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SFM Quick Revision

Introduction of SFM Quick Revision

SFM Quick Revision is available for download at The excellent download file is in the format of PDF. Students taking CA Final exams or students preparing for SFM will find the file very useful. Providing review after you have downloaded the file is highly recommended. To our latest count the free download file has been downloaded by 1769 students. The file was uploaded around over 1 year ago by cakart.

Scroll down and check ca final sfm important topics

From where can I download the SFM Quick Revision file?

Download SFM Quick Revision

CA Final SFM Important Questions Topics For Nov 2017

1. Dividend Policy
2. Leasing
3. Merger, Acquisitions and Restructuring
4. Forex Management
5. Financial Services
6. Mutual Fund
7. Security Analysis
8. Derivatives
9. Portfolio
10. Capital Budgeting

You can download the SFM Quick Revision from the downloads section of CAKART. Click on the above image to visit the downlod page at CAKART. You can also download all important files for CA Final exams from the download section of CAKART. Many download files for SFM are also available in the download section. Files of not just CA Final and SFM, all subjects of CA CS CMA exams and other financial exams are regularly uploaded on CAKART download section. If you download, please do not forget to contribute and upload files if you have any. Remember all files that you are downloading has been uploaded by someone who was very helpful and kind.

How to revise ca final SFM paper

everyone will study the theory question which is important but they won’t have at least a look at the practical problem leading to loss of marks plus there is no fixed weightage in SFM  like FR in one attempt they will ask huge amount of marks from portfolio and derivatives and in another attempt there won’t be much weight age. The following points are crucial in SFM:

  • Maintaining a short notes on formulas for revision
  • Coverage of all the chapters
  • Solving the problem and not auditing
  • Reading theory

Whatever reference book you follow the following are mandatory:

PM+5 Suggested Answers+3 RTPs and MTPs+ problems in institute SM

Chapter-wise Weightage & Analysis:

As per the trend of last 5 attempts I am dividing the whole syllabus into 3 parts:


Dividend Decisions,  Mutual Funds, Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring, Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management and all theory chapters like Money Market Operations etc.

  • You will get questions for around 70 to 75 marks from the above chapters.
  • So you have to get a minimum of 40 marks from these chapters.
  • Most the above chapters are easy compared to chapter mentioned in other parts and they won’t trouble you much during preparation and reading them will give value for your time and effort in terms of marks.
  • Don’t skip any chapter from the above mentioned chapters otherwise your going to land in trouble
  • The first question u write in exam should be 7th question which is theory to save time, and chances of committing error is less compared to problem and out 5 questions 3-4 questions are directly from PM so no contingency will be there.


Project Planning and Capital Budgeting, Leasing decision including cross border leasing, Security Analysis, Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing

  • You will get questions for around 40 to 45 marks from the above chapters.
  • So you have to get a minimum of 20 marks from these chapters.
  • Most the above chapters are lengthy and involve more no. of concepts and it will take more time and effort.
  • Out of these in portfolio one 16 marks question is being asked from portfolio so don’t skip it at any case.
  • Capital Budgeting is already covered in IPCC so if you don’t have time at least do PM which can be done in half day.



In recent attempts this chapter is being ignored by paper setters and they are asking 1 theory question and they are clubbing futures and options with Forex problems i.e. currency futures and options…preparing derivatives completely takes the maximum amount of time than any other chapter in SFM so like IND AS in FR those who skip derivatives are definitely at risk including me. The last time they asked it for good amount of marks is in Nov-13 I reckon hence ‘Derivatives is like a hidden Land Mine’ which can blast in any attempt, the only remedy for those who skip it is to prepare the remaining chapters perfectly.

Can I view or write review of the file SFM Quick Revision?

Yes, you can see the review and comments for SFM Quick Revision in the comments section of CAKART download page, click on the above image. Please also do not forget to provide review and comments that can be useful for other students planning to download the file. It will save them a lot of time and guide them properly.

What other files can I download/audio like SFM Quick Revision?

Here is the recommended list of files similar to that you should also download

1. Hand Written Audit Notes By Surbhi Bansal
2. Auditing Standard chart
3. Audit Notes and Tips
4. Ca Final Law Notes By Ca Munish Bhandari
5. Direct Tax Laws Quick Insight
6. Indirect Tax Law Flow chart for CA Final/IPCC Exam
8. Income Tax E Book Pdf
9. CA Final Company Law Chart
10. Ca Final Audit And Law Ammendments For May 2016

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