11. Read Those Terms of Service

I never paid much attention to legal website disclaimers, and I wish I had. Website terms of service, disclosure and privacy policy are important, not only to protect the company but also the customer. We now use Snapterms which provides the legal documentation you need to protect your company from litigation by clearly spelling out rights and responsibilities of each party.

12. Hire a Trustworthy Lawyer

At one point, I was being sued by the Department of Workforce Services for $100K. I had no idea I even needed to work with them when I first started up! Luck would have it that I had a great lawyer and ended up settling for a heck of a lot less.

13. Look Out, Lawyers Get Expensive

I thought I needed an attorney for everything. If you educate yourself about legal issues in your industry, you will know when you do need to include an attorney–and save a lot of money in the meantime.

14. Always Read the Fine Print

Read the fine print if you are using another company’s API to build your business. Make sure there aren’t call restrictions or commercialization limitations.