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Start Revising with CAKART and score more

Start Revising with CAKART and score more

Paper 1: financial reporting


  1. Start wid some imp as first which is imp.. – as 2, 15 ,16 ,22 ,28 ,30 ,31 ,32


  1. Practice sums on consolidation from practice manual


  1. Share based payments.1 sum on esop is likely to come


  1. Practice valuation of goodwill.


  1. After all these, then come again over as which are left so as to maintain balance between chapters and as.then amalgamation. Amalgamation is big chapter but it is very easy so kip it in last.but dont forget to practice amalgamtion. Amalgamtion is important.


Paper 2: strategic financial management


  1. Leasing is important. Dividend policy-using mm theory, bond valuation,ytm, portfolio- capm,apt, sharpe index is not so imp but it is advisable to have look once on it.


  1. How to hedge currency risk, swaps,how to calculate value of call/put option,blackscholes model is important,decision making sums in capital budgeting,capital rationing, sums on factoring

paper 3: advanced auditing and ethics


  1. Start with ethics portion is very easy and scoring.16 marks are very easy to score.


  1. Do some imp sa first : representations by management, audit using the work of expert, analytical procedures, auditor’s responsibility relating to fraud, identifying and assessing the risk of material misstatement, external confirmations,subsequent events.


  1. Then do caro, peer review, cost audit


  1. Then proceed with some practical topics like audit of insurance companies, these chapters, dont spend more times.. Just complete with thorough reading and remember the common points only.


  1. Again continue wid sa.. It will help u to maintain balance between chapters and sa’s


  1. To fetch more marks, try to give reference to as,caro, sa and companies act in all practical case will give u more marks.. Giving u any case come relating to related parties transaction. You can give reference of as 18, caro also covers 1 point, give refernce of sa. Also companies act states provision about related parties. Now compile ur answer together.. It will really fetch gud marks. Hope u all get it my point.

paper 4: corporate and allied laws


  1. Directors are important. It will cover around 30-35 marks. Any portion can be asked. So study and prepare full


  1. 1 case law on oppression and mismanagement.


  1. Now complete with banking act, fema


  1. Do this question- obligations of banking companies under prevention of money laundering act.


  1. You have to balance company law and allied law. Refer munish bhandari for law.

Paper 5: advanced management accounting


  1. Complete with qt portion first. It is very easy and scoring too. Network,linear programming are favourite chapters of icai.


  1. Try to solve sums from practice manual.important chapters- standard costing,marginal costing and transfer pricing. Rest chapters are also important but 1st do this. Try to make chapters conceptually strong as unlimited sums are there so only solving will not help u out.. Solve practice manual and extra books required for costing.



Paper 6: isca

Since the syllabus has changed there is nothing such as important and students have to cover the whole topic for their exams.


Paper 7: direct tax


  1. Cover all amendments first


  1. Case laws issued by icai for may 2015  is also important


  1. Amt and mat


  1. Tds


  1. Now do pgbp. It is lenghty but easy.Solve from practice manual. Sec 28(chargeability), sec 35ad, sec40a(2),40a(3),43b, pts. Sums on llp must do.


  1. Now do wealth tax.It will fetch 10 Marks.


  1. Now do small chapters like setoff, Clubbing, dtaa


8.Then start with cg.. Again big chapters.


  1. Remember tax is very lengthy and it is not possible to do all chapters and all Sums. So manage your time accordingly and if not possible to do all sums, leave it, just Have a knowledge on subject matter.Concept should be clear

Paper 8: indirect tax


  1. Cover all amendments first
  1. Case laws issued by icai for may 2015 is also important
  2. Complete pot first, den start with Service tax. Scoring and easy.. I will advice you to do vat 1 day before exam. As it is very easy. So dont spend much time on Vat. Give 4 hrs to vat only before exam day. It is enough.
  1. Practice sums on ssi,cenvat credit,Customs valuation, vat.

Important note:

Don’t learn section numbers as it is not Important but once u give wrong number,you will be awarded 0 marks and there is noExtra marks on section number.

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