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Vlookup and Hlookup

Vlookup and Hlookup 

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Microsoft Excel lookup is a Microsoft Excel function that searches for values in a column or row of a spreadsheet list or table. The V in VLOOKUP stands for vertical(column) while the H in HLOOKUP stands for horizontal (row).

Now A days For Every Professional Student it is very much necessary to know basic Excel concepts in which Vlookup and Hlookup are the most important ones

When performing a VLOOKUP, each match returns the corresponding value in the same row in the next column. For example, when looking up a number in a phone book, you read down the list of names until you find the name and then move your finger to the right to find the associated phone number.

A real world example of how a VLOOKUP could be used in Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet containing a list of thousands of part numbers, each with their description and price. Using a VLOOKUP, you could type in the part number and immediately get the description or price of that part number.

Scroll Down and Download Vlookup and Hlookup with example for Reporting

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Click here and Download Vlookup and Hlookup with example for Reporting

Vlookup and Hlookup with example for Reporting


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