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Way to write CA exam papers

Way to write CA exam papers

Read the question at least twice to be sure what exactly is asked. CA questions are like a riddle, language used is tricky. Sometimes I feel like one’s English is getting tested and not the knowledge of subject. So the first step is to restate the question in short as you have understood.

If you know the answer, give it in the second line and then explain the steps.

If you do not know the answer, leave two blank lines, write the steps and write the conclusion later in those two lines.

If you know the answer and the steps, write precisely. No need for explanation. If you do not know the answer, write steps in details you may come to correct conclusion.

Good handwriting, good language and neat and cleanliness can never be over emphasized. Writing practice is a MUST. Use words/ phrases/ case laws from the study material provided by Institute.

Attempt all required number of questions. Manage time accordingly.

Never write anything other than an answer… like appeal to the examiner etc. Never bluff. If you don’t know the answer, re-read the question, you might have misunderstood it. In CA all subjects and topics are interlinked. You may get a clue while writing other answers.

 Way to write CA exam papers

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