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Verbal Reasoning Alphabet Test notes-CSEET

Verbal Reasoning Alphabet Test notes-CSEET

Verbal Reasoning Alphabet Test:

ICSI CSEET: The Council of the ICSI has released a notice regarding CSEET on the day of the inauguration of ICSI Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 4th Oct 2017.

The Gazette Notification on the Company Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 has been published on 3rd February 2020 in the Official Gazette of India and the same shall be applicable from the said date of publication.

Now ICSI Published a notice regarding CSEET Test which going to start from 2020 May.

We are now going to discuss the details of CSEET Paper-2 Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning – Verbal Reasoning Alphabet Test notes.

Verbal Reasoning Alphabet Test

Verbal Reasoning Alphabet Test

Verbal Reasoning Alphabet Test:

This is also called Alphabetical Order. Generally, there is not tough to understand and solve these types of questions. With enough practice, everyone can ace these questions. Like there may be questions to find the English letters between two English alphabets given in the question. You will also be asked to find out the place of English letter to the right or to the left of the one given in the question.

Questions may vary on the arrangement of alphabets. Like in some questions it may be backward, second half backward or multiple letter segments which are in changed order, etc. In some questions, one may be asked to find the letters that do not change with the change in their alphabetic arrangement and in some questions you will be asked to find the middle letter of the two given English letters in the question.

It is important to note that while solving the questions of alphabetical order you need to keep in mind the forward and backward position of all the alphabets along with its number.

Questions Asked in Alphabetical Order

There is not one single type of question of alphabetical order that is asked in exams. But rather there are many types of these questions which can be asked in the competitive exams. They are

  1. Series of alphabets
  2. Problems related to letter gap
  3. Problems related to word formation
  4. Words in the alphabetical order

For better understanding, we will provide you with the solved example of each and every type of question that can come under the Alphabetical Order section of Reasoning Ability.

Series of alphabets

This type of questions does not follow any rule and thus we would advise you to get enough practice. So that you can quickly solve these type of questions.

  1. Which of the following options is fifth to the left of the 11th letter from the left in a forward series of the alphabet?
  2. H 2. G 3. I 4. E

In this type of question first we need to find the eleventh letter from the left in the forward series which is as follows:

A B C D E F G H I J K. Here K is the eleventh letter in the series, now from the eleventh letter we need to go five letters to the left again which will be: K J I H G. Hence G is the correct answer which is number 2 in the option.

Problems related to the Letter Gap

This question is purely based on your logic and how quickly you remember the alphabets.

  1. In the word ‘CHAIRS’, how many pairs of the letters have the same number of letters between them in the word as in alphabet?
  2. 1 2. 3 3. 4 4. 2

Here in between C and A, there is one letter H and in general alphabets also there is one letter between them which is B. While in R and S there are no letters in between which is the same as in the alphabets. So the correct answer to this question is option – 4.

Problems related to word formation

These questions require more practice than any other type of questions. It is also important to have a good set of vocabulary.

  1. If the name of a game is formed by rearranging the letters of the word MODBANTIN, than what will be the first and the last letter of the name?
  2. A, T 2. N, D 3. B, N 4. B, T

Here the name of the game that will be formed is Badminton. And its first and last letters are B and N. Thus option (3) is the correct answer.

Words in the alphabetical order

In these types of questions, you need to find which word will come first based on their alphabetical order

  1. Arrange the question based on the initial letter of the word given in the alphabetical order.
  2. Fame 2. Shame 3. Name 4. Came

‘Came’ comes first in the alphabetical order. ‘Fame’ comes second in the alphabetical order. ‘Name’ comes third in the alphabetical order. ‘Shame’ comes forth in the alphabetical order.

Practice Questions

  1. How many meaning words can be formed using the first, fourth, seventh, and eighth letter of the word ‘SUPERFLUOUS’?
  2. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

Answer : Option A

  1. How many letters are there in between the 7th letter from the left and 8th from right in the English Alphabets?
  2. 8 B. 9 C. 10 D. 11

Answer : Option D

  1. Which is the 11th letter to the left of the 4th letter from the right when you write the English alphabets in backward order?
  2. P B. Q C. O D. N

Answer : Option C

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