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Study Techniques for CMA Exam

Study Techniques for CMA Exam

♦           Before making any plan, collect study materials, suggested answers, scanners, previous question papers and at least a couple of textbooks.

♦           Prepare a day-wise Plan of Action (Half yearly/Quarterly/Monthly) and stick on to it.

♦           Revise it from time to time considering the progress and need.

♦           Keep a day-to-day record of what you study/read. It is also better if you record and analyze the time you spend for your study.

♦           Study the trend of questions (Chapter/Block wise) and list out all possible theory questions.

♦           Systematically prepare your own notes for each chapter.

♦           Preferably use ruling papers/copies for notes.

♦           Attempt to solve a few problems from each chapter on day -to-day basis and make a target of solving 50 to 200 problems (depending on the importance of the chapter) over a period of time.

♦           Even when you practice at your home, answer each of the question systematically and think as if you are in the examination hall.

♦           At least make a habit of writing 10 to 15 pages (theory questions/ formulae/ provisions / definitions etc.) everyday.

♦           Paste the formulae/sections/definitions etc. on the walls, just above your study table so that you can memorize them very easily.

♦           Collect catchy words and statements for each chapter and suitably use them in your answers to make your answer impressive and different.

♦           Share your thoughts and doubts with your faculties, e-group, friends and seniors. Take their guidance whenever you find any opportunity.

♦           Make a note of your doubts/difficulties and clear it/discuss them with your faculty/friends, when you get a chance.

♦           Never miss an exam.


ActivitySuitable timePrecautionsImportance
Checking of Time­tableJust a week before thecommencement of your examinationCheck it with your Admit CardEffective planning for preparation
Checking             of examination  venue &    location,    dateand timeLocation if away from your staying place -Two weeks before,otherwise 3 days beforeConsider subject wise date & timeTo make a suitable traveling plan and provision of staying,communication, fooding etc.


AvoidStudying too late at night
Check againThe examination venue, location, date & time
Try to haveA good night sleep
EnsureTo   carry   your   admit   card,   pens,   a   sharpened   pencil,   eraser, markers/colored pens, calculator, scale etc.


FoodLight breakfast. Moderate (not heavy) lunch if you are appearing for two groups, otherwise take your usual intake of food.
Starting of journeyShould be well in advance in the first day of your examination and well in time on other days in order to cover the distance safely and reach the examination hall comfortably.
Getting into the hallAt least 15 minutes before examination time.
SeatOccupy the seat allotted to you. Check it again with your Roll No. in order to avoid disturbance in between. Position yourself comfortably in your seat.
Maintain coolnessJust seat quietly for 10 minutes and build confidence.
On getting paperWrite your Roll no. /Registration No. and other particulars correctly. Cross check it with your Admit Card.

Study Techniques for CMA Exam

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