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Verbal Reasoning Blood Relations notes-CSEET

Verbal Reasoning Blood Relations notes-CSEET

Verbal Reasoning Blood Relations:

ICSI CSEET: The Council of the ICSI has released a notice regarding CSEET on the day of the inauguration of ICSI Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 4th Oct 2017.

The Gazette Notification on the Company Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 has been published on 3rd February 2020 in the Official Gazette of India and the same shall be applicable from the said date of publication.

Now ICSI Published a notice regarding CSEET Test which going to start from 2020 May.

We are now going to discuss the details of CSEET Paper-2 Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning – Verbal Reasoning Blood Relations notes.

Verbal Reasoning Blood Relations

Verbal Reasoning Blood Relations

Verbal Reasoning Blood Relations:

The questions which are asked in this section depend upon Relation. You should have a sound knowledge of the blood relation in order to solve the questions.

To remember easily the relations may be divided into two sides as given below:

  1. Relations of Paternal side:
  2. Father’s father ? Grandfather
  3. Father’s mother ? Grandmother
  4. Father’s brother ? Uncle
  5. Father’s sister ? Aunt
  6. Children of uncle ? Cousin
  7. Wife of uncle ? Aunt
  8. Children of aunt ? Cousin
  9. Husband of aunt ? Uncle
  10. Relations of Maternal side:
  11. Mother’s father ? Maternal grandfather
  12. Mother’s mother ? Maternal grandmother
  13. Mother’s brother Maternal uncle
  14. Mother’s sister ? Aunt
  15. Children of maternal uncle ? Cousin
  16. Wife of maternal uncle ? Maternal aunt

Relations from one generation to next

Generation IGrandfather, grandmother, maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother
Generation IIMother, father, uncle, aunt, maternal uncle, maternal aunt
Generation IIISelf, sister, sister-in-law, brother, brother-in-law
Generation IVSon, daughter, nephew, niece


Sample Questions

  1. A man pointing to a photograph says, “The lady in the photograph is my nephew’s maternal grandmother.” How is the lady in the photograph related to the man’s sister who has no other sister?
  2. Mother B. Cousin C. Mother-in-law D. Sister-in-law

Answer : A


Clearly, the lady is the grandmother of man’s sister’s son.

i.e. the mother of the mother of man’s sister’s son. i.e. the mother of man’s sister.

So, the lady is man’s mother.

  1. A woman introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother. How is the man related to the woman?
  2. Son B. Nephew C. Grandson         D. Uncle

Answer : D


Brother of mother – Uncle;

Uncle’s son – Cousin.

  1. Prasanna said, “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother.” Who is Prasanna to the girl?
  2. Husband B. Father C. Father-in-law D. Grandfather

Answer : C


Mother’s grandson – Son;

Son’s wife – Daughter-in-law.

  1. If Arun says, “Vimal’ mother is the only daughter of my mother”, how is Arum related to Ravi?
  2. Father B. Brother C. Grandfather D. None of these

Answer : D.


Only daughter of Arun’s mother -Arun’s sister.

So, Vimal’s mother is Arun’s sister (or)

Arun is the brother of Vimal’s mother i.e . Vimal’s maternal uncle.

  1. Pointing to a man in a photograph. Asha said. “His mother’s only daughter is my mother”. How is Asha related to that man?
  2. Wife B. Sister C. Niece D. Nephew

Answer : C


Asha’s mother’s mother is man’s mother i.e.,

Asha’s mother is man’s sister (or)

Asha is man’s niece.

  1. A woman going with a boy is asked by another woman about the relationship between them. The women replied, “My maternal uncle and the uncle of his maternal uncle is the same.” How is the lady related with that boy?
  2. Mother and Son B. Aunt and Nephew C. Grandmother and Grandson D. None of these

Answer : B


Clearly, the brother of woman’s mother is the same as the brother of the father of boy’s maternal uncle.

So, the woman and boy’s mother are cousins.

Thus, the woman is boy’s aunt.

  1. A man said to a lady, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt.” How is the lady related to the man?
  2. Grand daughter B. Mother C. Daughter D. Sister

Answer : D


Lady’s mother husband – Lady’s father;

Lady’s father’s sister – Lady’s aunt.

So, lady’s aunt is man’s aunt and therefore lady is man’s sister.

  1. If X is the brother of the son of Y’s son, how is X related to Y?
  2. Son B. Cousin C. Grandson D. Brother

Answer : C


Son of Y’s son – Grandson;

Brother of Y’s grandson – Y’s grandson.

So X is Y’s grandson.

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