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Top 10 Safe Investment Plans

Top 10 Safe Investment Plans

As time passes, innumerable options of investment plans are coming forward to give an opportunity to new investors to with them and existing investors to change their investment portfolio.
In this era of constantly changing economic scenarios it is difficult to decide that so and so investment plans are safe and the rest are not….
However based on my knowledge I’m here listing some investment plans that are safer ever compared to the rest of options.

1.Bank fixed deposits :

The money that you invest in fixed deposit fetch a good amount of return i.e, 8 to 9.5% in different banks. And banks obtain insurance for the deposit you placed with them. With the stringent rules and guidelines implied by Reserve Bank of India keep your money safe ,compared to other types of deposits. And this is chargeable to tax as per the assessee’s slab rates And the fluctuations in rate of interest also very slightest among the rest ,as it should be in accordance with the guidelines of RBI.Even though they don’t earn higher interest ,they are safer and fetch moderate return on investment.

2.Recurring Deposit / Sukanya samridhi scheme :

If you have a girl child and eligible for Sukanya samridhi scheme then it is the best option to choose because there are numerous advantages that this scheme offers you.

And for the rest recurring deposits are a good choice.Recurring deposit is a kind of deposit where you need to deposit specific amount at monthly interval. In simple language it enables one to invest certain some of amount in the multiples of 100 mostly. And the rate of interest also nearer to that is offered on fixed deposits. No TDS is deducted by Bank but interest is taxable in the hands of assessee at regular slab rates.

3. Public provident Fund :

PPF is one of the safe investment option available in India ,especially for salaried employees. PPF earns you very good return but you should wait for 15 years. That too this is secured by the norms of government. Even return from PPF is tax-free.
And the invested amount is eligible for deduction u/s 80c of income tax act which is within the specified limit. And the minimum annual investment is 500 only.

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4.Savings bank account:

Amount kept in savings bank provides 4% to 5% per annum.And this interest is calculated on the average monthly balance ,which is also considered for meeting the minimum balance. Banks obtain insurance for this investment also.

5.Post office savings scheme :

Post office savings schemes that gives a monthly return in the form of pension or any other form of right to withdraw periodically are pretty safer ,both from the point of interest and security for the money invested as it is administered by government of India. For example swawalambana yojana /Atal pension scheme funds (Debt depend):

Debt based mutual funds i.e, those mutual fund plans in which entire or major amount of investment is made in debt are safer compared to equity based funds as the risk of losing money is higher in case of equity markets..In case of debt based mutual funds the capital amount invested is always safe and the return earned is also pretty good..

7.National saving certificates:

NSC s are issued by post office for 5 years and 10 years. They are also good if you are looking for safe investments as they are secured by Government of India. Return on investment also not bad ranging in 8% per annum.

8. Balanced mutual funds:

Balanced mutual funds invest major portion say greater than 50% of investments in debt related instruments and only a portion say 20 to 40% in equity related investments. Hence the probability of losing your money through this investment is limited. However balanced mutual funds have provided average returns ranging from 5% to 13% returns over the last 2 years under various market conditions.

9.Tax free bonds:

Tax free bonds are issued each year with a slight change to the already prevailing one which provides tax benefit as well the returns ranging between 8% to 8.5% per annum and these are safe investments as they are governed by central government.

10. Non convertible debentures (secured):

There are several companies which are issuing NCD’s & company deposits (CD) frequently.The safety of these investments would depend on the performance of the business of the entity. However in case you are looking for NCDs, secured NCDs are best option among all where the interest rate ranges between 11% to 13% per annum with a little amount of risk associated with that.Secured NCD holders would be given preference for repayment of capital in case of liquidation of company.

Top 10 Safe Investment Plans

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