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Understanding CMA questions

Understanding CMA questions



First of all, being a CMA confirms that you have a mastery of the critical skills and knowledge in planning, analysis, control, and decision support. This is in the realm of accounting, finance, and business management.

Lastly, salary surveys continue to show that CMAs earn substantially higher than their non-certified peers. On average, CMAs earn over $110,000/year.

Strategies to Understanding CMA questions:


  • Stay positive and don’t be afraid of this section
  • If you show your work and assumptions, you can earn partial credits
  • Expect 3 to 6 questions for each essay scenario
  • You can scroll between questions and scenarios within the essay section. This will help you assess how much time you’ll need for responses
  • Pay close attention to verbs. If it says compare or contrast, don’t spend your time defining something. Only do what is asked on the question
  • Read the entire question to understand all requirements
  • Focus is on the use of standard English, organization and clarity
  • Graders are looking for effective writing skills
  • Be brief and to the point. Bullet points are OK
  • Don’t leave questions blank. If short on time, at least write an outline of your main points
  • Graders are looking to give you points, not take them away. Make it as easy for the graders to give you points by showing your work.
  • Be sure to use all the time available to you

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