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VOCABULARY Business Reporting CA Foundation Notes

VOCABULARY – CA Foundation, CPT notes, PDF

This article is about VOCABULARY- BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE AND REPORTING for CA foundation CPT students. we also provide PDF file at the end.



What we will study in this chapter: Vocabulary Root Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes, Phrasal Verbs, Collocations, and Idioms

Objective Questions

Past Year Questions and Answers

2002 – Dec [2] (a) What do you understand by the following commercial or legal terms?

(i) Affidavit

(ii) Blue chip

(iii) Case laws

(iv) Face value

(v) Injunction

(vi) Turnover.                                                                                                       (1 mark each)

Answer :

(i) Affidavit: A written statement where a person signing takes an oath that all contents of the legal page are true to the best of his knowledge.

(ii) Blue chip : Stocks of large well established companies which are less risky.

(iii) Case Law: Collection of published legal decisions of the Courts. (All published legal rules).

(iv) Face value : The amount that an issuer agrees to pay on the maturity date.

(v) Injunction : A court order compelling any party to do something or restricts it from doing something .

(vi) Turnover: In financial terms, turnover is defined as the number of times a given asset is replaced during the accounting period.

2003 – Dec [1] (c) Provide the meaning of the following idioms and use them in sentences of your own :

(i) To fish in troubled waters

(ii) A close-shave

(iii) To stretch a point

(iv) ‘ On the horns of a dilemma.                                                                                (4 marks)

Answer :

(i) To fish in troubled waters : To make personal profit out of a disturbance or trouble.

Eg : The super powers or developed countries of the world are there to fish in troubled waters.

(ii) A close share : A narrow escape from danger.

Eg : Recently due to Pilot’s intelligence, Boeing 386. had a close shave from getting crashed.

(iii) To stretch a point: To extend a regulation.

Eg : Going after small bakeries as a part of the drive to more polluting industries from residential areas to industrial areas is stretching the point a little too far.

(iv) On the horns of a dilemma : To be undecided as to which option to choose.

■Every individual found himself on the horns of a dilemma when offered with equally attractive jobs.

2004 – June [1 ] (a) Give a single word substitute for any two of the following:

(i) A firm found by the court as unable to satisfy creditors or discharge liabilities.

(ii) Not liable or subject to death.

(iii) A person to whom property is mortgaged.

(iv) A person working as a judge between the two parties at their request

and whose decision is binding for both.                                                                     (2 marks)


(i) Bankrupt (ij) Immortal

(iii) Mortgagee

(iv) Arbitrator

2004 – Dec [1] Attempt/rewrite/complete the following:

(i) What does FOB stand for?                                                                                      (1 mark)

(ii) “Often lost in thought and unaware of one’s surroundings.” Suggest

a single word.                                                                                                               (1 mark)

(iii) Please do not malign her reputation. What is the antonym of’the word malign’? (1 mark)

(iv) India has always been …………… ‘ for Pakistan, (bete noire/bona fide). Fill in the blank using the correct phrase.                                                                                                                         (1 mark)

(v) The USA is the  …………… ruler of Iraq, (de facto/de jure). Fill in the blank using correct phrase.           (1 mark)

(vi) Give meaning of the following –

Out of the frying pan into the fire                                                                                  (1 mark)


Example is better than precept.                                                                                   (1 mark)

(vii) In a secular State like India, no person should be …………… for upholding a particular religious belief, (prosecuted / projected / persecuted). Fill in the blank using correct word.                (1 mark)

(viii) According to Swami Vivekananda, education is the …………… of the perfection already in man. (malformation/manifestation manipulation). Fill in the blank using correct word.       (1 mark)


(i) FOB : Free on Board.

(ii) Absent minded.

(iii) Praise

(iv) Bete-noise

(v) De – facto

(vi) From bad to worse.


Practicing is better than preaching.

(vii) Persecuted •

(viii) Manifestation.

2005 – June [1] (b) Give one word substitute for any two of the following:

(i) Custom duties levied ‘according to the value’.

(ii) Macnines, usually computer controlled, ‘doing work previously done by human beings.

(iii) An organisation of suppliers that controls-the supply and price of a commodity.

(iv) A remedy for all diseases or difficulties.                                                              (2 marks)

(c) Give synonym and antonym of any two of the following :

(i) Able

(ii) Cold

(iii) Fatal

(iv) Zenith.                                                                                                                  (2 marks)

Answer: ,

(b) (i) Advalorem , °

(ii) Robots

(iii) Cartel

(iv) Panacea

(c) Synonym Antonym

(i) Able Competent Unable

(ii) Cold Indifferent Warm

(iii) Fatal Disastrous Harmless

(iv) Zenith Peak Nadir

2005 – Dec [1] (a) Choose the correct one word substitute for any two of the following:

(i) Market situation in which a few producers dominate the market. (Monopoly/Oligopoly)

(ii) Reduction in the exchange value of your currency vis-a-vis euro. (Devaluation/ Revaluation)

(iii) Exporting goods to another country at prices below cost. (Pumping/Dumping)

(iv) Smithkline of America and Beecham of England agreed to unite to

form a new company — Smithkline & Beecham Co. (Merger/Acquisition)                (2 marks)

(c) Attempt any two of the following:

(i) I accepted the wise of my teacher. (Fill in the blank

choosing the correct word — council/counsel.)

(ii)  A terrible came out of the chamber when a dead rat lay

hidden between the stacks of files, (fill in the blank choosing the correct word — aroma/stigma/scent/ stench.)

(iii) Add prefix and suffix with the word — Chairman.                                                 (2 marks)


(a) (i) Oligopoly

(ii) Devaluation

(iii) Dumping

(iv) Merger (c) (i) Counsel

(ii) Stench

(iii) Co-Chairman, Chairman – elect.

2006 – Dec [1] (a) Attempt any five of the following :

(i) The corrugated boxes are rectangular in shape. (Eliminate the redundant word/s.)

(ii) We require (Fewer/Less) sales people. (Fill in the blank

with suitable word.)

(iii) What does ‘e.g.’ stand for ? (so that /that is /for example.)

(iv) SEBI is the regulator of capital market. (Give’full form of the underlined acronym.)

(v) To make impure by the addition of some inferior’substance. (Give

one word substitute.)                                                                                           (1 mark each)


(i) The corrugated boxes are rectangular.

(ii) fewer

(iii) For example

(iv) SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board of India.

(v) Adulterate

2007 – June [1] (a) Attempt the following as directed against each :

(i) I know that you are an authority   Company Law matters.

(Fill in the blank with correct preposition.)

(ii) I have a few minutes to tell you very what he said. (Fill in

the blank choosing a correct word – shortly/briefly.)

(1 mark each)

(b) Give one word substitute for any three of the following :

(i) One who feels sympathetic towards human beings.

(ii) A word or law no longer in use.

(iii) A previous case which might serve as an example.

(iv) A decision or opinion on which all are agreed. (1 mark each) (c) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options. Attempt

any three of the following :

(i) To express some event to be of great importance you would use the word —

(a) Momentary;

(b) Momentous;

(c) Momento;

(d) None of the above.

(ii) The antonym of the word ‘arrogant’ is —

(a) Accept;

(b) humble;

(c) normal;

(d) solvent.

(iii) A doctor dealing with heart related diseases is called —

(a) Psychologist;

(b) Cardiologist.

(c) Ophthalmologist;

(d) Gynecologist.

(iv) A conjunction —

(a) is used in place of a noun;

(b) adds meaning to a noun;

(c) joins two sentences;

(d) is used in a sentence to express more emotion.

(1 mark each)


(a) (i) On (ii) Briefly

(b) (i) Samaritan

(ii) Obsolete

(iii) Precedent

(iv) Principle.

(c) (i) (b) Momentous

(ii) (b) Humble

(iii) (b) Cardiologist

(iv) (c) Joins two sentences.

2007 – Dec [1] (a) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :

(i) The phrase -a la mode refers to —

(a) According to value

(b) According to fashion

(c) The most convenient mode

(d) Different medium.

(ii) A person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by donating money to good causes, is called —

(a) Philatelist

(b) Philanthropist

(c) Agnostic

(d) Oncologist.                                                                                                     (1 mark each)

(b) Attempt the following as directed against each :

(i) We trusted the unbounded misrepresentations. (Eliminate unnecessary word/s.)

(ii) In the mean time. (Give one word substitute.)                                               (1 mark each)


(a) (i) (b) According to fashion.

(ii) (b) Philanthropist.

(b) (i) Unfounded

(ii) Mean while

2008 – June [1] (a) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following:

(i) A place where the aeroplanes are kept:

(a) Abbey

(b) Hanger

(c) Yard

(d) Shed.

(ii) Majority of American population comprises of people who have shifted from different countries. Thus, America is known as a country of:

(a) Emigrants

(b) Immigrants

(c) Emissaries

(d) Natives.

(iii) Latin phrase ‘ab initio’ means :

(a) From the beginning

(b) From the origin

(c) In the meantime

(d) For further consideration.

(iv) The synonym of the word ‘abandon’ is :

(a) Leave

(b) Hate

(c) Ridiculous

(d) Abnormal.

(v) The antonym of the word ‘uniform’ is :

(a) Gentle

(b) Variable

(c) Refreshing

(d) Indifference.                                                                                                    (1 mark each)


(i) (b) Hanger

(ii) (b) Immigrants

(iii) (a) From the beginning

(iv) (a) Leave

(v) (b) Variable

2008 – Dec [2] (b) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :

(i) The word ‘errata’ means-

(a) In harmony

(b) List of errors

(c) Last resort

(d) Infinity.

(ii) ‘One who does not believe in the existence of God’ is called-

(a) Atheist

(b) Agnostic

(c) Philanthropist

(d) Malinger.

(iii) The abbreviation ‘e.g.’ means –

(a) That is

(b) Namely

(c) For example

(d) Nevertheless.

(iv) The abbreviation ‘E & OE’ refers to –

(a) Errors and omission excusable

(b) Errors and omissions eliminated

(c) Errors and omission eligible

(d) Errors and omissions excepted.

(v) The semi-colon (;) is used to –

(a) Introduce material that explains

(b) Construct words to clarify meanings

(c) Separate subordinate clauses

(d) Separate two or more independent clauses.                                                        (5 marks)


(i) (b)

(ii) (a)

(iii) (c)

(iv) (d)

(v) (d).

2009 – June [2] (b) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :

(i) Window dressing refers to-

(a) Painting the window

(b) Putting curtains on the window

(c) Artificial inflation of assets which will wear off after the year end

(d) None of the above.

(ii) Silver lining means –

(a) Putting silver on the four sides of an object

(b) Drawing a line on silver bar

(c) Artificial decoration

(d) A ray of hope.

(iii) Vote-on-account denotes –

(a) A statement of the funds needed to run the government for a short period

(b) Voting on account of corporate governance

(c) Voting by the members of an accounting institute

(d) General elections to the Lok Sabha.

(iv) A person who seeks to promote the welfare of poor by donating money, is known as-

(a) Benefactor

(b) Philanthropist

(c) Collaborator

(d) Ornithologist.

(v) The Latin phrase mutatis mutandis stands for-

(a) With the necessary changes

(b) A way of doing something

(c) A deadlock

(d) Privilege entails responsibility.                                                                       (1 mark each)


(i) (c) Artificial inflation of assets which will wear off after the year end.

(ii) (d) A ray of hope

(iii) (a) A Statement of the funds needed to run the Government for a

short period.

(iv) (b) Philanthropist

(v) (a) With the necessary changes.

2009 – Dec [2] (b) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :

(i) Member of a race or tribe that has no fixed location but wanders from place to place is called —

(a) Ransack

(b) Malinger

(c) Nomad

(d) Connoisseur.

(ii) * A fair-weather friend is a friend —

(a) Who comes to your rescue in difficulties

(b) Who deserts you in difficulties

(c) Who is always eager to help you

(d) Who is a friend of your friend.

(iii) Which one of the following is a function of the colon (:) —

(a) To separate two or more independent clauses

(b) To introduce quotations or direct speech

(c) To form a word when a noun and verb are combined

(d) To emphasize contrasts.

(iv) The word ‘abandon’ means —

(a) Leave

(b) Detest

(c) Bundle

(d) Silly.

(v) The antonym of the word ‘accord’ is —

(a) Reject

(b) Discord

(c) Disagree

(d) Decrease.                                                                                                       (1 mark each)


(i) (c) Nomad

(ii) (b) Who deserts you in difficulties

(iii) (b) To introduce quotations or direct speech

(iv) (a) Leave

(v) (b) Discord

2009 – Dec [3] (a) Words have different meanings in different contexts/situations. Make sentences of your own using any five of the following words to bring out their two different meanings :

(i) Even

(ii) Soil

(iii) Quarter

(iv) Cover

(v) Run                                                                                                               (2 marks each)


(i) Even: The athlete kept running at an even pace.

Ram knows even less than me.

(ii) Soil: The scandal in Satyam Computers soiled its reputation.

The soil of U.P. is fertile

(iii) Quarter: Now, the companies have to declare their financial results every quarter.

I got help from an unexpected quarter of the …………… society.

(iv) Cover: The IIBM course will cover a range of subjects.

His neat office was a cover for his real work.

(v) Run: Ramesh runs faster than Rahim.

India made 434 runs against South Africa in the Sharjah Cricket Match.

2010 – June [2] (a) Attempt the following as directed against each :

(i) Raman gets up early every morning and brews coffee for his wife.

His wife leaves for work. …………… (Than/Then) Raman ……………

(lays/lies) down for a nap. (Choose the correct words to fill-in the blank spaces.)

(ii) She is that rare politician …………… (who/whom) has strong ethical  ……………   (principals/princiolest. (Choose the correct words to fill-in the blank spaces.)

(iii) The science of numbers and their operations is known as   …………… . (Fill-in the blank space choosing the correct word-mathematics/mathamatics-to convey the correct meaning.)

(iv) Tsunami was a disastrous event. Who can forget the …………… .

(Fill-in the blank space choosing the correct word-tradegy/tragedy-to convey the correct meaning.)

(v) You always pass failure on way to …………… . (Fill-in the blank space

with antonym of the underlined word.)

(vi) The dreams were really disturbing, and I told my husband that I must have a guilty conscious. (Change the underlined adjective to noun.)

(vii) “Breaking news from Toy Fair: Barbie and Ken have broken up! After 43 years of dating, its all over for the prince and princess of plastic”. (Change the possessive pronoun to contraction.)

(viii) The overnight rise …………… Dalai Street was not maintainable.

(Write appropriate preposition in the blank space.)

(ix) We cannot have negative thoughts about the manager. (Change into positive sentence.)

(x) Blueline bus kills 60-year old man alive. [Avoid unnecessary word(s).]        (1 mark each)

(b) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :

(i) The term ‘secretarius’ conveys the meaning—

(a) Officer of the highest cadre

(b) Confidential officer to whom confidential matters can be entrusted

(c) Officer in default

(d) None of the above.

(ii) Having no hair on the head is called—

(a) Bald

(b) Dumb

(c) Deaf

(d) Bold.

(iii) A ‘sleeping partner’ in a partnership firm refers to that partner—

(a) Who sleeps all the time

(b) Who becomes partner without any investment

(c) Who invests money in the firm but does not take active part in running it

(d) Who is a partner in many firms.

,(iv) The term ‘mainland’ means—

(a) The capital city of a country

(b) The largest province of a country

(c) The main area of land of a country not including islands and separate territories

(d) The area which is the most prosperous in a country.

(v) The prefix ‘poly’ in the word ‘polygon’ denotes—

(a) Huge

(b) Small

(c) Many

(d) Single.                                                                                                            (1 mark each)


(a) (i) Then, lies

(ii) Who, principles

(iii) Mathematics.

(iv) Tragedy

(v) Success

(vi) Conscienoe

(vii) It’s (It is)

(viii) On / in

(ix) We have positive thoughts about the manager.

(x) Blue line bus kills 60 – year man.

(b) (i) (b) Confidential officer to whom confidential matters can be


(ii) (a) Bald

(iii) (c) Who invests money in the firm but does not take active part in

running it

(iv) (c) The main area of land of a country not including islands and

separate territories

(v) (c) Many.

2010 – Dec [2] (b) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :

(i) The term ‘feeding’ means —

(a) Consuming

(b) Supplying

(c) Nourishing

(d) Encouraging.

(ii) A person chosen by disputing parties to settle their differences is called —

(a) Agent

(b) Partner

(c) Arbitrator

(d) Owner.

(iii) A person who has no national prejudices and is at home in every country is called—

(a) Cosmopolitan

(b) Nomad

(c) Connoisseur

(d) Agnostic.

(iv) . Murderer of one’s own brother is called —

\(a) Patricide

(b) Regicide

(c) Matricide

(d) Fratricide.

(v) The apostrophe (’) is used to —

(a) Denote possession and other kind of relationship

(b) Introduce direct speech

(c) Join words and sentences

(d) Point out the reader’s attention forward.                                                        (1 mark each)


(i) Nourishing (c)

(ii) Arbitrator (c)

(iii) Cosmopolitan (c)

(iv) Fratricide (d)

(v) Denote possession and other kind of relationship, (a)

2010 – Dec [3] (b) Give full form of the following :

(i) ©

(ii) Cll

(iii) vs.

(iv) NBFC

(v) CWG.                                                                                                              (1 mark each)


(i) Copyright

(ii) Confederation of Indian industry.

(iii) Versus.

(iv) Non-Banking Financial Company.

(v) Commonwealth Games.

2011 – June [3] (a) Make sentences of your own using the following words / phrases / idioms to bring out their meanings :

(i) Quid pro quo

(ii) Chauffeur

(iii) Put in the papers.                                                                                          (1 mark each)

(b) Make sentences of your own using the following pair of words to bring out their meanings:

(i) Desert – Dessert

(ii) Detain – Retain

(iii) Rack – Rake.                                                                                               (2 marks each)

(c) Words have different meanings in different contexts/situations. Make sentences of your own using the following words to bring out their two different meanings:

(i) Present

(ii) Graft

(iii) Key.                                                                                                             (2 marks each)


(a) (i) Quid pro quo: The statement is emphatic is stating that there must

be a quid pro quo.

(ii) Chauffeur: It was certainly useful to have him there to chauffeur her around.

(iii) Put in the papers: Mr. B. Raju CEO of the Company had put in his papers about a month back.

(b) (i) Desert – Dessert

Sahara Desert is proving to be good source of wild life species. She had home made ice-cream for dessert.

(ii) Detain – Retain

The act allows police to detain a suspect for upto 48 hours.

The interior of the shop still retains a nineteenth century atmosphere.

(iii) Rack – Rake

My ruck sack was too big for the luggage-rack.

I watched the men rake leaves into heaps.

(c) (i) Present

  • He has brought much of the present crisis on himself.
  • The President was presented a bouquet by the children.

(ii) Graft

  • I am having asking graft on my arm soon.
  • Rear trees are grafted on quince root stocks.

(iii) Key

  • The put the key in the door and entered.
  • You will find a key at the front of the book.

2011 – Dec [2] (b) Write the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following:

(i) Once who calculates insurance and annuity premium:

(a) Investor

(b) Insurer

(c) Actuary

(d) Atheist.

(ii) The process by which green plants prepare their own food is known


(a) Photosynthesis

(b) Symbiosis

(c) Perspiration

(d) Biochemistry.

(iii) Putting to death painlessly especially to end suffering is called:

(a) Genocide

(b) Euthanasia

(c) Megalomania

(d) Dilemma.

(iv) The term topography means:

(a) Nature of settlements

(b) Nature of land

(c) Nature of water bodies

(d) Nature of mines.

(v) A thing that is tit to be eaten is known as:

(a) Versatile

(b) Popular

(c) Edible

(d) Inedible.                                                                                                          (1 mark each)


(i) (c) Actuary

(ii) (a) Photosynthesis

(iii) (b) Euthanasia

(iv) (b) Nature of land

(v) (c) Edible.

2011 – Dec [3] (a) Make sentences of your own using the following pair of words to bring out their meanings:

(i) Suit – Suite

(ii) Umpire – Empire

(iii) Peace – Piece.                                                                                             (2 marks each)

(b) Make sentences of your own using the following words/phrases/idioms to bring out their meanings:

(i) Lock into

(ii) To lose they day

(iii) In the nick of time.                                                                                         (1 mark each)

(c) Words have different meanings in different contexts/situations. Make sentences of your own using the following words to bring out their two different meanings:

(i) Table

(ii) Light

(iii) Mind                                                                                                             (2 marks each)


(a) (i) Suit: His wedding suit was beautiful.

Suite: The hotel had various luxurious suites.

(ii) Umpire (A referee): The umpire is impartial.

Empire (Domination): The British Empire still has a queen.

(iii) Peace (Freedom from disturbance): Social peace is very essential ‘ for a country.

Piece (Portion): A piece of land is lying vacant in our street. ,

(b) (i) Look into (to examine): We shall look into the matter very carefully.

(ii) To lose the day (to be defeated): If they had failed to attack at the crucial moment, they would surely have lost the day.

(iii) In the nick of time (at the last possible moment): We arrived at the airport and boarded our place in the nick of time.

(c) (i) Table: We have ordered two tables and three chairs.

His article was missing from th table of contents.

(ii) Light: Nita was asked to switch off the lights immediately and go to sleep.

Tina has rosy cheeks and light brown hair.

(iii) Mind: Geeta has a sharp mind (great mental ability).

He changed his mind (opinion) at the last moment.

2012 – J une [2] (b) Write the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following:

(i) The expression ‘to formally put an end to’ means:

(a) Abolish

(b) Abandon

(c) Excerpt

(d) Surrender.

(ii) A remedy for all diseases or difficulties is called:

(a) Panacea

(b) Concrete

(c) Numismatics

(d) Philistine.

(iii) The antonym of the word humble is:

(a) Smart

(b) Wise

(c) Proud

(d) Rich.

(iv) Opportune means:

(a) Coming at the right time

(b) Opportunity

(c) Celebration

(d) Occasion.

(v) The place where an aeroplane is housed is known as:

(a) Shed

(b) Yard

(c) Cold Storage

(d) Hangar.


(i) (a) Abolish

(ii) (a) Panacea

(iii) (c) Proud

(iv) (a) Coming at the right time

(v) (d) Hangar

2012 – June [3] (a) Make sentences of your own using the following pair of words to bring out their meanings:

(i) Check – Cheque

(ii) Lose – Loose

(iii) Storey – Story                                                                                                       (2 marks)

(b) Make sentences of your own using the following phrases/idioms to bring out their meanings:

(i) Hard nut to crack

(ii) Gift of the gab

(iii) Round the clock

(iv) To get the wind of.                                                                                         (1 mark each)

(c) Write full form of the following:

(i) VIP

(ii) LOU

(iii) E&OE

(iv) A/c

(v) e.g.                                                                                                                  (1 mark each)


(a) (i) Check – Who can check the work of an officer? (Verify)

Cheque – He gave me a blank cheque, (a negotiable instrument used in trade)

(ii) Lose – You have more to gain than lose by attending his lectures, (be deprived of)

Losse – Loose clothes are again in fashion these days, (not fitting closely)

(iii) Storey – Anju lives on the fourth storey of the house.

Story – My grandmother is telling a story to my younger brother.

(b) (i) Hard nut to crack: To pass IAS is a hard nut to crack.

(ii) Gift of the gab: One of the basic qualities of a successful politician is to have the gift of the gab (fluency and eloquence of speech).

(iii) Round the clock: We had to take care of the patient round the clock.

(iv) To get the wind of: The government got the wind of (to hear about something) plot well in time.

(c) (i) VIP – Very Important Person

(ii) LOU – I owe you

(iii) E&OE – Errors and Omissions Excepted

(iv) A/c – Account

(v) E.g. – for example

2012 – Dec [2] (b) Write the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following:

(i) The scientific study of birds is called:

(a) Ecology

(b) Ornithology

(c) Biology

(d) Zoology.

(ii) Errata is a list of:

(a) Rates

(b) Errors

(c) Repetitions

(d) Examples.

(iii) The synonym of the word, ‘didactic’ is:

(a) Expository

(b) Informative

(c) Explanatory

(d) Moralising.

(iv) A Shortened form of a word is called:

(a) Abbreviation

(b) Derivation

(c) Permutation

(d) Differentiation.

(v) ‘Ad infinitum’ means:

(a) Perpetually

(b) Gradually

(c) Initially

(d) Quietly.


(i) (b) Ornithology

(ii) (b) Errors

(iii) (d) Moralising

(iv) (a) Abbreviation

(v) (a) Perpetually

2012 – Dec [3] (a) Make sentences of your own using the following words/phrases/idioms to bring out their meanings:

(i) The ins and outs

(ii) To rise to the occasion

(iii) Entourage

(iv) Impasse

(v) To burn one’s fingers.                                                                                    (1 mark each)

(b) Make sentences of your own using the following pair of words to bring out their respective meanings:

(i) Elicit – Illicit

(ii) Cite – Site

(iii) Portable – Potable.                                                                                      (2 marks each)

(c) Write full form of the following:

(i) E&OE

(ii) BCC

(iii) RSVP

(1 mark each)

(iv) e.g.


(a) (i) The ins and outs: The trainees have yet to learn the ins and outs

of online trading.

(ii) To rise to the occasion: The Indian cricket team must rise to the occasion & clinch the series.

(iii) Entourage (one’s attendant or associate): The President’s entourage was given a warm welcome on arrival.

(iv) Impasse (deadlock): Anita has reached an impasse in her career.

(v) To burn one’s fingers: The company is reluctant to burn its fingers by reinstating sacked workers.

(b) (i) Elicit (draws out): The police failed to elicit much information from

the accused.

Illicit (unlawful): Illicit liquor flows freely in States where prohibition is in force.

(ii) Cite (quoted): He cited many examples in support of his argument.

Site (place): This is the new site for the college building.

(Iii) Portable (easily carried): A portable generator was needed to continue the rescue operation.

Potable (suitable for drinking): Providing potable water in far flung areas is a challenge for the govt.

(c) (i) ES&OE: Errors & Omissions excepted

(ii) BCC : Blind Carbon Copy

(iii) RSVP : Repondez S’il Vous-Plait or Reply if you please

(iv) E.g.: For example

2018 • May [8] (b) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word:

(i) Perpetual

(1) General (2) Emotional

(3) Stubborn (4) Continuous                                                                                         (1 mark)


  1. Continuous.

2018 – May [8] (b) Select a suitable antonym for the word given in question:

(ii) Disparage

(1) Eulogise (2) Belittle

(3) Alert (4) Defame                                                                                                     (1 mark)


  1. Defame.

2018 – May [9] (b) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word:

(i) Despot

(1) Tyrant (2) Storage

(3) Hot meal (4) Against                                                                                               (1 mark)

(ii) Illicit

(1) Storage (2) Emotional

(3) Unlawful (4) Grand                                                                                                  (1 mark)


(i) 1. Tyrant.

(ii) 3. Unlawful.

2018 – May [10] (b) Complete the expression by supplying a suitable preposition or adverb particle. Choose your answer from the options given in brackets.

(i) We will take this issue when we meet next week.

(up/on/over)                                                                                                                  (1 mark)

Answer: *•

(i) up.

2018 – May [11] (b) Select the correct meaning of idioms/phrases given below:

(i) Storm in tea cup

(1) Crave for something

(2) Drink tea often

(3) Get into quarrel

(4) Making a big issue out of a small thing.                                                                  (1 mark)


(ii) To grease the palm

(1) Treat suffer (2) To otter bribe

(3) To swim in deep sea (4) To be in deep thought.                                                    (1 mark)


(i) 4. Making a big issue out ot a small thing.

(ii) 2. To offer bribe.

2018 – Nov [8] (b) (i) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word :


(1) Regular (2) Expert

(3) Weak . (4) Reserve

(1 mark)

(ii) Select a suitable antonym for the following word:


(1) Disturb (2) Attend

(3) Oppose • (4) Attack

(1 mark)


(i) Proficient: (2) Expert.

(ii) Support: (3) Oppose.

2018 – Nov [9] (b) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word:

(i) Fiction

(1) Fantasy (2) Story

(3) Fact (4) Reality                                                                                                       (1 mark)

(ii) Demote

(1) Rise – (2) Upgrade

(3) Decline (4) Downgrade                                                                                           (1 mark)


(i) Fiction: (1) Fantasy

(ii) Demote: (4) Downgrade

2018 – Nov [11] (b) (i) Select the correct meaning of the following idioms/ phrases among the alternatives given befbw:

Out of the blue

  1. Something happens that was unexpected. .
  2. Something happens that was very much expected.
  3. From the sky
  4. From the Ocean (1 mark)

(ii) Day in and day out

  1. Coming and returning in day time
  2. The day of importance
  3. Continuously
  4. Within a day (1 mark)


(i) Out of the blue : (1) Something happens that was unexpected. Example : Out of the blue, a deer come in front of my car.

(ii) Day in and Day Out: (3) Continuously Example : He plays day in and day out.

2019 – June [8] (b) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word:



(1) Straight (2) Tapering

(3) Twisted (4) Circle                                                                                                    (1 mark)

(i) Select a suitable antonym for the word given under:


(1) Injury (2) Ease

(3) Accident (4) Horrifying                                                                                            (1 mark)


(i) Crooked – Twisted.

(ii) Predicament -Ease

2019 – June [9] (b) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word :

  • (i) Reckless

(1) Cautious (2) Clear

(3) Careless (4) Fearless                                                                                             (1 mark)

(ii) Humongous

(1) Minute (2) Huge

(3) Hungry (4) Hassel                                                                                                   (1 mark)


(i) Reckless – Careless

(ii) Humongous – Huge

2019 – June [11] (b) Select the correct meaning of idioms / phrases given below:

(i) Cry over spilled milk

(1) Drain milk

(2) Complain about something that cannot be rectified

(3) Get into altercation with someone

(4) Misbehave with someone                                                                                       (1 mark)

(ii) Judge a book by its cover.

(1) Reading a book

(2) To detect a fraud

(3) Rely on outward appearances

(4) To be intimated by appearances                                                                            (1 mark)

(iv) Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given



(1) Enthrall (2) Gruesome

(3) Scary (4) Harmony                                                                                                  (1 mark)


(i) Cry Over Spilled Milk- complain about something that cannot be rectified.

(ii) Judge a book by its cover – Rely on outward appearances

(iv) Mesmerized – Enthrall

Descriptive Questions

2003 – Dec [1] (a) Mention two characteristics of the ‘unique selling

proposition’ (USP) of Business English.                                                                    (2 marks)

(b) What are supportive and opposing prefixes? Give an example of each.

(4 marks)


(a) Simple language usage and taking into account the knowledge and needs of the receiver are the two USP of Business English.

(b) Supportive prefixes are added before the root word and it also supports the root word.

Eg : Pro – (Progamist)

Opposing prefixes oppose the action denoted by the root word.

Eg : Anti – (Antigen)

2004 – June [1] (b) Explain the following terms:

(i) C&F

(ii) Letter of credit

(iii) Bill of lading

(iv) Bill of exchange.                                                                                                   (2 marks)


(i) C&F : It is a short term of cost and freight which is a term of sale. In it the seller is responsible for all the cost incurred in transporting goods to final destination excluding marine, insurance, foreign clearance etc. \

(ii) Letter of credit : It is a letter addressed by a banker to a correspondent abroad authorising payment of a specified sum on its credit to the mentioned beneficiary under given norms or conditions.

(iii) Bill of lading : It is a contract issued by a transport company usually a shipping company showing details of goods being shipped and the terms on which they are to be carried.

(iv) Bill of exchange : It is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order, signed by the maker, directing a certain person to pay a certain sum of money only to, or to the order of a certain person or to the bearer of the instrument.

2005 – June [1] (a) Explain the following :

(i) Face value

(ii) Demat

(iii) BPO

(iv) Road show.                                                                                                          (2 marks)


(i) Face value : The amount printed on the face of the security as opposed to its market value also known as nominal value .

(ii) Demat: Short form of ftematerialisation, which means conversion of securities (shares/debentures) from paper form to electronic form.

(iii) BPO : Business process outsourcing. It involves the full transfer of responsibilities and compliance to the outsourcing company. The outsourcing provide then administers these functions on their own system to agreed service standards and at a guaranteed cost.

(iv) Road show : A show to promote or market new issues, products or services to potential users or buyers.

2005 – Dec [1] (b) Attempt the following:

(i) How does an abbreviation differ from an acronym?

(2 marks)

(ii) What do you understand by bad debts?


(i) Abbreviations are the shortened form of a word, text or a phrase, where as acronyms are words formed from the initial letters of other words.

(ii) Bad debts can be defined as an open account balance or loan that is not possible to be collected.

2006 – Dec [1] (b) Provide the meaning of the following idioms/ phrases and use them in sentences of your own :

(i) To rise to the occasion

(ii) A burning question

(iii) Good offices.

(iv) Pros and cons.                                                                                              (1 mark each)

Answer :

(i) To rise to the occasion : To act daringly, as the situation demands. In the face of an attack by the enemy, the General motivated his army men to rise to the occasion.

(ii) A burning question : A question which is of importance to a number of people.

During the elections in USA, the burning question was who would win: Lady Clinton or Obama.

(iii) Good offices : Influence.

Ram could get this post of office through the good offices of his boss.

(iv) Pros and cons : Points of arguments for and against some one. Before concluding, the Judge was advised to weigh the pros and cons of the judgement op the deceased person.

Practice Questions

Q.1: Catagorize the words from each group of words given below positive, negative or neutral.

  1. Fragrance, odour, a smell sensed by the oil factory nerve.


  1. A young age, youthful, immature.
  2. Not having care irresponsible carefree.
  3. Unique, not commonly found strange.
  4. Find, detect, stoop.
  5. Saving, stingy, thrifty.
  6. Questioning, nosy interested.


Q.2: Select a suitable antonym for the word given in question.

Positive connotationDenotationNegative connotation
1.Fragrancea smell sensed by the factory nerveodour
2.Youthfula young ageImmature
3.Carefreenot having careirresponsible
4.Uniquenot commonly foundStrange
  1. Dote

(a) aversion

(b) antidote

(c) foolish

(d) creativity

  1. Reminisce

(a) create

(b) originate

(c) ignore

(d) credit

  1. Onus

(a) easement

(b) capability

(c) belief

(d) obligation

  1. Expedite

(a) dispatch

(b) dawdle

(c) overlook

(d) creed

  1. Squalor

(a) consumption

(b) impurity

(c) wealth

(d) indigence

  1. Nexus

(a) separation

(b) respect

(c) distraction

(d) connection


  1. (b)
  2. (c)
  3. (a)
  4. (b)
  5. (c)
  6. (a)

Q.3: In each sentence below, select the word that means the opposite of the italicized word.

  1. The plane will arrive on time.

(a) depart

(b) meet

(c) improve

  1. They need to swim at the shallow end of the pool.

(a) bright

(b) deep

(c) clear

  1. She had a big smile when she received her birthday present.

(a) frown

(b) happy

(c) fight

  1. The animals at the zoo are tame.

(a) friendly

(b) excited

(c) wild


  1. (a)
  2. (b)
  3. (a)
  4. (c)

Q.4: Make new words combining the root word and one of the following prefixes. Prefix is to be used twice only.

Nonmisimun ve

Q.5: Use a prefix to find the opposite of the given words:-



Q.6: Complete the following sentences by using the appropriate form of the word given in the bracket. (Use a prefix or suffix):

  1. He was acting in a very …………… way.(child)
  2. She looked …………… . She started to cry.(happy)
  3. He passed his exam. He was …………… for the second time.(succeed)
  4. I couldn’t find any …………… in his theory.(weak)
  5. There were only a …………… of people at the match.
  6. The road was too narrow, so they had to …………… it.(widen).

Q.7: Each sentence given below contains an incomplete phrasal verb.

Complete the expression.

  1. I can’t hear you. Can you speak please, (up/over/out)
  2. Look! The Plane is taking …………… (coff/over/up)
  3. Please, turn the light …………… before leaving, (over/out/off)
  4. You should do …………… your coat. It’s getting cold. (Up/on/at)
  5. I unreally get …………… around nine o’ clock every morning. (Up/on/at)
  6. The alarm went …………… at 6, but I didn’t hear it. (out/off way)

Q.8: Complete the followings sentences by filling in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs.

  1. MY car broke down on the freeway. (Broke down/ broke up/broke through)
  2. I’m really tired because l got up at Sam this morning.(get around/ get up/ got on)
  3. Friends can help you to get through a difficult time in your life, (get around/get by/get through)
  4. The polices are trying to crack down on drunk drivers, (crack up/ crack down/ crack through)
  5. The thief managed to break through the police barricade, (break in/break through/break on)

Q.9: Complete the following sentences using appropriate idiomatic expressions.

  1. If she has …………… her mind on something, there is no stopping her.

(a) set

(b) kept

(c) turned

  1. Although I tried really hard, I couldn’t take my mind …………… the

work presence.

(a) on

(b) off

(c) of

  1. …………… . my mind, this is quite acceptable.

(a) for

(b) to

(c) at

  1. This apartment was designed with Ann mind.

(a) in

(b) on

(c) at

  1. My mind has gone …………… I can’t remember anything.

(a) wrong

(b) blank

(c) full

  1. There is nothing that you can’t achieve if you put your …………… to it.

(a) brain

(b) mind

(c) heart

  1. You look worried. Have you get something your mind?

(a) on

(b) off

(c) at

  1. Come on, …………… up your mind.

(a) make

(b) bring

(c) put

  1. Knowing that he is just a phone call away is a …………… off my mind.

(a) matter

(b) weight

(c) concern

  1. I told them that I have a/an …………… mind on the matter.

(a) open

(b) closed

(c) sincere


  1. (a)
  2. (b)
  3. (b)
  4. (a)
  5. (b)
  6. (b)
  7. (a)
  8. (a)

9- (b)

  1. (a)

Q.16: Identify the idiom in the given sentences and determine the meaning from the content.

  1. A fair weather friend always tries to fish in troubled waters of his friends and benefactors. (To get benefit in bad situation)
  2. His arrogant behavior with others has left him high and dry (isolated)
  3. All the residents of the colony painted the town red on the eve of festival. (To celebrate noisy in public places)
  4. The chairman pulled a long face when the house did not accept the suggestions put forth by him. (To look disappointed)
  5. The fair and square policy of the chairman of the committee has made him very popular among the residents of the town. (Honest)
  6. I do not like his habit of mincing matter. (not to speak plainly)
  7. The chairman of the corporation plays a second fiddle to the minister. (to play a secondary role)
  8. He had ter go through the motion of starting with this new project as he was least interested to take up it. (to do a work without enthusiasm)

Q.11: Select the correct meaning of the idioms/phrases given below.

  1. Black Sheep

(a) a costly item

(b) a dark shining object

(c) an unworthy person in a family or group

(d) a funny man

  1. Oily tongue

(a) flattery (b) hungry person

(c) strong critic (d) rich food

  1. Lion’s share

(a) no share at all (b) greater share of a thing

(c) miserly (d) very small item

  1. Heart and soul

(a) very sincerely and seriously

(b) honesty

(c) wearily

(d) very casually

  1. To clear the air

(a) to work hard (b) to wash properly

(c) to remove tension (d) to create confusion

  1. To chew the cud

(a) to be very annoyed (b) to think deeply

(c) to eat humble food (d) to start doing something new

  1. To start a march

(a) to outshine (b) to start early

(c) to command an army (d) to overtake

  1. Gift of the gab

(a) lucky

(b) a big surprise

(c) to have a talent for speaking

(d) an honest person

  1. To have cold feet

(a) to feel very cold (b) to pay much attention to

(c) to lose confidence (d) to pour water or something »

  1. To be above board

(a) to have a good height (b) to be honest in any deal

(c) to have no debts (d) to be able to swim


  1. (c) ”
  2. (a)

3- (b)

4- (a)

  1. (a)
  2. (b)
  3. (a)
  4. (c)
  5. (c)
  6. (b)




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