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Overview of TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS by Taxmann


Which publishing house has published “TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS by Taxmann“?

The book has been published by TAXMANN PUBLICATIONS PVT LTD.

TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS by Taxmann is in which language?

The book is in English

What is the Table of Content of TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS by Taxmann?

The Table of Content is
1. What is Capital Gains
2. Which Income is Taxable Under the Head “Capital Gains”
3. What is ‘Capital Asset’?
4. What is ‘Transfer’?
5. Which Transfers do Not Give Rise to Taxable Capital Gains
6. How to Classify Capital Assets as Short – Term Capital Assets and Long – Term Capital Assets
7. Year of Taxability of Capital Gains
8. Computation of Capital Gains – Short – Term Capital Gains and Long – Term Capital Gains
9. How to Compute Full Value of Consideration
10. What is Expenditure on Transfer of Capital Assets?
11. What is Cost of Acquisition?
12. What is Cost of Improvement?
13. What is Indexed Cost of Acquisition and Indexed Cost of Improvement?
14. Rollover Deduction in Respect of Profit on Sale of Property Used for Residence [Section 54]
15. Deduction of Rollover of Gain on Transfer of Land Used for Agricultural Purposes [Section 54B]
16. Rollover Deduction in Respect of Capital Gain on Compulsory Acquisition of Lands and Buildings [Section 54D]
17. Rollover Deduction in Respect of Investment of Capital Gains in Specified Bonds [Section 54EC]
18. Deduction in Respect of Long Term Capital Gain Invested in Residential House [Section 54F]
19. Tax Incentives for Transfer of Assets on Shifting of Industrial Undertakings from Urban Area / Shifting of Industrial Undertaking from Urban Area to Any Special Economic Zone (SEZ) [Section 54G / 54GA]
20. Tax Incentives for Investment in Capital of a Small or Medium Enterprise Under New Section 54GB
21. Tax Computation in Respect of Ltcg and Stcg
22. Reference to Valuation Officer
23. Loss Under the Head Capital Gains
24. Distribution of Assets by Companies in Liquidation
25. How to Compute Capital Gains in Case of Buyback of Shares / Specified Securities
26. Capital Gain and Depreciable Assets
27. Slump Sale
28. Capital Gain on Intangible Assets
29. Charitable Trust and Capital Gains
30. Capital Gain in Real Estate Transactions
31. Non – Residents
32. Power of CBDT to Relax Any Requirement for Claiming Deductions
33. 100 Plus Tax Planning Ideas

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What is the year of publishing and Binding Type of TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS by Taxmann?

The year of publishing is 2014 and the binding type is PAPER BACK.

Where can I find more details about TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS by Taxmann?

You can find more details about this book and many other similar books at, click on the link TAXATION OF CAPITAL GAINS by Taxmann to go to the relevant page on


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