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Tamilnadu open university Bcom syllabus And Subjects

Tamilnadu open university Bcom syllabus And Subjects

Tamilnadu open university Bcom syllabus And Subjects – A Bachelor of Commerce degree is typically of 3 years and could be either in the annual system or semester system of assessment. Many Universities also require students to complete a project in order to earn the degree. Are you looking for tamilnadu open university bcom syllabus?Here we are providing detailed information’s of Tamilnadu open university bcom syllabus and subjects.

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Tamilnadu open university Bcom syllabus And Subjects

As you are looking for Tamil Nadu Open University B.Com degree course syllabus, here I am giving:

First Year

Paper I – Business Organisation

Paper II – Financial Accounting

Paper III – Business Economics

Second Year

Paper IV – Business Correspondence and Office Methods

Paper V – Banking Theory, Law and Practice

Paper VI – Principles of Management

Paper VII – Business Statistics

Paper VIII – Marketing

Third Year

Paper IX – Cost Accounting

Paper X – Commercial Law and Industrial Law

Paper XI – Advanced Accounting

Paper XII – Auditing

Paper XIII – Insurance

Block – I:

Nature and scope of business – Business versus Profession and Employment, characteristics of business, branches of business, interrelationship between industry commerce and trade – Objectives and essentials of business – Forms of business organization – Sole Proprietary concerns – Partnership Firms – Co-Operative Societies.

Block – II:

Joint stock company – Features – Company versus Partnership Firms – Kinds of Companies – Private versus Public Companies – Privileges of a Private Company – Formation of a company – Promotion and its stages, Incorporation, Commencement of business – Memorandum and Articles of Association – Alteration of Memorandum and Articles.

Block – III:

Financing of companies – Shares – Debentures and others – Methods of raising capital – Prospectus, contents, legal importance, implications of misstatements in prospectus – Underwriting – Public deposits.

Block – IV:

Structure of company management – Powers, duties and responsibilities of directors – Company Meetings – Meetings of Board of Directors and Share holders – Resolutions in shareholders meetings – Dividends and bonus shares.

Block – V:

Scale of operation and size of the firm – Business combinations – Government in business – Public utilities – Social responsibilities of business.

Paper – II
Financial Accounting

Block – I:

Basic Accounting concepts – Accounting process – Trial balance – Final Accounts of sole traders – Common adjustments in the preparation of final accounts – Adjusting and closing entries – Manufacturing account.

Block – II:

Bills of Exchange – Trade bills and accommodation bills – Accounts of non-trading concerns, Receipts and payments account.

Tamilnadu open university Bcom syllabus And Subjects

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