided by them.
14. Avoid Reviewing On Last Minute :- Reviewing the whole syllabus on last minute is the worst thing most of the students do. This creates a lot of stress among them, as a result of which feel blank. This result of this is that they ruin their exam themselves for which they had prepared so well. Thus, reviewing the whole syllabus at last moment should be avoided by the students.

Ways To Deal With Stress Before And During Exams

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