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Site Restoration Fund

Site Restoration Fund

[Section 33ABA] deals with Site Restoration Fund

(1) This section provides for a deduction inthe computation of the taxable profits in the case of an assessee carrying on business of prospecting for, or extraction or production, of petroleum or natural gas or both in India and in relation to which the Central Government has entered into an agreement with such assessee for such business.

(2) It provides that where the assessee has during the previous year –

(i) deposited any sum with the State Bank of India in a special account maintained by the assessee with that bank in accordance with the scheme approved in this behalf by the Government of India in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (hereinafter referred to as the Site Restoration Account), or in a scheme framed by the said Ministry,

Site Restoration Fund

(ii) deposited any amount in an account opened by the assessee for the purposes specified the assessee shall be entitled to a deduction of –

– a sum equal to the sum deposited; or

– a sum equal to twenty per cent of its profits (as computed under the head “Profits and whichever is less.

(3) For this purpose, it is provided that any amount credited in the special account or Site Restoration Account by way of interest shall also be deemed to be a deposit.

(4) Non-eligibility – (i) Where such assessee is a firm or AOP or BOI, the deduction under this section will not be available in the computation of the income of any partner of the firm or the member of the AOP or BOI.

(ii) Where any deduction in respect of any amount deposited in the special account or Site Restoration Account has been allowed in any previous year, no deduction shall be allowed in respect of such amount in any other previous year.

Site Restoration Fund

(5) Audit – (i) Section 33ABA(2) provides that deduction under sub-section (1) shall not be admissible unless the accounts of the said business of the assessee for the previous year relevant to the assessment year have been audited by a chartered accountant and the assessee furnishes the report of such audit in the prescribed form along with the return.

(ii) Where the assessee is required by or under any other law to get his accounts audited, it will be sufficient compliance with the provisions of this sub-section if the assessee gets the accounts of the aforesaid business audited under any such law and furnishes the report of the audit and a further report in the prescribed form.

(6) Withdrawal of deduction – Any amount standing to the credit in the special account or the Site Restoration Account will not be allowed to be withdrawn except for the purposes specified in the scheme or in the deposit scheme.

Site Restoration Fund

No deduction shall be allowed in respect of any amount utilised for the purchase of the following items:

gains of business or profession” before making any deduction under the new section),

(a) any machinery or plant to be installed in any office premises or residential

(b) any office appliances (not being computers);

(c) any machinery or plant, the whole of the actual cost of which is allowed as a deduction

Site Restoration Fund

(7) Withdrawal on closure of account – (i) Where any amount standing to the credit of the assessee in the special account or in the Site Restoration Account is withdrawn on closure of the account during any previous year by the assessee, the amount so withdrawn from the account as reduced by the amount, if any, payable to the Central Government by way of profit or production share as provided in the agreement referred to in section 42, shall be deemed to be the profits and gains of business or profession of that previous year and shall accordingly be chargeable to income-tax as the income of that previous year.

(ii) Where any amount is withdrawn on closure of the account in a previous year in which the business carried on by the assessee in no longer in existence, these provisions will apply as if the business is in existence in that previous year.

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Thank You.

Site Restoration Fund

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Site Restoration Fund

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